State of the Channel (2019)

All out of character announcements and news about the channel and site.
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State of the Channel (2019)

Post by Nymphetamine » Mon Mar 04, 2019 6:32 pm

The past year or so has been one of a lot of changes for the channel, shaping the future going forward. In 2018, we defeated the Myawambi Heart Eater, Obasi; liberated Mhernettla from the hold of the Dark in the Elgar Forest; established the Korthai home port of Aldenettla; saw the mysterious disappearance of the Tivaurd Organization and assets; welcomed to Siveth, Suzzi ul-Uzzo Salksilek, Rushiel Elsivir, and Prima ul-Asnerith Dreth.

By popular, if somewhat contentious vote, we both raised the age of adulthood in character, and instituted a mininmum age of PCs to 16 years or racial equivalent. The way that I handled this was a little graceless, and I apologize for any confusion or hot tempers during the polling period of the age vote. I should have done that all differently, so I apologize to both staff and players for the misstep.

We said good bye to Ravynetti and welcomed Gudrun and Uzzo to the thankless job of op/moderator/GM/wiki curator around the same time. Gudrun's really stepped up as a GM, and has been running a few different stories since becoming an op. She's relatively new to the act of GMing, so please be kind, and communicate with her. Uzzo has been putting in a lot of work with the wiki. He's created a number of new maps about the climate, ocean gyres, as well as the Drache city and district maps, added to the Arangothek conlang, and even begun the slow, but arduous task of bringing the wiki up to date. (You can see his progress here: viewtopic.php?f=56&t=1392 )

We've created the West Drache Garrison of the Civic Guard, and gave the Commander position to Chi's character, LayTrayin ChasingFire. This brings the total of number of garrisons to three, and suits the expanded boundaries of the city.

In our effort to better serve the player base, we've opened a public help channel called, #BDI*Ops. It's been a little underused, but we're hoping to change that. Feel free to join it any time to ask us questions. We will be trying to have all op-player conversations in that channel, to avoid having to paste conversations to the other ops. Sometimes a different person will have something unheard of to the conversation and their input is valued.

We've had a bit of a rough time in terms of activity in the latter half of this year since all the big changed over the summer. This has in part been due to the changes in the player base, as a number of notable people have left, as well as due to the real life stressors of the op team during the fall and winter. We've seen noticeable dips in both the IC and OOC activity. The only thing that can change this is participation. We know that participating can be difficult sometimes, but consider saying or playing something when you notice it's quiet, and hopefully someone will join you. We hope that everyone's RL issues settle down so we can get back to doing what we like, and that's pretending to be elves and shit.

In Character Positions Available

We will be shuffling the seats of the city council away from the op-heavy characters that accidentally hapened. Players that served on the city council may reapply. How seats will be selected is still up for up for consideration. How we decide to select seats, and the total number of seats will remain to be seen based on player interest.

If interested, please post on this thread: viewtopic.php?f=59&t=1393

We still have two vacancies for the military administrative positions of Margrave (Thron ul-Bain) up for grabs. The positions of North and West are available. Margrave is a strictly military, non-hereditary position, appointed by the current sithire for the exclusive purpose of leading soldiers in battle, should the need arise. They answer to the sithire during peacetime, and the Lord Protector during war.

PCs for the two vacancies should be successful, warrior/combat minded individuals, with experience leading soldiers. Their holdings should correspond to the two cardinal directions available. (The west has been suggested as to be a templar or Menxvanic posting, given its relative position to Millabratel.) IC eligibility for candidates should also include being pro-south/pro-independence during the Civl War, be at least a Floxod or even Arangire, and must be in good standing with Sithire Auxerre to be considered. New PCs are strongly encouraged. Please come into #BDI*Ops to discuss your character ideas.

This will be the last time we will ask for PCs for the margrave positions. If no players come forward by April, we will fill the vacancies with NPCs.

We will always be looking for new magistrates to bolster our ranks a little. Characters can be new or old characters. Please fill out an application here: if interested.

In Memorium

Kennerly Renxvaran
the crew of the Crimson Wolf
Panaeus the Prawn
Tshuk Gnollent

As ever, we're grateful for the past year in BDI, and are looking forward to what 2019 brings.

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