Lathrelk Investigation

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Lathrelk Conclusion pt2

Post by Gudrun » Thu Mar 14, 2019 12:16 am

The remaining two vampires from Lathrelk have been caught and destroyed. Loren Casterel is reported to have been killed in the countryside just outside of Drache by Callisto Darkraven. Loren's thrall, "Dorn," is still at large and is believed to still have a hostage. Trevor Cremoux was killed by Davram Olidan and Jerichoni Dogwood. The fledgling vampire Nedixe ul-Gerd Quarflis led Davram and Jerichoni to him at The Fidgety Ferret in the Red Lantern District.

More innocent lives were claimed by Loren and Trevor, partially due to a brothel's madame who covered up Trevor's crimes in particular. That madame's name is Leptat ul-Sivrian Rixtire, though people call her Madame Misty at The Fidgety Ferret. She fled during the fight between Trevor, Davram, and Jerichoni. Nedixe was killed when she tried to evade capture.

By the morning of 14.III.489 (3/14/2019), guards will no longer be scrying for undead at the gates surrounding the Wharf, Gessi, and Red Lantern districts.

Now that all loose ends surrounding Lathrelk are settled, those who were thralled in the small hamlet are back to relative normal -- Driscoll, Aridia, and Gudrun included. Recovery in the hamlet of Lathrelk is ongoing and slow due to population shrinkage, both by murder and by exodus since a third of the remaining residents opted to move away. Most of the town and surrounding farmland were given to the adventurers as rewards, while some land was given to those townspeople who stayed. Those who died were given a proper burial in an allotted cemetery with a marker placed to honor those who died at the hands of four nefarious vampires. Those that helped free the town: Lane Silverbow, Riel, Jerichoni Dogwood, Saranya, and Zesstra Riknueth, are commemorated on the marker as well.

Nobody in Lathrelk can say exactly how the horrors started, but their last happy memories are from two years ago. Some vaguely recall the vampires discussing what a utopia Lathrelk was. The vampires gave their chosen thralls eternal youth in exchange for them offering more blood in return. Surely that was an ideal symbiotic relationship -- at least according to the vampires. Some also vaguely recalls mentions of other towns in other nations under similar horrific conditions. All told, it sounded like the vampires that took over Lathrelk were the least experienced of some larger, more clandestine group.

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