The Devil's Tower

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The Devil's Tower

Post by Riddy » Thu Aug 02, 2018 10:16 pm

Posted by The Honorable Drama Parkatire on 02.VIII.488

(Enclosed is a map of Transdariana, with a circled location - in the mountains, known to be empty and uninhabited. In theory.)

To whom it may concern,
With the recent death of my father, the infernal scientist Erelus Raeld, his tower, formerly obscured beneath multiple illusions and veils, has been found. The nature of his research and ties to the Nine Hells require that the site be cleansed. For this reason, I am personally hiring a party to perform the following tasks:

-Confirm the death of Erelus Raeld
-Cleanse his tower of unlawful demonic magic and research. Destroy his infernal devices. Remove the threat that he poses or posed to the world.
-Find out the fate or current status of my half-brother, Arion Rael. He helped me escape from the Tower forty years ago, but has not been seen since.

Payment will be 1,000 crown per involved party, plus a share of treasure recovered from the tower. All spoils must be brought back to Drache to be properly catalogued and registered before they can be claimed by the adventuring party, in case of infernal corruption. I will provide what I know of potential challenges or threats involved in the tower itself, though my information is four decades out of date.

Drama Parkatire

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