Tournament Sign Ups (Fall 2019)

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Tournament Sign Ups (Fall 2019)

Post by Nymphetamine » Sat Oct 12, 2019 9:37 pm

This is a repost of this thread due to the website issues we had today.

We're trying to gauge interest for a diced combat tournament.

In your reply on this thread, please include your character's name, which bracket they're signing up for, what weapon they're fighting with (if armed), your weekly availability with time zone. Be aware that we have in the past condensed down the armed and unarmed brackets, and may do so again, depending on sign ups. Armed and unarmed require at least 4 participants for a single elimination tournament. You may only sign up one character per bracket.

For those unfamiliar with the DICED combat rules used for tournaments and arena: ... mbat_Rules

Keep in mind that in the past, tournament bouts have lasted upwards of 3 hours, and to play through three brackets will be time investment heavy.
g to gauge player interest in a tournament.

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Re: Tournament Sign Ups (Fall 2019)

Post by Oblivioncalls » Sun Oct 13, 2019 4:52 am

Name: Ulfric Brynjolf
Bracket: Unarmed
Weapon: None

Name: Kurina Ironcleaver
Bracket: Armed
Weapon: Lance

Availability: Sun-Tues

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