Forest Frustration!

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Forest Frustration!

Post by Lucidaer » Tue Feb 21, 2017 1:03 am

Calling all druids and other nature lovers..

A private party has requested the clearing of some local wooded areas for lumber harvest.. the lumberjacks are tired off getting eaten and would prefer the wolves and gnolls in the forest be.. relocated. Relocate as you see fit, in pieces or more in a more gentle manner. However, each wolf pelt will see a bonus handed to group completing the task. Payments are offered in gold, weapons or squirrel meat...really?
See Abraxas for info and signups.

-Grumpy the Minotaur

::More writing added on::
Gold will be paid to the one who brings me the asshat that keeps writing Grumpy and crossing out my name.
Signed Abraxas... it was then crossed out and Grumpy written in.

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