To Sithire Asnerith Dreth

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To Sithire Asnerith Dreth

Post by Riddy » Thu May 09, 2019 3:14 am

Written in precise handwriting nearly indistinguishable from typeface:
I have enclosed for you a gift, one sword and set of chain mail designed by the fiendish scientist Erelus Raeld. The sword contains inherent anti-magical properties, including the ability to pierce all kinds of magical defenses. The armor likewise resists nearly all forms of magical assault, though it is not as all-encompassing as the weapon. you may recognize the sword's effects as similar to the polearm within my possession.

Both pieces were designed by Erelus for use of his son, Arion Raeld, who is now deceased. With research and the appropriate experts, I have no doubt that you could learn to reverse-engineer their particular effects, and produce effective anti-magical gear to outfit the Bloody Fifth. Let the sword itself remain in your possession as a gift of goodwill and of gratitude for the assistance of Sgt. Vesper Dash, and may it be more useful to your purposes than it was to its original owner.

Drama Parkatire Raeld.

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