The Threads of Measure

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The Threads of Measure

Post by Jin » Sat Apr 13, 2019 11:25 pm


A dangerous dungeon crawl for 3 adventurers.

A job has been posted around town:


My name is Oberon Starling; you may recognize it from my many performances in Arangoth and elsewhere. I have acquired the location of an ancient vault which holds an artifact I must possess, but these old bones are not prepared for adventure. I therefore find myself in need of three persons with strong hands and sharp minds. This will be a perilous undertaking, and you should know that you take your lives in your hands by agreeing to it.

The payment for retrieving this item will be 600 crowns, and whatever you find in the vault except the one treasure I bid you bring back to me.

You will be transported as close to the vault as possible via a conjurer under my commission. It should be noted that extraplanar travel is impossible within a certain radius of its vicinity. You will want to dress warmly, and be armed. You will not be given the location of the vault; my conjurer will be your access and your escape.

I have no desire to divulge this information to any but the most qualified adventurers; therefore, to obtain further details you will be vetted. Travel to the below address and meet with Jack Winters no fewer than a week prior to the journey. You will receive confirmation shortly afterward.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not apply.

-Oberon Starling"

An address and a date are listed.


To keep the ball rolling, I'm gonna go with just three characters here... If it goes well, I'll try more in the future, but I'm fairly new to freeform plots. First-come-first-served, with the caveat that we have to make sure everyone can be on at the same time. If anyone has to pull out and we have enough people interested, we'll pick the next in line to take over for them.

WITS: 45%

DATE: I'm aiming for 4/26, 4/27, or 4/28 depending on when people are available; around 6 or 7 pm Eastern time, running until 1 am at the latest. Times are flexible.
DURATION: 5-6 hours.
//Time estimation is hard to guess; time it takes people to post and intermittent BRB's may cause us to use overflow dates.

APPLICATION: I'd appreciate it if you could find time to fill this out, though it is not required. Feel free to put a placeholder post and edit it later if it's convenient.
NAME: [Character's name]
RACE: [Character's race]
DESCRIPTION: [A short physical description of the character]
CONCEPT: [A summary of the character's abilities, strengths, and weaknesses]
INVENTORY: [A list of items brought; I won't hold you strictly to this, but it will help me make the adventure less clunky to know what everyone's got]

DATES: [When can you be available? Some combination of 4/26, 4/27, and/or 4/28]
TIME: [As above, but for times. Please include your time zone.]

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