Welcome to Thunderdome, New Ops!

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Welcome to Thunderdome, New Ops!

Post by Nymphetamine » Wed Aug 07, 2013 5:50 pm

This round of applications brings us BetaFlame (Adam), Ravynetti, Luemnus (Scott) and Solstice on as operators. Please join me with welcoming them on board, because lord knows that few people actually -want- to be an op in BDI. They'll be assisting in monitoring the channel, the website, and working on various other projects to fill in for lackluster volunteers.

As before, operators were blindly voted on by Suz and I, ranked 1-10. We intended to bring on only 3, but with a tie, we chose not to break it, and brought on an extra op this round. Scoring was done blindly, and without previous discussion on our part. All of those that have been chosen were actively participating in both RP, and as volunteers.

While I understand that there are some controversial choices here, I hope that all of our players will at least give them a chance. The channel did not suffer more than the initial implosion of drama when Alex was brought on, and the channel will continue on with these new ops. If you have a problem with the selection of ops, please understand that we chose who we felt would be best out of those that applied. As before, if there are any problems with any of the new ops, we will remove them if necessary.

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Re: Welcome to Thunderdome, New Ops!

Post by Luemnus » Fri Aug 09, 2013 5:32 pm

"If there are any problems with any of the new ops, we will remove them if necessary."


"Insubordinate minions shall be eliminated with extreme prejudice" -Love, Morag the Destroyer.

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