For City Council Vote 1.VIII.489

Drache's City Hall, home to the mayor's office and the city council.
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Re: For City Council Vote 1.VIII.489

Post by TheOneWhoKnows » Sat Aug 03, 2019 11:43 pm

On motion I, II, and III the Office of Lakrathron votes nay on all counts: Edict 171, sub-section A dictates that the Civic Guard, Chancellery or Sithire may, strictly at their own pleasure, extend legal rights on a limited basis to undead beings with a history of benign behavior. This allows vampires that have not committed a crime after being afflicted with vampirism, such as feeding upon a victim, the ability to turn themselves into the guard for destruction. The treatment afforded to them is dictated solely by the involved officials.

On motion IV, the Office of Lakrathron votes nay: The protocol for vampires, after execution, is exposure to the sun to ensure complete destruction of their corpses, and the curse they carry along with them.

On motion V, the Office of Lakrathron votes nay: Upon the transition into undeath, the individual is, by all legal sense, considered dead on paper. All matters on dispersal of holdings, property and wealth are handled as dictated by existing laws afforded to all citizens and subjects of the Duchy. Their state of undeath has no bearing on these protocols.

With 2 votes of yea, and 3 votes of nay, the offered proposal put forth hereby fails to pass.

- Lakrathron Donnovath ul-Alaford Silak

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