Poisoned Panacea

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Poisoned Panacea

Post by Lucidaer » Sun Jun 18, 2017 7:03 pm

An official missive of the Mages guild was Delivered to the adventurers guild.. and reads thus:

"Seeking strong adventurers for the most dangerous job in all the land! Students at the mages guild create potions and panacea to provide better health to the poor of the city, these batches must be tested to make certain they are working as designed. The mages guild will pay 100 crowns per test battery of five samples, results are immediate. Complete each all five samples in a test battery to be paid in full. If you complete multiple tests during the trial period, you will be paid for each test battery a bonus at the test trials end."

The Mages Guild takes no responsibility to the testing party as related to death or harmful side effects.

(How it works is simple. You test a potion and roll an 10 sided die. 1-6 is safe while 7-10 gets you a side affect. You roll for each of five potions, able to stop at any point and receive no money. If you complete all five we roll any symptoms you get, then you collect your money.)

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