New Jobs Posted (Tivaurd Estate)

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New Jobs Posted (Tivaurd Estate)

Post by metalslime » Sat Jul 08, 2017 3:01 pm

A series of illustrated posters has been posted in the adventurer's guild and the bdi, along with associated explanations.

'HELP WANTED! Mercenaries and adventurers for a series of exploration and eviction jobs, to take place on the Tivaurd Familia's lands to the north-west. Transport will be provided!*

Job the 1st: Evict a big bear from a cave.**
Details: There's this HUGE BEAR in a cave on the land. There might be more than one bear in the cave.*** It's really scary, so I didn't count.
Reward: 50 crown. You can keep the bear pelts if you want.

Job the 2nd: Disperse Bandit hideout.
Details: There's some bandits in the woods.**** Find their hideout and convince them to move off the land.
Reward: 250 crown. Some bandits may be wanted in Transdariania, you are free to collect rewards others may offer.

Job the 3rd: Investigate Haunted Crypt.
Details: I saw a haunted crypt in a haunted graveyard that's totally haunted on the land. Go find out what's in it. If there's restless dead, put them to rest for a bonus.*****
Reward: 150 crown for a map of the crypt. If crypt proves inhabited by undead and undead are put to rest, a bonus of 500 crown will be made. Contents of crypt not to be removed from premises!

Job the 4th: Creepy Backwoods Farmers.
Details: Most of the locals have agreed to help Lord Tivaurd develop the land. The Ap-Branxas refuse all contact with outsiders. Convince them to come around or remove them from the estate.
Reward: 2500 crown on resolution, one way or another.

Job the 5th: Crazy Paladin Chick.
Details: She wants to kill the Boss or something!****** I don't know! She's super intense. Boss says she's cute but 'not worth the effort'. Convince her to leave the Boss alone, or leave. Or both!
Reward: 4000 crown on resolution. Bonus of a Ring of Protection if this is resolved nonviolently.

Job the 6th: It's Totally a Dungeon!
Details: There's a stairway into the ground on the estate and it's totally a dungeon!******* Boss wants maps, but it's scary in there.
Reward: Varies. 50 crown for a complete or nearly complete level map. If there are additional levels, add another 50 crown per level below the first.

Job the 7th: This Old house.
Details: The manor house here SUCKS! Make sure nothing's in it, or under it.
Reward: 8000 crown.

For further details or to arrange transport, contact Neefer the Goblin at the Blkdragon Inn or the Adventurer's Guild.

*For a modest fee of 20 crown per head.
**Dangerous bears must be removed from the estate as well as the cave. Payment will be forfeit of bears return.
***There is probably more than one bear involved.
****There is at least one large, organized camp of bandits on the property.
*****Proof required.
******It would be useful to find out if this is true.
*******Site may or may not actually be a dungeon.'

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Characters:Ravynetti Tivaurd, innumerable others.
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Re: New Jobs Posted (Tivaurd Estate)

Post by metalslime » Wed Sep 20, 2017 10:04 pm

Currently Completed:

Job 1 = DONE
Job 2 = OPEN
Job 4 = DONE
Job 5 = DONE
Job 6 = OPEN
Job 7 = DONE

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