It was a Mash: a Monster Mash

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It was a Mash: a Monster Mash

Post by TheOneWhoKnows » Tue Sep 25, 2018 12:54 am

Reports of missing hunters on Goat Island had been piling up, which just so happened to coincide with reports of potential demi-human/monster dwellings in an isolated portion of the Green Sea (the forest, not the ocean) where it abuts the Cold Towers mountain range. Aerial reports have noted various potential dwellings, and likely culprits of these missing persons reports, though the isolated nature of the region makes mobilizing soldiers in large numbers to quash this matter a logistics nightmare. Besides, soldiers are expensive, while adventurers are expendable, they're clearly the better choice in this matter, right? Also, don't set the forest on fire, the Margrave enjoys the scenery as-is, blowing up one of his mountain ranges would probably be ill advised as well.

Adventure Outline: Margrave Uzzo has requested a group of adventurers to investigate and snuff out any potential monster dwellings in the cited region, which have been linked to deaths and missing persons reports. Payment is 100 Crown per adventurer, which will be supplemented further by the right to plunder any of the aforementioned dwellings and their inhabitants. Transportation to and from the isolated location will be made available by the Margrave.

OOC Outline: The concept is a multiple part adventure, each of which 'dwelling' ideally takes 1-2 sessions to wrap up. Characters can come and go as necessary with the aide of transportation, without being 'locked in' to the adventure so to speak. They can take part in one, some or all of the adventures depending on their availability/interest. Super powered PCs aren't necessary and frankly prolly won't be very entertained, the adventures are mostly geared towards a handful of players of lower-to-moderate strength as far as 'difficulty' is concerned. It might get touch-and-go in some spots, but danger is what adventurers get off on, right? Demi-gods need not apply, you'll get bored, trust me.

GM Outline: Uzzo is a total bum of a GM and hasn't done this in ages, so it'll assist in knocking off some rust and give players something optional to do. Chances are the adventure schedule will be run prolly leaning more towards the Evening (I tend to be busy with work matters Tues-thru-Thursday Evenings though, EST). Chances are i'll just randomly pop in, grab whoever is interested that day/night, and toss em in and try not to do a terrible job of an adventure for that evening, no promises made concerning the quality of that entertainment, ahem.

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Re: Strange creatures found near the Perasil (Green Sea Forest)

Post by Gudrun » Tue Apr 16, 2019 4:23 pm

An illustration bearing the likeness of this creature, except with wings, is added to Arangire Uzzo's posting: ... 1508518970 Both this and the original posting are at the BlkDragon Inn and adventurer's guild.
A creature of probable extraplanar origins was found and killed near the Green Sea Forest, and Goat Island residents have reported more sightings of this type of creature in the forest's vicinity. We believe they may be coming from within the forest and are possibly related to reports of ratlings and goblins who have been causing misery for Goat Island's law abiding residents. While the creature in question seems to prefer goats, they are aggressive and should be considered dangerous. Arangire Uzzo issues another plea to adventurers to help clear the Peralsil of these bad elements. Transportation by sea and on land will be provided. Adventurers have rights to any looted items, along with 100 crowns per adventurer. Please contact Jhaan Wildroot [accompanied by an illustration of an elven man] at the BlkDragon Inn for details or to express interest.

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