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Post by GirlElf » Tue Feb 07, 2017 8:11 pm

A band of abnormal gnolls is known to be responsible for the slaughter of a Drachean town. The bodies of the townsfolk were found in their lair where abyssal magic was being used. It is recommended that any who seek to deal with these criminals enlist the aid of at least one magic user and proceed with extreme caution. There is no requisite that these fiends be taken alive. The bounty upon them is 9000 Bank Crowns.

Civic Guard of Drache

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Gnolls Menace Nearby Town

Post by Alex » Sun Feb 19, 2017 3:05 pm

The band of flesh-eating gnolls, formerly spotted just north of the Free City of Drache, have apparently made their way west to the small fishing village of Felkirk, some two days west of the Free City. The Civic Guard has been notified of this development, and a bounty of 9000 Bank Crowns has been posted at the Main Guardhouse in Drache.

These gnolls are considered well armed, fortified, and extremely dangerous. Interested parties are advised to exercise the utmost caution in their pursuit of these vile creatures. Anyone with further information about the gnolls, their whereabouts, or capabilities, is encouraged to contact the Civic Guard and the Adventurers Guild at their earliest convenience.

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