From Wisplight, Sithire Elgaria, until Sithire Transdariania

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From Wisplight, Sithire Elgaria, until Sithire Transdariania

Post by metalslime » Tue Apr 17, 2018 3:23 pm

A letter written in a relatively simple hand, battered from handling is delivered to Isabelle:

"Lady Auxerre,

It is with some concern that I write you in regards to a former holding of Transdariania. I say former, because the city of Mhernettla appears to have suffered a serious fate. I have been sending groups to survey the extent of the Elgar, a task which has not been formally done in some time, and one of them encountered the ruins of a port town where Mhernettla was in my youth.

One of my knights lost his life in assisting in the recovery of a traveler who was inside the town's walls. From what information I have been able to gather, much of the town appears to have been abandoned, although there are undead present, and a woman who seems to bear anecdotal evidence of being some sort of seagoing faerie or similar creature. Further, the Elgar appears to have engulfed the entire area around the town, at an an unnatural rate.

I do have questions as to the eventual legal fate of the holdings Mhernettla, as the town now seems to exist within the confines of the forest. My primary concern at the moment, however, is what caused such a dire fate to befall the city, as well as to discover if there are any human survivors within it. The aforementioned fae, one 'Auntie Mab' seemed to wish to send a message to Lord Harlst, as if he were still alive, although the picture the survivors of the encounter painted tend to suggest otherwise. I invite you to remain in contact with us regarding any expeditions that may be launched to investigate the settlement, so we may provide support.

To that end, I am sending an expedition to establish a support base to the south of Mhernettla, so that they may provide a place of rest and recovery to any who wish to investigate. If you have any other suggestions or wish to coordinate further on this matter, Paladin Ariel will be on hand to relay any messages directly to me.

Catherine Wisplight, Sithire Elgaria"

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Re: From Wisplight, Sithire Elgaria, until Sithire Transdariania

Post by Nymphetamine » Tue Apr 17, 2018 3:35 pm

Two copies are made of Sithire Wisplight's letter and forwarded onto Lord Protector Ware Severn and Floxod Uzzo Salksilek.

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