Free Us from the Terrible Black Wing!

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Free Us from the Terrible Black Wing!

Post by Gudrun » Thu Jun 27, 2019 10:53 pm

This scrawling text was written by an agitated hand on plain parchment:
We, the Free Peasants of Sithappia, hereby request the aid of adventurers to: investigate reports of a monster lurking within a nearby forest and terrorizing our humble hamlet, and put down any such beast should they find it.

What we can tell you is this: our people have been going missing. Some who are lost were traveling to one of the nearby hamlets or cities for commerce. Others were dutifully tending their fields. Many more were sleeping soundly in their homes.

We sent out a search party headed by two local guards, but only one guard returned. He has not been the same since. It’s like he’s gone mad. We’ve tried to get an account from him, but he still keeps repeating the words: “Black wing.”

More recently, a man went out to chop down wood in the forest near Sithappia and told us of a creature he saw looming a short distance from him. He couldn’t determine much about its appearance since he ran away so fast, but what he did tell us is that he saw what appeared to be a great black wing which covered its side. We've since been calling this monster Asprolta Mentat (ooc note: Raven-hued Wing in Common).

This is truly a horrible nightmare for us, and it’s more than a hamlet of Free Peasants can handle on our own. Quite literally we are plagued with nightmares and what can only be described as “daymares.” They are like visions that foretell our demise. But we will not succumb to our fears!

While we may not be able to offer the most lucrative reward should you find and fell this foul creature, you will have our gratitude as heroes. Our doors and hearts will be open to you should you ever need lodging and sustenance while traveling through.

Signed by the Mayor of the Free Peasants of Sithappia,
Vorfon Kynyn ul-Lisnanem Rithsussod
A bounty for 225 crown per adventurer is listed, plus a guarantee of a lifetime supply of food and beverage at the hamlet’s local tavern.

OOC notes: Sithappia is a town about 3 hours northwest of Drache. Adventurers can easily travel to and from the town. This quest is intended to take 1 to 2 sessions, up to 4 hours long each give or take an hour. Looking to have 4-5 characters on this quest. Difficulty will depend on the characters people want to throw at this thing.

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