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Council Inquiry Meeting

Posted: Mon Sep 02, 2019 1:16 am
by Oblivioncalls
This letter, left for the council:
This evening councilmembers Derseblan and Silverbow conducted an inquiry into whether or not Tespin Maledicia Bloodlotus seems a threat to the lives and safety of the citizens of Drache. It was unfortunately a late-hours meeting but necessary to get done for the sake of the Tespin and to keep her from waiting much longer. Council members Ma`rael and Baroque were not in attendance. The former, due to Gatewatcher duties, and the latter because it was our understanding he was abstaining from the inquiry due to having met and spoken with Tespin Bloodlotus, and being a biased party. It is our opinion that Tespin Bloodlotus poses no immediate threat, any more than anyone else does, so long as she ensures the duchy she will not utilize the illegal facets of her magic within city bounds.

However some questions were raised about councilman Baroque during questioning with regards to information she shared with us, which includes sharing that his council seat was in jeopardy and that he shouldn't be telling her information, then, so long as she did not share where she got the information, assuring her he had it on good authority that she would not be run out of town or killed, and further then invited her to his home or shop to discuss council business with her in private as well. Thus council members Derseblan and Silverbow are requesting a full inquiry and investigation into councilman Baroque's behavior, or if he does not wish to be subject to more scrutiny, he can simply vacate his seat for someone who will treat the office with the respect it deserves.

By my hand,
Councilman, Arms-Lieutenant, Lane Silverbow

Re: Council Inquiry Meeting

Posted: Fri Sep 06, 2019 11:36 pm
by Oblivioncalls
Councilwoman Derseblan and Councilman Silverbow withdraw their inquiry request but with a reminder for Councilman Baroque that we will be keeping an eye on his behavior and if a situation like this happens again, an inquiry and possible petition to have him vacate his seat will be in order.