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Re: Suz's crap

Post by Suzthulhu » Tue Oct 30, 2012 12:01 pm

Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2000 20:10:12 -0500
From: "David Eddings" <[email protected]>
Subject: BDI> To Journey amongst the spirits...

(Sorry, repost)

Millabratel was as ancient as the Templars of Menxvan themselves, a
fortress that had a town that gradually grew around it's walls, and even
three roads that were built to accomodate the traffic of worshippers in
Menxvan's house. However, those tall walls had far more age than the oldest
house outside of its walls. Showing the architecture of an age gone by, when
Arangoth had been plunged into many a war and when the Templars had
participated in them, the stones themselves bore the pits and scars of siege
engines and the elements themselves.

For all the obviousness of Millabratel's service as a hold for warriors,
it bore within its walls a quiet serenity. Those that trod the grasses of
the courtyard or even Millabratel's extensive gardens felt compelled to
silence, for Millabratel was, in more prosperous days for the Menxvanic
Templars, where the powerful high templarswould exercise and learn their
disciplines and teach them to young and aspiring Acolytes. Millabratel was
sparsely manned even at the apex of Templar influence and power, and now it
was even more understaffed. The discipline based abilities of high templars
were hard to master and the capacity to learn them was a rare one even in
the ranks.

Laid out in a circular pattern, as if to do homage to the snake symbol
of Menxvan, Millabratel's walls contained a maze of gardens, a library, a
school and orphanage for youngsters and living quarters. However, the
primary appeal of Millabratel was the soaring cathedral of Menxvan, the last
of its kind. The Royal Church was perhaps more famous, but the cathedral of
Millabratel was a feature of the skyline that simply soared up and tapered
off into a open-topped tower, circular in shape. It was up in this tower
that one of Menxvan's holiest books, the Book of Metrarin, was stored. Open
to any that might peruse it, it nonetheless was gibberish to the
uninitiated. Even to those Templars who could read it, the book contained
many inconsistencies and confusing passages. The sign of a patriarch or
matriarch to be in the Templars was understanding this most mysterious of
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Re: Suz's crap

Post by Suzthulhu » Tue Oct 30, 2012 12:14 pm


The Arangothian language is still spoken in its old form in many isolated
parts of the country, but among the lower-class people of Drache it
survives only in a number of slang or dialect words which have made their
way into common speech and confuse those who know only the common form of
First, there are slang terms used for numbers among some
merchants, often in order to confuse people who don't know them: 1 = bed,
2 = coithe, 3 = marrey, 4 = hovvet, 5 = hissock, 6 = humpser, 7 = tobber,
8 = sipper, 9 = pinker, 10 = sertch, 100 = digger.
Some actual expressions continue to be used, although their
original meanings have been forgotten: "Wanest!" (from "van hest," good
day) is the most common. Mostly the words are simply intermixed with
Common, and there is no special grammar associated with this dialect.
Generic words: "dosser" = thing (some dosser or other). "flosh"
= stuff (don't give me that flosh!). "The Lockry" = downtown Drache as
opposed to the countryside.
Around the inn: "brawg" = inn. "remmer" = door. "darmant" =
purse or money-pouch. "throp" = money. "brannergate" = a posting on the
board; gossip; rumor. "distle" = floor. "flin" = beer. "mirrot" =
bar-maid. "mink" = night. "nesser-tat" = a toast to something/someone.
"skashkey" = dagger. "dishtess" = sword. "pollet" = magic. "lurinth" =
gold. "rishter" = silver. "quass" = copper. "sollet" = a glass, mug.
"slinket" = a meal. "bobble" = a royal guard. "dabblebot" = jail.
Words for people: "tespey" = woman. "terbey" = man. "nerrie" =
mother, "hapsey" = father. "conney" = child. "dendrey" = girl. "rinney"
= daughter. "porey" = son. "dishry-lad" or "leptrey" = musician. "donker"
or "hengate" = prostitute. "gackey" = coward.
Non-humans: "barrey" = a cow, "dashkey" = a dragon, "leskey" = a
rat, "pesh" = a dog, "torrow" = pig. "wheelon" or "nimmer" = an elf,
"delvie" = a swan (slang for a pretty girl).
Parts of body: "kellit" = head. "dinth" = eye. "dinshow" =
midriff. "henge" = hand. "fliss" = hair. "henkow" = mouth. "nishie" =
leg. "sember" = ear. "quist" = belly. "pubral" = arse. Genitalia:
"biddon" or "nelkdosh" (f), "dornagee" or "nepsey" (m).
Verbs: "benker" = to push/shove. "bonter" = to stagger. "bort,"
"bund," "drapse," "henshell" = to beat up soundly. "brasset" = to draw (a
dagger, sword, etc.). "tatse" = to stab. "dawness" = to run away.
"gacken" = to look for, hunt down. "glear" = to want, need. "gopse" = to
swipe. "cax" = to hate. "learm" = to dance. "quondle" = to bite or eat.
"serp" = to screw. "sither" = to marry. "stap" = to wait. "huntle" = to
chat, talk.
Adjectives. "wan" = good. "ruck" = bad. "deeber" = cold.
"dish-out" = cheap, lousy. "heckrow" = happy. "helger," "galger" =
nasty. "flenth," "sarrel" or "nishkey" = pretty. "gissey" = young.
"lespey" = great. "neggey" = angry, violent, ticked off. "norpish" =
scared. "hobbler" = vulgar, low. "hopter" = dark. "sinnom" = smart (or
having "tinkle-tat," brains). "scane" = difficult.
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Re: Suz's crap

Post by Suzthulhu » Tue Oct 30, 2012 12:31 pm

Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2000 03:59:19 -0500 (EST)
From: Patrick Feaster <[email protected]>
Subject: BDI> Two Arangothian Songs

(Eastern Arangothian ballad)

She was a merchant's daughter who dwelt in Tralazir,
Her father's only offspring, aged fully eighteen year.
Her eyes were bright as lanterns that glow through dark of night;
Her lips were red as roses sweet that bloom in warm sunlight;
Her hair was black as feathers all upon a raven's wing,
And it is of this maid so dear that I am bound to sing.
We swore no powers in this world us two could ever part,
And though we had two beings, yet we shared a single heart.
But o! her cruel father swore that we should never wed,
That she must make a wealthy man her husband in my stead.
Although he had his silver, and although he had his gold,
He could not have my darling's love, which to me she had told.
Although he had his properties and barns all filled with grain,
Such things would be to her no boon, but only endless pain.
And so we swore to steal away together 'neath the moon
Before the wedding could take place, and that was frightful soon.
And so it was arranged that at the midnight bell I'd meet her
Beneath her wide-flung window and with open arms would greet her.
She sought to clamber down a rope from her high upper storey
But snap! the rope came tumbling down: what followed was most gory.
There was a fence beneath with spikes, of rusty iron wrought:
One stab'd straight through her foot, alas! which on its point was caught.
Although I yanked her down at once to bear her safe away,
At her sharp cry the watchmen were alerted to our play
And set the hounds a-snarling forth, with fearsome teeth to rend us.
A prayer I uttered from my lips that Menxvan might defend us!
And so we reached the outer wall, the wall of their estate,
And we had to scramble over it, for they had locked the gate.
I hoisted up my darling first--our hearts were swiftly pounding
As from all sides the drooling, starving curs were fast surrounding!
And in their eyes grim bloodlust shone, which in their minds was put
Because they'd tracked my darling's blood, a-dribbling from her foot.
The instant she was over, then the hounds were at my heels,
And I learnt that day just how the hunted fox despairing feels:
But I took a dead branch from the ground and boldly beat them back,
Just long enough that I could hasten to a well-placed stack
Propped nearby against the wall, and of last summer's piled-up stover:
Making it my step up to the wall, with one leap I was over!
Now I raced back to the spot at which my darling she had tumbled
Oh, but such a dreadful sight it was then onto which I stumbled.
Lo, instead of my beloved, whom I thought I *should* find there,
I beheld a monstrous being: 'twas a twelve-foot-tall brown Bear!
With a burp it wiped its mouth, and then it plodded forth away.
Menxvan! as a brown bear's dinner did I lose my love that day.
With weeping and with wailing, I have torn out all my hair
A-thinking of what might have been, if not for that curst bear:
She who to me was life itself, whose heart was pure and true,
To that foul beast was nought but like a meagre mutton stew!
O ye who listen to my words, take warning from my song
(Although I'm not quite sure what thing I did so very wrong,
And so it might lead to debate, to heated words or quarrel
If any claimed to find herein a teaching or a moral).
This tale I sadly sing to you, I freely choose to share it:
Although song lessens not my loss, it helps me much to Bear it.

* * * *


The Assi come to pillage in the village of good tillage--
Keen on spillage of much blood in ways most unpleasant--
And upon their haughty horses they bring forces to make corses
And divorces of the heads and bodies of each peasant!
As they ride about with torches (fire now scorches all the porches)
Up a peasant lady trots and says, eyes filled with glee:
"Would ye care to dumble um, dumble um, dumble um,
Would ye care to dumble um, dumble um with me?"
The Assi snort and snicker (as they bicker and they dicker,
Full of liquor) at the wench's words and answer "Nay!"
As they carry out their pillage in the village of good tillage,
With their spillage of much blood well underway:
"Though your offer's now appearing most endearing, and we're leering,
Still we're fearing that it's not a lass we long to leap,
For we'd rather dumble um, dumble um, dumble um,
For we'd rather dumble um, dumble um with sheep!"

- - Otherpat
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Re: Suz's crap

Post by Suzthulhu » Tue Oct 30, 2012 1:00 pm

Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2000 12:49:55 -0500 (EST)
From: Patrick Feaster <[email protected]>
Subject: BDI> The Dararukia Flower (plant lore)

Just a minor bit of plant lore that people might find interesting or
useful: DARARUKIA (in Common, "illbane" or "illsbane") is a small white
flower found principally in inland Transdariania, Sresar Vale, Elvendeep,
and Eastern Arangoth, although it is a hardy plant and can be found
elsewhere also. This flower, to most persons, has a sweet fragrance, and
garlands of the plant (known as "dararukianairel," singular
"dararukianair") may be purchased cheaply at market in Drache and in other
cities. However, to persons of evil persuasion the flower has instead a
noxious stink that causes nausia and panic or, ultimately, seizures and
death. Thus the flower is commonly used by the peasantry (who have a
strong faith in its efficacy) to ward off evil. In Hornath-ul-Marfed
there is an industry which produces a perfume from the flower, known as
"dararukiak," which is thought to have the same general properties. One
noble family of Northern Arangoth adopted Dararukia as a surname in the
past and bears the image of this flower as its crest. This is one of the
families recently implicated in an assassination plot against King Arlok.
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Re: Suz's crap

Post by Suzthulhu » Wed Oct 31, 2012 1:44 pm

Date: Sun, 21 May 2000 16:20:12 -0500 (EST)
From: Patrick Feaster <[email protected]>
Subject: BDI> ArangothFacts: CLOCKS

Although many assume that the most common timepiece in Arangoth
must be some sort of sundial, in fact mechanical clocks appear to be
well-known there. At least two clockmakers are known: Theobald
Clockmaker and Son (11-4-99, #585), a gnomish pair who also produce
clockwork toys and do work as locksmiths. Although no description of a
Theobald Clockmaker clock is known to exist, we do find occasional
accounts of other Arangothian clocks. First and foremost, they do "tick"
and "chime" and have "faces." So we read, for example, of "the faint
ticking of a particularly large, standing clock on the western side of the
large, cozy room" (2-20-00, #705). Or: "The clock began to softly chime
its toll of half past the hour of two in the shadowed distance of the
hallway outside her door, its ringing resonance as lulling as a lullaby to
her ears" (7-21-97, #53). Or: "<ding ding ding ding> chimes the clock
softly, 4 am and Atrusen is not home. Ti'ana sits in front of her hearth,
thick deep red hair moves across her shoulders as her tri-colored eyes
meet the face of the clock then drift to the door, lingering, and back
down to the book she is reading" (3-1-98, #172). There is even one such
clock in the Blkdragon Inn itself: "Cain walks slowly up to the message
board. He looks over it slowly reading every word written. He taps the
letter gently, then looks at the clock over the mantle" (6-11-97, #32).
Much as Theobald Clockmaker and Son do not reserve the use of "clockwork"
for timepieces, there is a general understanding of such mechanical
contraptions, as shown by a quick perusal of the Drache popular press.
Thus, for example, the Rumormill reports: "Vryce has been reported as a
combination of undead flesh and some sort of living armor - likened by
many to clockwork" (8-31-99, #581). Again, in describing a game of
grubball: "Drache's defense also worked like clockwork, as FB Kota the
Wolf contributed 21 kills and MF Grond the Slow had 21 kills, a season
high" (5-13-00, #792). This idiomatic use of time "ticking" is even found
in diplomatic correspondence: "The execution clock ticks. Monday at
sundown. By my hand, Prefect Xandur" (6-2-96). Other idiomatic uses of
ticking clocks include "her biological clock had been ticking" (4-10-00,
#762), though it is not clear whether this is an Arangothian expression or
arose only in the "translation" into mun-speak. Characters do check
clocks from time to time: "She glanced at the clock and rose slowly. It
was time to check on Kenton before he fell asleep, and get ready to go to
bed herself" (7-5-99, #499). At other times the reference to checking the
time is implicit: "Jinnai. It is three o clock in the afternoon. I think
you should get up" (6-15-99, #481). Reliance on clocks is so common that
it seems exceptional to remark: "He needed no clock, no reminder, for as
his pen swept the pages he felt the completeness of the story and felt
pride" (5-14-98, #223). In other cases, the reference to the time of day
seems only an approximation: "The streetlights seemed dimmer this evening,
although it was only five o'clock" (11-30-98, #338); "It was around two
oclock when he finally reached the edge of the forest" (2-11-00, #704).
But to some extent clock time is evidently used to regulate things within
Arangoth and its environs. So, for example, there is a "five'o'clock boat
from Drache" (6-15-99, #481), and once we find Lixa`da`Vixa remarking:
"Uhm Work...::she tosses her blonde hair over her shoulder::: You know,
punch in, clock out, nine to five, get something for something, work"
(9-25-98, #297). And hence clocks are also connected in the Arangothian
imagination to the inexorable passage of time: "She felt cold... so
cold... no joy, no giggle... no excitement bubbling inside her as the
ticking of the clock slowly brought her to her fifteenth birthday the next
day" (12-2-98, #339). As to the units of measuring time, there are
scattered and frequent references to hours, minutes, and seconds.

The first discussion of an "Arangothian Standard Time" (AST) was in June
1997 (digest #36) and came up during an argument over when it was
plausible for ostensibly nocturnal vampires to appear in the inn.
Several solutions were argued at that time. By September 1998, a
similar question was asked about the time zone issue for vampires, to
which Henry was able to reply: "For purposes of daylight, the rule of
thumb is the bot's time zone. Which was the Central time zone, though
Rantan's here in Massachusetts. But just stick with CST" (9-17-98, #294).
Nowadays there is a clock available for the exact time in Arangoth located

Although Arangoth has its own calendar, we have generally used "real
world" time conventions. But much as we have adopted the IRL calendar and
simply renamed the months, it might be worthwhile to rename the hours of
the day, something like this:

12 AM = Late Night Bell -- beginning of night proper
1 AM = First Late Bell
2 AM = Second Late Bell
3 AM = Third Late Bell
4 AM = Fourth Late Bell
5 AM = Fifth Late Bell
6 AM = Dawn Bell-- beginning of morning; official start of new day.
7 AM = First Ascending Bell
8 AM = Second Ascending Bell
9 AM = Third Ascending Bell
10 AM = Fourth Ascending Bell
11 AM = Fifth Ascending Bell
12 PM = Noon Bell -- beginning of midday
1 PM = First Descending Bell
2 PM = Second Descending Bell
3 PM = Third Descending Bell
4 PM = Fourth Descending Bell
5 PM = Fifth Descending Bell
6 PM = Dusk Bell -- beginning of forenight
7 PM = First Night Bell
8 PM = Second Night Bell
9 PM = Third Night Bell
10 PM = Fourth Night Bell
11 PM = Fifth Night Bell

Let's say, also, that there is a tower located in the Blkdragon District
in which a mechanical clock is constantly checked against the sun's
position in the sky during the day and, perhaps, against the position of
the greater and lesser moons at night. Each hour is indicated by a single
toll of the bell (rather than, say, five to indicate the fifth night
bell), followed by a shout of which bell has just been rung. As soon as
this bell is heard, other local bells in other districts are rung with a
similar shout, and so on out into the countryside for as far as people
care to know what time it is. People may then set their own clocks
accordingly, some of which are designed to indicate the specific hours of
the day mechanically, e.g. <ding ding ding ding> for the fourth late bell,
<ding> for the first late bell, and a louder <bonnnng> for, say, the dusk

And in closing, one final clock reference used a while back as a sig
file: "Vryce and Eve's cure for impotence: Just chop off the old one, and
put on a new one. Works like clockwork." - Jeff Pierce at the 1999
Meeting of the Muns, Jackson Mississippi." (11-3-99, #584 et seq.).

- - Otherpat
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Re: Suz's crap

Post by Suzthulhu » Thu Nov 01, 2012 8:37 pm

- ---------------------
+ Rint (12/30 - 1/26) Take your footwear into consideration when you leave
the house this week. The right shoes could play well with your
confidence and give you the air of superiority that makes you successful.
Beware of those who offer you free oats. In matters of love,
Squirrel-Moose and Toad are favored strongly.
+ Yak-Toed Sloth (1/27 - 2/28) Only careful planning and consideration
will allow matters of money to run smoothly. Keep needy hands out of your
pockets and play it conservative. Free-flowing Batazalas should be
avoided in matters of love.
+ Nine-Tailed Lion (2/29 - 4/1) Forget it. Don't bother even to leave
your house this month, as financial ruin will most certainly clip your
wings. Beware of crafty Porpoises, as they will most certainly break your
+ Howling Banshee (4/2 - 4/29) Your oratorical skills are the key to
making new business relationships. Now is the time to write a speech or
make a verbal contract. Dire Sheep will prove to be a key player in your
love life.
+ Stomped Rat's-First-Born (4/30 - 5/31) Your resilience will allow you to
survive any financial turbulance. Things are not as bad as they seem;
invest your last gold piece and it will reproduce tenfold. Nine-tailed
Lions make a low-maintenance match for you.
+ Batazala (6/1 - 6/30) Your flexibility allows you to advance in your
chosen occupation. Let your master and/or underlings know that you are
open to suggestions and criticism. Porpoise and Toad make a good match
for you.
+ Porpoise (7/1 - 7/27) Money will be handed to you today, you have only
to look for it. Try not to swim past opportunity. Batazala and Toad are
competing for your heart.
+ Dire Sheep (7/28 - 8/25) Start a new business venture with a Porpoise
and a Yak-toed sloth, and the three of you will be unstoppable. Watch out
for vampires; your blood is especially tasty to them this month.
Squirrel-Moose figures prominently in your love life.
+ Squirrel-Moose (8/26 - 9/23) Open your eyes! The love of a lifetime is
outside and waiting for you! Public places, if you can endure them, are
the best places for you to find new interests in love and money. Howling
Banshee knows what s/he is talking about.
+ Flying Squid (9/24 - 10/3) Life is not as absurd as you think it is. A
crazy scheme is just what you need to bring in the gold. Don't trust your
instincts. They're wrong. A Howling Banshee will make you laugh today.
+ Lemming (10/4 - 11/11) The road less travelled is the road to ruin this
week. Stick with the plan and don't get creative. Yak-toed Sloths are
promising companions, though it will take you awhile to warm up to each
+ Toad (11/12 - 12/29) Rely on your intellect to get you out of trouble
this time. Chances are, you have already devised a plan. Set it into
action and reap the benefits! As long as you think things through,
everything will come out fine. Batazala and Rint complement you nicely.
+ Erratum: We are informed by the author of this piece that the text above
should read "clip your tails" rather than "clip your wings." However, we
find that the text makes no sense either way.
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Re: Suz's crap

Post by Stygian » Tue Nov 13, 2012 10:11 am

Not sure who originally wrote this, Suz, but posting this because of your interest in Menxned:


Appendix A

An Excerpt from the Book of Maccar

Chapter I
These, the words of Dorci, that I should write and that the mysteries which I will explain to you be known; the burden and commandment of Maccar, who in the ninth month of the third year saw upon the crest of the heavens the Messenger, who spoke these words.

Fear not, that you should gaze upon me, he said to me, For I am Dorci, the Mouth of Menxvan, whom you have known, and whom yet was a mystery onto you. And I was commanded to take up a pen, and I wrote these words which the Messenger, the Mouth of Menxvan, gave to me.

You have known in your hearts Menxvan, who is no mere vessel, but an embodiment of and who exemplifies that which is good, but yet of him you have been ignorant, lacking in knowledge, worshipping him without form, nor purpose, nor expectation, nor hope. Him I declare to you, that you may take these words of knowledge and wisdom, and bring forth a new manner of man among you, that you may believe and worship to please Menxvan.

It was for this reason that mankind lives, that they should strive to know of the purpose of life--to serve good, to give honor to Menxvan, to glorify his name on earth and in the heavens, to fight the enemy, whose name is Menxruk. For in the past, that time which only Menxvan and his enemy know, a battle has been waged, in the heavens and upon earth, in the seas and upon land, in the sky and underneath the ground. This was not always, for in that time before which we came to be, there was but One, whose name was Menxned. All-One, outside of whom there was no being, nor time, nor turning, whose essence composed all that is and was and is to come, and to whom all shall return. Menxned was existence, his being pure, uncorrupted, having neither light nor dark, but All.

But Menxned grew weary, for within the essence of All there was no change; neither was there purpose, for within him all that was, was. He could look not to the outside, for there was nothing, nor to the inside, for there was everything.

And Menxned said, I shall divide myself, and all of my essence, and make myself neither all, nor none; and I shall cleave in twain existence, and place on the one side that which shall be good: and this is love. And I shall place on the other that which shall be evil: and this is hatred. And upon this good and evil shall there be waged a mighty struggle, of which there shall be no victor, neither any end, until I return unto the essence that is One.

And Menxned became two, and on the one side was there Menxvan, who is Good, and on the other there was Menxruk, who is Evil, one essence being split in twain, and set against itself.

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