A formal missive unto the Office of Castle Black

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A formal missive unto the Office of Castle Black

Post by TheOneWhoKnows » Mon Apr 16, 2018 12:51 am

*A missive penned in an austere manner on a prepared sheet of quality vellum, bearing a dual coloured wax seal of a field of red upon which is pressed a silver carriage, is delivered to the office of the Sithire at Castle Black.*
This Floxod is penning this missive, specifically, in regards to the collection and transfer of two years of unaccounted backtax from Goat Island vassals, which have been transported and taken into possession by the Treasury by the time this letter reaches the Office's of Castle Black. It is with hope this assuages any concerns of the transference of stewardship of the island to this vassal's care and estate, paltry as it may be due to the ills that have befallen it during the Seige of the Ancient Wyrm and the Civil War that followed in comparison to what can be expected of it under the banner of new leadership and administration. One has little doubt these assets will be of assistance to Transdariania's continued success and growth, all the moreso in the future.

This Floxod's eyes and ears at the court have kept him abreast of the coming and goings of certain individuals at Castle Black, particularly concerning those of the Korthai ilk. This vassal holds his tongue in such regards where personal views and opinions are concerned, and has steadfast faith that Her Grace acts in benefit and favour to the Duchy in dealings with these matters. It is due to this, however, that this one has combed through the Archives and come across information that may prove pertinent to any potential dealings, directly or indirectly, concerning the matter of the Korthai. During research this one has found that in the years prior up to the Civil War, the Transdarianian fief of Mhernettla, under the administration of of Harlst Mhern-Lathvek, a member of the Transdariania Mhern nobles, and former member of the Noble Council, feel victim to an illness known as the 'Coral Plague'. I have uncovered that communication from Floxod Harlst continues, but becomes more sporadic, and eventually ceases in its entirety prior to the Civil War. I bring this to Her Sithire's attention for three reasons: First, that Floxod Harlst was a staunch supporter of the Korthai, utilizing his claim over Mhernettla to assist them in the region. Secondly, the fate of Mhernettla and its vassal lord is not currently understood. Lastly, Floxod Harlst's support of the Korthai as a Transdarianian noble should be properly accounted for by the Duchy, lest it interfere or counter to its intended goals concerning these pirates and their dealings.

It is towards this end, this Floxod would make available several vessels, with the intent to sail upon Mhernettla to ascertain the fate of its holdings, its Floxod, and to reinstate communication with Floxod Harlst in the case that no ill fate has befallen him. If, however, Floxod Harlst is not accounted for, this calls into question the claim of Mhernettla as a whole, which by my research in the Archives is the rightful claim of Transdariania. In either of these cases, this one believes that Mhernettla will prove useful in the consolidation of power and presence the Duchy wishes to extend into the Southern Sea region. However, this vassal will only undertake this endeavor if Her Grace gives her blessing, as such actions are beyond this Floxod's authority, and is willing to carry Her Sithire's penned word via missive if a more formal measure of communication is desired.
-Signed, Floxod Uzzo Salksilek of Wauzen, Steward of Goat Island, member of the Drachean Council

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A formal reply unto Floxod Uzzo Salksilek

Post by Nymphetamine » Mon Apr 16, 2018 3:45 pm

Written in the same neat hand that Floxod Uzzo might have become accustomed to, in crisp black ink on premium vellum.
The matter of Mhernettla is curious. Correspondences from the fief to Drache appeared to have continued for some time up until the war, and then nothing. As his lordship is aware, the transference of Aldenbar's rule to the interim council and thenceforth to our stewardship has been tumultuous and imperiled by the sabotage of 'lost' records. It would appear that in the case of Mhernettla, the ruling body has been less than faithful during its apparent trying times.

His lordship's suggestion to send parties to the estate to ascertain the fate of the fief is well received. With our permission, we grant what support might be required in terms of the Provincial Guard, to furnish such succor to the people of Mhernettla, if it is deemed necessary. We urge caution in this matter, if only due to the proximity of Elgaria and the fell creatures that are known to plague that region. We will also appraise the Lord Protector of the situation, such as we know, on the chance that marshaling our defenses is required.

Such diligence and service to the realm as his lordship has continually provided ought to be rewarded. Upon safe return and tidings of Mhernettla, Floxod Uzzo Salksilek is to be summoned into our presence at Castle Black.

-Isabelle Auxerre
Sithire of Transdariania, Arangire of Nixke Nelki
The dragon seal of Transdariania is affixed to the bottom of the letter.

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