Marilsani Negotiations

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Marilsani Negotiations

Post by Oblivioncalls » Tue Apr 16, 2019 7:42 pm

Alejandra had been summoned to the great hall where she had met with the other ambassadors, as well as Isabelle, though the seating arrangements were a little more intimate since the topics at hand only required a few ears rather than the full gathered masses. She had arrived first, so it was very quiet. As always, the young woman was dressed in Marilsani finest, as was her translator and the two shipwrights that accompanied them. The rest of her entourage remained in their quarters, or doing whatever it was they chose to do. She did not come with the complement of goods that Marilsani offered this time, only some rolled up parchments provided by the shipwrights that attended with her. For the time being, she was her usual girlish self, a little over-excited and taking in the grandeur of the hall while they waited on the Sithire and the representative from the Tyhinn empire.

Whether the girlish nature was a facade, or she was just very good at switching between that and being more business oriented was anyone's guess, but as she demonstrated at the initial meeting, she was far more competent than first glances might have one assume. While they waited, there was some idle chit chat between them, and the enjoyment of a selection of wine that was brought out for them to partake in.

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