In Memoriam: Jillian DeLisle

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In Memoriam: Jillian DeLisle

Post by Trace » Sat Jun 02, 2018 7:42 pm

Talon Hall was a warehouse, once. In the future it might be so again. Bell had already arranged for the property to be sold, and many of the things which had decorated it were now gone. Enough of Jillian's worldly possessions remained, though, that there could be tokens given. Within the converted space, Bell sat in the main studio, next to a small, simple shrine. The lantern with her mother's lifelight inside it was ensconced within, still unchanged. A table with some light refreshments had been set up, and some chairs so visitors could sit and talk amongst themselves. Bell kept silent vigil over the whole tableau, wondering who might make their presence and connection to Jillian known. Close friends would be welcome to help themselves to an item or two; what remained would either be sold or sent to the DeLisle ancestral home to be distributed among her sisters.

Bell stands ready to welcome those who come to pay their respects. Friends, business partners, even those who simply appreciated her presence and her music would be allowed to say their piece. None would be turned away. For two days and nights Bell will do her duty to her mother's memory.

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