Loot from the Dinosaur Island Pirate Adventure

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Loot from the Dinosaur Island Pirate Adventure

Post by Azalea » Sun Jan 07, 2018 11:19 pm

Loot from the Dinosaur Island Pirate Adventure

Characters to Split the loot:
The Dragon, Alden, Xayah, Day, Axim, Wilmont

Each Character gets:
• 58,500 in misc coin & gems
• 33 bottles of fine wine

Wilmont needs to pick some items from the unclaimed stuff, if anybody really wants anything speak now or forever hold your peace

Unclaimed Loot:
• the flask of endless whiskey
• an amulet of water breathing
• an enchanted set of plate armor - augments the physical strength of the one wearing it to orcish levels
• enchanted steel staff of lightning
• Magic spear - no specific enchant - found by the dragon in the ship wreckage

Claimed Loot:
• The notes on what the orcs were up to (Quest item Alden needs)
• The misc tools (Day and Axim took these)
• Ton of books about .. things (Day took this)
• Exploded Robo-dinosaur parts (Day and Axim took this)
• The clockwork golem body (incomplete) (Day took this)
• 2nd Sword made of unknown alloy (Alden Claimed)
• An enchanted heavy double crossbow (Alden Claimed)
• the pouch of enchanted rubies that go boom when the magic word is spoken (Dragon Claimed)
• the wand of poop creation (dragon claimed)
• mace of hatred (Dragon Claimed)
• a small box with an ornate gold diamond ring inside it (not magic) (Xayah has dibs)
• a silver token, likely the way to get through the lightning trap without setting it off (Xayah has)
• and cloak of elvenkind/stealth (Xayah claimed)
• 1st Sword made of unknown alloy (Xayah claimed)

Already divvied up:
• 351,000 in misc coins & Gems
• 200 bottles of fine wine (150-200 crown worth per bottle) - found by the dragon in the ship wreckage

If I missed anything that was found and needs to be added to the loot table, let me know. The dragon identified all the magic items before he took off.

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Re: Loot from the Dinosaur Island Pirate Adventure

Post by Jarrod » Mon Jan 08, 2018 10:18 pm

The staff is probably the most useful thing to Wilmont from the unclaimed items. After that, either the amulet of waterbreathing or flask of endless whiskey (or both!) seem most interesting. Anything else he'd probably look at selling.

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Re: Loot from the Dinosaur Island Pirate Adventure

Post by Infern » Tue Jan 09, 2018 9:14 pm

Aximiam would want the magic strength boosting plate armor and the magic spear, since both of those are magic objects he could find use for.

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