The Curse of the Black Lagoon (Multiverse Event Log)

Outside the city of Drache lies a number of cities, towns and provinces of varying size and populace. Most of the people living outside Drache are natives who speak Arangothian and observe the native customs and rituals. Click here for a list Arangoth's locales, and here to view a map.
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The Curse of the Black Lagoon (Multiverse Event Log)

Post by Nymphetamine » Thu Mar 14, 2013 11:31 pm

(06:21:45 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> (( Sec, adjusting my post. ))
(06:21:52 pm) <+Cherry> The crackle of bright twittered and twitched in her eyes... Sizzled against her skin, almsot as if she was in pain, but in reality it was one of those moments were someone expected something painful to hapepen, but it never actually came.. Well aside from the tendrils coiling and curling around her very tiny, diminutive frame.. Small hands curled.. Furled over the thick appendanges..
(06:21:53 pm) <+Cherry> Nails attempting to dig into it in order to get it to release her.. SHe didn't care if she fell from great heights, considering, but when there was no immediate drop she grew frightful and worried. The dazzeling, blinding light had pale, blonde lashes fluttering rapidly as she attempted to get the bright white she was now seeing removed from blue iris.. There was a flitter of silken
(06:21:53 pm) <+Cherry> wing.. Pink, glossy things fluttering and beating swiftly together.. "What.. Where.. Who? WHYYYYYY?" Small hands went to feeling about, but slowly the surroundings now engulfing the group was slowly coming into view.. at first only seeing feet and bodies strewn around her, but as she let her gaze wander further away from the immediate vicinity to the beyond.. She became just the barest
(06:21:53 pm) <+Cherry> bit scared. Soft frown tugged at the gentle curves of her lips.. Pink wings drooping a tad. "Nooooo!" Stamp stamp stampy feet given.. Kicking the ground a bit in frustration. "I just wannnnnna go home." She sobbed pittifully.
(06:26:45 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> Nauranor's band were not the focus of the cat people (known as Phet'Kree in this world), and perhaps they didn't even realize the woodsy elves were there. Such things were entirely possible. One thing was sure to the Mazewood elves: the Phet'Kree were acting quite oddly. Matthew would find himself in the middle of a barren forest, frosted, with several other people, --
(06:26:45 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> -- all with oddities about their clothing, about to be attacked by the feline natives. Few seemed to have any idea of what was going on here at this particular moment. Robbi, Derick, Elwin and Oliver attempting to speak to the Phet'Kree would get no reply, just angered squeals of feline annoyance. Outsiders were not welcomed here! If they understood what either of them --
(06:26:46 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> -- were saying, they gave no indication of it as they lept to pounce on her. They were not friends. L'ylianna, being nearer to the center, was not attacked directly, but she was prodded at a few times over at the length of a spear from one female, eyeing her warily. Katja was left in peace, though watched while she applied the poisonous venom to her blades. She was to be --
(06:26:46 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> -- observed, the feline people wary of the scent of death on her sword. Kraken was sniffed after, because he was fishy, and cats loved fish. Only the most aggressive of the Phet'Kree had attacked the quartet mentioned above, but it would seem as though they were not intent on damage, more like, herding. With spears and prods, the Phet'Kree attempted to move the massive --
(06:26:47 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> -- group of suddenly arrived outsiders forward, along a game path, towards the sound of chanting. Minah had it about right. And Cherry... she was just a tiny pixy, worth swatting out of the skies. The Phet'Kree were not interested in murdering or killing, but subduing and allowing their Father to see them. The sound of chanting ahead rose in crescendo and a wave of --
(06:26:47 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> -- sickening, evil magic radiated from the source before them.
(06:27:49 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> (( Chaos: You're with the ignored group, sorry I missed you. ))
(06:28:49 pm) <@Nauranor> 2 Skillfully hidden above, the elven ranger smirked and just shook her head. Fools, all of them, especially the one trying to make nice with the felinoid creatures as though they were pets. But these strangely dressed mortals weren't her problem. Yet. Now, how they were getting here and who was summoning them, THAT was a problem. A few silent and quick gestures and she and her
(06:28:50 pm) <@Nauranor> 2hunting party ghosted amidst the treetops, hidden still from the disturbance below. No one knew these woods as the Mazewood elves did, save the monstrous denizens of the forest themselves, but even they couldn't leap from tree to tree as the lithe elves could, all in silence and shadow. Many of these strange folk carried items foreign to her, or wore suits of armor far more complicated
(06:28:50 pm) <@Nauranor> 2and advanced than any she had ever seen. Let them deal with the Phet'kree, she signalled to her group. Magic had brought these invaders here, but who? Even more strange, the Phet'kree were herding this strange group along. So they followed, still hidden in the shadows far above.
(06:30:20 pm) <+Oliver_Killian> 6The sassy pirate spots Hunter and winces. Nope! Not going to go harass him again. he'd fled in a rather girly fashion earlier what with the thinking he was going to die horrifically and all. 14"Hello, friend!14"6 he chimes and offers a wave to the giant clockwork man. Oh man he hopes this guy remembers he's a friend. 14"I was joking earlier!14"6 he tacks on and hops around
(06:30:20 pm) <+Oliver_Killian> 6with a lithe motion, graceful from his years walking around the deck of a ship in terrible weather. A centaur! Why, that's fascinating! He tilts his head in interest and trots towards Elwin. This guy looks intelligent, perhaps he knows what's going on. Minah's familiar voice makes him glance over his shoulder and eye her. 14"Drinking more! That sounds like a stellar idea! Let's
(06:30:20 pm) <+Oliver_Killian> 14get right on that. Soon. When we get home. Or back to wherever it is we've been sleeping. And sleeping too.14"6 A bright grin crosses his face and he flashes a wink at her. 14"Possibly.14"6 And then there's a pixie! The sight of the pink wonder makes him squeal in an almost girly fashion and he waves at her, 14"Me too! I like home.14"6 Really does. Even if the people at home
(06:30:20 pm) <+Oliver_Killian> 6think that he eats lead paint for breakfast and constantly pity his poor wife for being with him. 14"And I don't think they want to reason.14"6 That makes him sigh. He rubs at the back of his neck and follows the Phet'kree because, well, herding and not attacking. 14"Alright, fine. Maybe they're kicking us out. But I swear that if we're heading towards a big pot filled with boiling
(06:30:20 pm) <+Oliver_Killian> 14water and vegetables, I'm going to run. Minah, keep up with me or else.14"6 Would he leave her behind? Of course not!
(06:32:06 pm) * +Robbi is easily herded along, not wanting to fight and not knowing what's going on at all. She looks around at the cat people keeping them surrounded, but more importantly at the people she is here with. "You are ..." she begins upon seeing Derick, but trails off as she notes he doesn't know his name. "You're here too?" She grimaces a bit. Derick and Elwin...
(06:32:06 pm) * +Robbi shakes her head a bit, glancing between everyone. "What's going on here?" the dog girl asks. "Does anyone know? Everything feels... wrong." Not knowing anything of magic, just relying on her own gut feeling... But that's easily enough to tell that something is wrong. Still, she stays brave, not letting the situation get to her too much. Stay brave and don't let your guard down, she reminds herself.
(06:32:51 pm) * +L`ylianna watched the cats carefully. They'd have made their move had they intended to kill them. They were being hearded. She simply stood, holding her hands up slightly to show comlience. Best not to start a scene when other methods of deafeat could be used. She would begin walking with the others as the cats had them. This was one dark elf halfbreed who was playing it safe.
(06:33:33 pm) * +Robbi does try to dart from the cats that attack her though, otherwise just staying as near the group as possible. Definitely not wanting to be separated from them, she may hide by them if the cats don't stop attacking.
(06:33:57 pm) <+Katja`> Katja noticed Cherry, and her hand twitched towards her bag. 'The blowgun could take care of her - it would be just a moment' she thought 'a dab of poisons... Nah, too expensive. And ' she had a small silent giggle 'there are bigger fish to catch right now.' She wouldn't move unless someone prodded her directly, and if so, she wouldn't go without a fight - though she would go quietly. A...
(06:33:58 pm) <+Katja`> ...knife to the jugular and a tab of poison to the eye do wonders. The joy of having not one, but 2 weapons.
(06:34:16 pm) <+Kraken> 6This might have been the squidling they knew, though he looked slightly different what with the tentacle legs he'd been sporting moments earlier, easily brushed off for reasons though. And good reasons too! Maybe this was their N`vek but a little ways into the future where he had learned to shift how squidlike he was? Or a different Kevin/N`vek altogether! 14"Minah?... Oliver?"
(06:34:17 pm) <+Kraken> 146Came his frightened voice, he had no idea where he was except that it was a forest and there were cat people. The boy would inch his way closer to the pira-traders. Something familiar to him! And those cats were sniffing at him... Cats loved fish. Cats ate fish... Definitely not the Kevin from before, this was a different one, a more skittish one, one armed with a bow like weapon
(06:34:17 pm) <+Kraken> 6instead of a sword. 14"I want to go home..." 6The cats were sniffing him, N`vek bit back a hiss and instead flashed those warning colors of his, tentacles flattening and pulsating with colors any competant predator would associate with poison.
(06:34:37 pm) * +Matthew_Gudavich raises his hands slowly
(06:34:41 pm) <+Derick`Keyman> Derick didn't like being herded, but seeing that he was being herded, it didn't really look as if he had a choice. One way or another, he was drawing his second dagger, the same length and make but a different metal, this one silver. He moved along next to Robbi and snarled, "Ya' know, this is a real goo' fuckin' welcome. An' it don' look like they speak common either. 'M thinkin' we're in...
(06:34:43 pm) <+Derick`Keyman> ...f'r a bad one this time, Robbi." He was a grumbly, cranky pirate right now and it showed.
(06:35:32 pm) <+Hunter`of`Arktos> There was a loud exhale that exuded itself from the helmet before the rifle was unholstered once more. The helmet turned to meet Oliver, sky-blue eye-sockets pierced through the group to simply stare towards Oliver, no pupils or facial reactions could betray his feelings or emotions. Before long, the gaze soon turned itself back onto the feline attackers. There was a sudden realization that <--
(06:35:32 pm) * +Hunter`of`Arktos --> 6 they were being herded and as such, the white-and-navy blue sleek suit of armor began to follow alongside the group, red and orange outlines pulsating every now and then. The elongated abyss-coloured rifle, complete with a constant streaming sky-blue outline pointed upwards, armored hands attempting to swat any spears or attacks that had come near him. <<--
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(06:36:03 pm) <+{[> <Elwin> "You, you... straggler people!" Because they were all strangers to him. "Fall in!" At that point, standing together looked like it was their best bet. Safety and deterrence in numbers. He didn't take too kindly to spears and angry hisses, to say the least, he snagged free his dandy walking stick to thwak the spears away when they came in his direction as he stepped around
(06:36:04 pm) <+{[> and off to the side. The sidepassing was only a ruse at best, however, once he was no longer as tightly packed in by other people, he exploded forward as he tried to feint them out and herd them right back out of his space in turn. It was a bold and likely stupid move but it seemed immediate surrender just wasn't his thing. His reply to Robbi would have to wait.
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(06:37:31 pm) * +Matthew_Gudavich lets himself get ushered along
(06:37:35 pm) <+Minah> Sighing and grabbing for Oliver's hand as he starts to talk again, he didn't need to tell her to keep up with him because she was latching onto his hand and would go wherever the cat people decided to take her talker mctalkerson of a husband. His wink and the emphasis between sleeping and sleeping is snorted at and she just grips his hand and grasps the handle of that dagger with
(06:37:36 pm) <+Minah> 6its glitterings. Tossing her head back slightly and looking around the company, eyeing the pixie and the squidling, she muttered "Is that n've--" But then he was asking for them and she nodded at him a little "It's us N'vek, come stay by us." Lifting her hand away from the hilt of that dagger to run it up through her hair, brilliang gems of glitting wealth swung in her
(06:37:37 pm) <+Minah> 6hair and she wished for another time that she had her swords on her again "Drinking.. yes." muttering it softly and letting herself be shunted along with N'vek and the lead based paint eating Captain "This is getting stranger and stranger, you really must have put something disturbing up a magician, love. I think they are herding but I don't think it's to the exit."
(06:37:38 pm) <+Derick`Keyman> Derick didn't like being herded, but seeing that he was being herded, it didn't really look as if he had a choice. One way or another, he was drawing his second dagger, the same length and make but a different metal, this one silver. He himself jumped towards the nearest pouncing cat man and met him mod air, aiming his daggers for the thing's kidneys while he kneed it in the crotch. Herding...
(06:37:39 pm) <+Derick`Keyman> ...Derick was a bad idea. He was not a cow, he was a rum swigging pirate, and he fought like one too. (RETCON cause I derp'd)
(06:39:19 pm) <+Cherry> If her head could spin circles like the girl on the exorcist, it most likely would have at this particular point and time.. So many new species.. So many people... SO MANY THINGS... SHINEY THINGS! She wanted them all.. Yeah, sure.. there was danger involved.. Immeninent and staring her right in the face with those pointed spears held by kitties who in all reality she jsut wanted to
(06:39:19 pm) <+Cherry> pet.. I mean come on. they have point ears with tufts of fur! Who wouldn't want to pet them, but she while she was a playful thing, she was also quite intelligent, and this was a serious situation not some game to be played... yet. There was one thing that was noticable which called to her more than anything else currently present.. Most likely due to the fact that she tended to
(06:39:19 pm) <+Cherry> collect shiney, expensive things! The jewels and gems tucked in Minah's luxorious locks had her stamping feet stalling mid-air and the frown she previously sported almost turned into this sly little smile.. Tempted to steal one, but she thought better of it since everyone was already ready to attack.. The chanting.. evil.. vile voices roiling across the air to greet her left her
(06:39:20 pm) <+Cherry> shuddering on the ground in a little pixie puddle.. Small arms coming up to curl around her torso to give herself a squeezing hug that she so desperately needed! Bits of pillowy flesh plumped up against her forearms.. spilled slightly overtop seeing as how they were hardly restrained by anything else.. Just a bit of pasties and a floral skirt which rode low on her shapely hips. Suddenly
(06:39:20 pm) <+Cherry> she was up and fluttering.. Small wings whizzing against one another.. "Hellllllloooo! You are pretty.. your jewlery is pretty! I'm scared.. Can I ride with you? PLeaaaaaaaaase?" Nervousness caused those words to tumble like a wild torrent from her full lips.. "I promise to be nice and not steal one even though I really really want it!" Tatteling a bit on herself. She was oblivious
(06:39:20 pm) <+Cherry> to the side long looks from Katja, but it was hard not to notice Oliver because he was right next to Minah.
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(06:45:13 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> Oliver, easily subdued, or not threatening as the others had been, had not been scratched or viciously assaulted. He seemed to be going along with their attempt to guide them, but it was obvious the Phet'Kree did not like to be talked to by outsiders. Robbi and L`ylianna, being compliant with the Phet'Kree's desires, were left mostly unmolested, but still kept with --
(06:45:14 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> -- the rest of the group. Katja was poked at with a spear, the Phet'Kree watching her staying their distance. They had smelled the death she had slicked over her daggers, and realized the danger in that. They were not interested in doing anything but making her go along where they wanted. Kraken's display of warning was clearly taken to heart. The feline people stepped --
(06:45:14 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> -- back but gestured wordlessly with their spears to keep moving with the group. The colour changes were universally recognized as dangerous. Funnily, the metal tipped spears the Phet'Kree carried only chimed and clinked against Hunter`of`Arktos's armour. This was puzzling to them, and they could be heard speaking in hushed voices to one another when this was discovered. --
(06:45:15 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> -- Instead of leaving him be, they only jabbed at the armour harder, trying to make him go along with the rest of the group. Minah, now joining Kraken and Oliver, and Elwin, Cherry and Matthew, also placid, were not harmed, and just moved along with all the others. Derick, having lept into one of the nearest to him Phet'Kree, tumbled to the ground with the spear wielding --
(06:45:15 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> -- cat person. The others turned on him, and began to jab viciously and potentially lethally at him with their spears, he was to be stopped at all costs. Several of the Phet'Kree began to threaten the rest of The Group with their own spears with Derick's sudden attack, hissing at them. An ear rending thunder clap was heard overhead, ripping apart the skies with a streak --
(06:45:16 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> -- of lightning, straight for the area ahead of them. The sound of chanting grew louder in its wake. The Phet'Free, as one, looked up and howled in response, beginning once again to usher The Group along.
(06:48:14 pm) <@Nauranor> 2 Elven ears had picked up the chanting and as oddly interesting as the assortment of strangers below them were, she gestured for her partner to follow her ahead while the other pair ghosted along with the 'prisoners' in silence. Why were the phet'kree herding them? Had this dark magic summoned these strange people? Were they allies or foes? Only time would tell. For now the
(06:48:14 pm) <@Nauranor> 2ranger took up a position where she had a view of the happenings of teh chanting mages, the dark energies in the air making even her skin crawl. They'd be lucky if all this magic working didn't draw forth worse things than the phet'kree. Werewolves and werespiders made their homes and nests in these woods, as did many other dangerous creatures, and chaos usually drew them like moths
(06:48:14 pm) <@Nauranor> 2to a flame. Blood certainly would. The lightning dazzled her eyes and the ranger drew her bow, signalling her fellow hunters to circle the area.
(06:49:37 pm) <+Oliver_Killian> 6Kevin! Kevin's spotted and he waves to the squidling with a bright smile. 14"N`vek!14"6 he calls out and opens his arms up to offer a hug or just a gesture of greeting. Which it is depends on if the squid runs over to him or not. 14"Come over here and we'll help keep you safe.14"6 Relatively so, at least, considering that he's going along with the herding instead of fighting
(06:49:37 pm) <+Oliver_Killian> 6against it. All the while he stays near Elwin because the centuar's bigger than him and that could be useful later on. Oh, then the pirate's fighting and he points, glances at Minah, and looks back to Derick like he's asking for permission to flip some feline tables. Her hand's given a squeeze and he wags his brows. 14"Got your swords on you?14"6 he asks and squirms around some.
(06:49:37 pm) <+Oliver_Killian> 6The pixie attracts his attention and he chuckles, 14"Hey! If you can't ride her, hop on my shoulder! Unless I have to leap into action. Yes, my dear love's just gorgeous isn't she?14"6 But then there's OMINOUS THUNDER and his hands shoot up into the air. 14"Or we'll walk and get sacraficed to whatever tribal god these things worship. You know, whatever.14"6 Derick's eyed again
(06:49:37 pm) <+Oliver_Killian> 6and he grunts, torn between reason and leaping valiently into the face of danger. Also action. Because he's just itching for some stabby goodness.
(06:51:12 pm) * +Matthew_Gudavich sighs and walks along, asessing the number of cat creatures.
(06:51:26 pm) <+Hunter`of`Arktos> As they jabbed at first, there was a simple chuckle that uttered itself from the helmet. Filtrated, cold, almost hinting at a bit of malice as they continued to stab harder and hard at his armor, only providing bits of scuff and scratches on the paint job, the rifle was lowered back down towards them. He continued to be herded, however, remaining semi-compliant as he considered simply burning <--
(06:51:26 pm) * +Hunter`of`Arktos --> 6 every single one of these creatures to the ground. As soon as he was about to, however, his finger removed itself from the trigger area, the flash of lightning caught his attention and he quickly switched his mood to be compliant in the herding. <<--
(06:53:07 pm) <+Katja`> Katja rolled towards the cat at the feel of the spear, and mutters "Riett ahrllië stiargiéhh steye dé!" - "You will die for that" in Infernal. She attempts to prod the poisoned, glistening blade up into the catperson, and failing that would attempt to hit the leg. This poison was one of her more spectacular ones. When it works, it would cause the subject immense pain, though that pain is...
(06:53:09 pm) <+Katja`> ...unfortunatly brief, less than a minute. And no other effects, unfortunatly accompanied it. But it was fun, and it would distract the others... hopefully.
(06:53:26 pm) <+Kraken> 6Looked so relieved as Minah called his name, it showed but he was still scared, inching away from the sniffing herding felines. 14"What did Oliver do this time, Minah?.." 6Because odds were if something bad and crazy happened? It was all Oliver's fault. 14"Very strange." 6Annnd sticking close to Minah. They didn't try to hurt him, only to move... He wasn't Meow Mix, they understood
(06:53:27 pm) <+Kraken> 6his color threats. Possibly a bluff but N`vek didn't really know whether or not his flesh was toxic not if he had a venomous bite, but the colors were all that were needed. You don't risk such patterns like this lightly. He would refrain from clinging to Oliver with all his grippy arms but did a small hug before going along with the nonfighting group. He glanced to the pixie and
(06:53:27 pm) <+Kraken> 6watched her for a few moments before reality told him to pay attention to the cats. 14"I have my bow, Oliver..."
(06:53:56 pm) <+Derick`Keyman> Stabbing Derick was one of the many ways to not kill him. I mean, sure, it would kill him, but it was messy. He rolled off of Phet`Kree, and kept his daggers between him and those trying to stab him. Of course, the spears that stabbed him had done damage, but they would also begin to corrode. The nature of Derick's acid blood was just not going to jive with the metal spears in the long run....
(06:53:58 pm) <+Derick`Keyman> ...Much in the same way that Derick's burp, which released an inhuman gas that stunk on a nose-bleed-inducing level, was not going to jive with the feline noses. If and once the feline people backed off, he would limp, crawl, and stumble off to join the herded group, walking backwards to keep an eye on the cat people. Or, he would be speared and further maimed. Woopsies. He seems to have...
(06:54:00 pm) <+Derick`Keyman> ...misread the situation a tad.
(06:54:18 pm) <+{[> <Elwin> He reared up again as his feinted charge proved largely uneffective and then Derick, well, he decided to be Derick. He reached for the nearest feline tail he could find and yanked, hard, if he caught a hold at least. "Cease!" Gah, bloody cat folk. He too noted the lightning and cocked a brow at it. "Hmn. Get out of there, Derick. We need to move." He grumbled at the pirate,
(06:54:19 pm) <+{[> as if the man were just derping around in that pile of angry kitties. If he got the attention of the fellow he was tail=yankin' he'd point to the sky then drag his fingers across the air, wiggling them to mimic the zigzagging of lightning. Afterwards he lifted that hand and let it fall, said fingers wiggling in mimicry of rain.
(06:55:44 pm) * +L`ylianna glanced about and took the time to study the others. Strange things had been going on for abit, and this turn of events was no suprise. Judgeing by the view, she figure she was possibly still near Drache maybe, though alot of forests can look similer. She hugged her cloak about her tighter, the sickly damp and cool air chilling her to the bones.
(06:56:04 pm) * +Robbi cringes as Derick suddenly attacks someone, turning toward him as she finds the other cats ganging up on him. "Hey-!" she begins only to find herself menaced by the cats and their spears instead, backing up. Brave, she reminds herself. Brave, need to be brave and that means not backing down and watching as one of her allies is killed. The thunderclap makes her cringe, breaking her attention.
(06:56:04 pm) * +Robbi shakes her head to regain her senses before yelling at the cats, her voice near a roar. "Leave him alone!" she yells, trying to think of a way to interfere that isn't suicidal. If she could get past the spears menacing her - then she could help. But then what? She searches for a solution... She glances down and crouches, picking up a handful of dirt...
(06:56:04 pm) * +Robbi throws the dirt for the faces of the cats in front of her, to blind them before trying to dash past them, using her height to try and weave between them and go toward Derick. She roars at the cats again, trying to force their attention away from Derick to give him a chance to back away. "RUN!" she shouts for him.
(06:59:33 pm) <+Minah> There comes that glittering Pixie and Minah blinked as she was getting asked to give a pixie ride, even in the confusion and chaos of the cat people she smirked at the little thing and her reaction to the gems in her hair "ahh.. I guess?" Blinking at the fluttering wings and lifting her hair off to the side, letting it drip back down over her shoulder so it flowed back with
(06:59:33 pm) <+Minah> 6the chunky fetishes swinging to her mid spine. "Thank you?" Was questioningly said and she shot her husband an amused look, glancing back at the pixie and saying passively "You can have one if you like, Oliver sneaks them into my hair but they're starting to get to be too many.." amused and annoyed because "Of course I have my swords" snorting softly, now that they
(06:59:34 pm) <+Minah> 6weren't trying to get them apart she'd not be so hell bent on holding Oliver's hand though when he shot his hands up, her own went with him. Wriggling her fingers and tugging his down "I'd prefer you not attack anything unless we have the ability to LIVE through it, Oliver." Was muttered to hm and she pulled his hand to her lips to kiss it lightly before releasing it and just
(06:59:35 pm) <+Minah> 6staying by him, fingers wrapped around the hilt of one of those scimitars and eyeing the cat people, saying a little more loudly "Unless we're ALL going to fight, I don't think There is a point in just a couple of you battling with them, it doesn't seem--" But people were flipping some tables around the place and she growled softly about these few getting all of them killed
(06:59:36 pm) <+Minah> 6"We're OUT NUMBERED" She said more loudly and mumbled to N'vek, eyeing the cat people to make sure they didn't just get annoyed with the fighters and kill those that were going along with them "Oliver probably called a wizard something stupid, or got him drink and pulled his wizard robes up over his head N'vek.. you know the usual OLIVER stuff.
(07:03:29 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> Ahead of the group, the chanting grew louder, as did the sound of bubbling water, as if it was being boiled rapidly. As the first of The Group broke the underbrush into the clearing, they were greeted with the site of a large lagoon, gloriously ancient ruins crumbling where they once proudly stood, and what appeared to be a cult of some sort. Arrayed along the banks --
(07:03:30 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> -- of the corrupted Black Lagoon of the Elgar were several, darkly robed, humanoid figures. Each had their hands over their heads, and each were chanting in time with one another. The place thrummed to the cadence of their words, a steady pulse that the foreigners could feel through their bones, rising up out of the ground. It wasn't merely a massive lagoon, but the --
(07:03:30 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> -- ruins of some ancient temple or grand building stood nearby. An arched frame still managed to rise up from the stone foundations, and light poured from it, sickly green and brilliant, a smoke curling around the silhouetted figure there. Whoever they were, they were tall, and shrouded in darkness, or perhaps only seeming that way with the light from the arch behind --
(07:03:31 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> -- them. About where one would assume a chest would be, a matching sphere of light glowed, pulsating in time to the beat of the chanting that each of the robed figures spoke. The dark waters of the Black Lagoon burbled and bubbled, slowly at first, before it picked up speed, as if something was trying to rise from its depths. Oliver, Minah, Kraken, Matthew, the Hunter of --
(07:03:31 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> -- Arktos, and L'ylianna would all see the cult, the lagoon and the strange ruins, for they hadn't tried to attack the Phet'Kree. Derick, Robbi, Elwin and Katja had all chosen to attack and were now dealing with more and more cat people launching themselves heedlessly into the fray to defend their fallen comrades. Only Nauranor would recognize that these Phet'Kree were --
(07:03:32 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> -- not all of the same tribe, so their working arrangement in such a way was an oddity. Katja's feint was a good one, if only for the speed and surprise with which she moved. The length of the spear was an advantage, but having deflecting the first blow, could not do the same with the second. The poisoned blade cut along the thigh of one Phet'kree, causing it to howl in --
(07:03:32 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> -- agony. Derick's blood and its entropic effect was telling, the spearheads erroding and burning, causing the Phet'Kree that held them to release them and step away, allowing him to rise. Robbi's roaring caused several near her to hiss angrily at her, and lift their weapons to her, attempting to get her and the others that had lagged behind to watch Derick's heroics to --
(07:03:33 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> -- get moving. Once the group was back together, or partially back together, they would see the real problem: A cadre of mages standing around, working what was clearly something wicked, around a large lagoon that was bubbling as if something was attempting to rise from it.
(07:03:36 pm) <+Cherry> While the pixie may be small, she was not without her own defensive charms and wiles.. Which mind, you did not include flashing a bit of pixie flesh at someone, but more of the natural magical nature that all pixies were born with. Derick actually being hurt a bit by the kitty folk with charming, froofy tails had her attention detoured from the bobble encrusted locks, even more so
(07:03:36 pm) <+Cherry> when the meows went to hoisting those spears at the groups direction even though they were walking in that herded fashion! A huff huff.. "HEY! Be nice you big fluffy meany headtoadfacemcnakedbutts!" She harumphed and hollared at them, not quite concerned with the fact they didn't like being talked to.. Afterall, if they wanted to hurt her.. they would have to catch or find her first!
(07:03:36 pm) <+Cherry> Already she was plotting places to hide.. You know, like the centaurs flipping tail.. The bits of clothing on L'ylianna, between the squishy tentacles of Kraken, Katja's bag.. The possibilities really were endless, but for whatever reason her mind kept zooming back to hiding in Elwin's tail! She sort of wanted to braid it! But then there was that crack of lightening flashing across
(07:03:36 pm) <+Cherry> the sky and zooming down to pelt the ground in front of them! Why fly and hide a few feet off when Minah was already lifting those glorious locks to let her hide under them? Quickly she wizzed and darted up to the shoulder.. Bare feet gently landing on it as she nuzzled up close to the woman, but she couldn't resist one last taunt.. A peek of her head out from between thick strands..
(07:03:36 pm) <+Cherry> Swift intake of air... 'Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu cough cough sputter.. huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.. Cheeks bulged as her tongue peeked out from between her lips and she let those raspberries just a fly about, apparently her go to thing for when she felt she was being threatened
(07:04:53 pm) <@Nauranor> 2For now the elven rangers hidden above were merely observing, remaining hidden from all of thsoe below. Let us see what our 'heroes' would do.
(07:05:02 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> <Game Master> One of the closer Phet'Kree would attempt to swat Cherry out of the sky with a feline quick snap of their spear. That's a bad pixy.
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(07:09:25 pm) <+Oliver_Killian> 614"Always MY fault! Oh come on. Maybe someone else did it. Maybe Minah was the one to throw her drink into the wizard's face before calling him a pansy. Maybe she tried to braid that ugly beard because it was just screaming for it. I don't know. She could have mooned him too! Maybe!14"6 Except she wasn't the one to do any of that crap. It's aaaall his glory. He snorts and
(07:09:25 pm) <+Oliver_Killian> 6reaches out to give N`vek's squeaky bald head an affectionate rub. 14"Don't worry! I'll get us home! I always steer us back to port...eventually.14"6 If his shortcuts didn't land them on two different soils first. It may take months but, yes, home. He snorts at Minah, 14"Too many my behind. You like them and thank me a lot when I put a few more in.14"6 he points out with a
(07:09:26 pm) <+Oliver_Killian> 6wag of a finger. A nod to her, 14"Alright. No shanking the kitties.14"6 he mutters under his breath and leans towards her to give the woman's cheek a peck. 14"Going on, love, to a cooking pot or whatever else they're going to put us through.14"6 Then the sound OF WATER. Abruptly he swears and flails around some, 14"Ah HELL what was I just saying about us being soup? Really?14"6
(07:09:26 pm) <+Oliver_Killian> 6he complains and starts fidgeting around more. Both hands dip into the inner pockets of his coat as though he's reaching for weap--okay, he's clearly reaching for weapons and that's obvious. But they aren't drawn out, and he just narrows his eyes at the cult. A serious look crosses his face, making his dark eyes narrow and he draws himself up so he's taller in height, stepping out
(07:09:26 pm) <+Oliver_Killian> 6in front of Minah to put himself between her, the cult, and whatever the crap is burbl--oh the lagoon. Well maybe it's just a giant cooker. Either way it just looks vile. He forgets about everything else because he has to run his mouth. 14"Why hello there!14"6 Sound familiar? 14"We were just passing through, got a bit turned behind, and we'd like to know if you can kindly
(07:09:26 pm) <+Oliver_Killian> 14point us to the exit? I know we've probably crashed your shindig, whatever kind of throw-down party you were about to throw, and I am endlessly sorry about that. So. Let's just help us get somewhere else? Preferably home?14"6
(07:09:58 pm) <+Hunter`of`Arktos> The continued prodding and poking got a grunt out of him before he was introduced to a rather strange and unique sight. There was a small whistle from the helmet before the Hunter stepped forward, rifle lowered down to the ground as eyes attempted to focus in on the figure shrouded by smoke. "Who is native to this land? What does it mean if there is a figure shrouded in ominous smoke?"
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(07:10:53 pm) * +Robbi isn't trying to fight fairly; no, she knows she can't. She wanted the cats away from Derick, but to fight them in his steadt? No way. Not unarmed. Breaking through to Derick's side of it all she just runs, trying to get as far from the cats as she can. She knows she needs to stay away or else she'll end up just as bad off as Derick.
(07:10:53 pm) * +Robbi leans down as she goes to snatch up rocks, throwing them at her pursuers or the cats still attacking Derick. Quick thinking and accuracy; even if she's not a brawler and could never hope to defeat the cats in melee, she is good enough at her accuracy to strike the cats in the head. She's well aware that she may end up cornered, but that's a concern for later...
(07:11:50 pm) * +L`ylianna would step into the clearing, and stared in awe of the sight. The cloaked ones were obviously practicing foul magics, but her eyes glanced to the ancient ruins. How mighty it must have once been. She looked about the clearing, the feel of something otherworldly and wrong, like a cancerous growth on the balance of nature. It lingered in the air, as she imagined other elves
(07:11:50 pm) * +L`ylianna would also be extremly sensitive to it. She tried to keep her composure, though the sickening in her belly seemed to be growing.
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(07:13:20 pm) * +Matthew_Gudavich steps out into the ruin and looks around with a frown. he turns and shouts at Robbi 14"Get BACK here!" before looking at the.... whatever they were gathered
(07:13:35 pm) <+Derick`Keyman> Derick was done here. He padded his way back towards the Group AFTER snatching up Robbi and taking the little pup along with him. "Look'ee here. They're disarmed an' we're gonna jus' be on our merry way, alrigh' pup?" He placed Robbi on his shoulders and went to the group to watch the evil mages do their thing... or something. He didn't understand magic all that much. So, he spent some of...
(07:13:37 pm) <+Derick`Keyman> ...the time giving the cat people looks of 'I told you so' and 'Don't forget it'. Then, he tried again, asking the cat people, "I jus' bested ya' in combat. Now, wha's goin' on here? Answers. Now."
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(07:16:22 pm) <+{[> <Elwin> He hissed back at the angry kitties, albiet in effectively and continued along his way and then they came to the line of casters and he could only put his hands on his 'hips'. He didn't need to say it, his expression spoke for itself. 'How about no'. He inclined his head to the already stabbed and battered Derick then he peered back at the cat people. "They're going to kill
(07:16:22 pm) <+{[> you all." What a sunshiney chap.
(07:16:28 pm) <+Katja`> Katja notices the multitude of cats, ever multiplying, increasing. Those pests always acted that way. So. Fucking. Many. That was the problem. Too many. Even she couldn't fight them off... or even hide - she was already in the middle. She raised her hands above her head, and let go of the daggers, which dropped to about an inch over the grouned - they are attached to her wrist sheats with a...
(07:16:29 pm) <+Katja`> ...thin, strong string. She looks the cats attacking in the eyes, and walks on the fallen feline to return to the group. As she walks, if the cats allow her, she slowly lowers her arms, picking up the string, to place the daggers back in her sheath.
(07:16:33 pm) * Nymph[GM] sets mode: +v Misamo
(07:16:45 pm) <+Kraken> 6That was a no-go on his bow, but he would still hold onto it. He could work the thing well with any of the pairs of arms he bore in his land form. Not so much his water form, but then he only had one pair of arms in that form and the fingers were webbed even more so, it made for some difficulty but he could still fire. WE'RE OUTNUMBERED Minah points out. Yes they were, it was best
(07:16:45 pm) <+Kraken> 6jsut to go with the flow so to speak right now. N`vek kept his warning colors up, not daring to let them fall into the fright patterns. He shuddered as the feel entered his body and what passed for bones in the boy. Water was there... scary water, black water, but it was water and already a part of him was calming. Water meant safety to the squid parts of his mind. Until it started
(07:16:45 pm) <+Kraken> 6to bubble and churn. That could only mean 14"uh oh.." 6He clung to Oliver as though that would offer him any protection. And careful, Cherry! While those tentacles were cool, squishy, and oh so colorful, they were strong things, just let the Squidling know you were landing there first so he doesn't accidentally squish you and feel horrified later on. Oliver said he'd get them home...
(07:16:45 pm) <+Kraken> 6n`vek wasn't quite sure how to take that... Afterall, THIS squidling? THIS N`vek, not Kevin, had barely been a member of Oliver's crew a week! Maybe two at the very most. He had no idea what sorts of shenanigans he had pulled himself into this time. Yet Minah and Oliver assured him that they always made it out.
(07:17:29 pm) <+Minah> Smiling at her husband sweetly, "Oh I don't know let's see. Because you did ALL OF THAT and I was just standing there making sure you didn't get your hands cut off in the background?" Grinning at him and adding for clarification's sake to Cherry "Yes, I do thank him a lot when he puts more in and I will continue to, but I think you can have one dear" to the pixie,
(07:17:29 pm) <+Minah> 6because it also might keep her quiet to be trying to get one of the gems out of the woman's hair by untying the knots and strings keeping them in. That kiss to her cheek makes her murmur "Yes, love, we always get home in the end." and they did! she wasn't in the least little bit ever worried that she would be lost without him because she never was, always was one place or another
(07:17:30 pm) <+Minah> 6with him after it was all said and done. But he steps in front of her and she blinked, looking at the cult and reaching to tug N'vek behind HER and patting him gently. Behind oliver's back she is quite obviously drawing weapons, but they were drawn in a way that was fluid as sweeping her fingers over her hips and the swords were laying against the backs of her legs between her and
(07:17:31 pm) <+Minah> 6N'vek so obvious had different definitions.
(07:18:46 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> (( Haha, second, neighbour popped over. She does not understand it's dork time. ))
(07:22:48 pm) <+Cherry> The group being split up might have caused her a bit of alarm if there wasn't a fluffy paw suddenly being whizzed in her direction.. "To slow!" she chided.. Even going as far as whirling around to give her fanny a shake shake rumpa shake in the kitties direction.. Probably a bit antagonistic, but she felt they were being unrealistic in their hositle attitude.. She didn't ask to be
(07:22:49 pm) <+Cherry> brought here! She didn't even want to be in this funny place.. But wait, there were shinies, so that was really and truely up for debate! The mention of her getting to keep one of said sparkles caused her features to light up with bliss! A squeal of delight and a clap of her hands.. "Realllly? You mean it?" She wasted no time what so ever.. I mean absolutely not a single fraction of
(07:22:49 pm) <+Cherry> a second passed by after those words rang from her lips.. Already she was ensnared in long strands trying to figure out how the gems were kept safely secured.. "Oooo.. This is gonna be tough, but I can do it.. GOOOOO CHERRRY!" She squealed from the depths of Minah's hair.. Yeah.... one might note that the little pixie was currently a bundle of energy that just couldn't seem to stay
(07:22:49 pm) <+Cherry> still, and she was moving fast along the nap of the neck and wiggling all throughout to inspect her new found bounty... Perhaps tickly, perhaps even a slight bit annoying! The sudden stop of Minah walking jolted her a bit.. Weeble wobble.. sway and toss.. She grabbed one strand of jewels and hung on for dear life while she peeked around the side of her neck to take a gander at what
(07:22:49 pm) <+Cherry> was going on.. Blink blink.. "Uhhhh." And now she was torn.. Bubbly water and chanting people or GEMS.. It was truely a tough decision.
(07:22:59 pm) * +Matthew_Gudavich sniffs for wyrm[evil]
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(07:24:08 pm) <@Nauranor> 2 She did indeed recognize the subtle signs of different tribes, all working together. Now that was odd, but noteworthy too. Phet'kree were notoriously territorial, especially against their own kind. So why were so many different tribes working together? Something to tell her elders for sure. Nauranor was studying the whole scene, from the bubblink lake to the glowing portal,
(07:24:08 pm) <@Nauranor> 2following the tendrils of magic and corruption from it. It was a tear in the very rift of this space and time, an abberation in this forest full of them. "Should you wish to return to where you come from, might I suggest you fools get to the gate." The voice calling down was feminine and touched with disdain, serious in tone. Of course, the phet'kree, the mages, and whatever they
(07:24:08 pm) <@Nauranor> 2were doing to the lake were between the group and the portal, but maybe that would spur them on. They didn't belong here. And maybe, just maybe, they'd take care of this pesky problem on their way out.
(07:25:12 pm) <+Misamo> <Liliana> She had been silent, not really sure what was happening let alone why the hell she was pulled into something else... but then again it meant more entertainment and less boredom and that was always a welcome change. There was a dangerous sort of glint in those wild icy blue orbs of hers, a crazed unhinged sort even if she herself seemed normal. She was human, twenty at best
(07:25:12 pm) <+Misamo> with short blonde locks that kissed at the curve of her jaw, her lithe pale form clothed in a black chinese style dress with a golden dragon design that coiled around her body and ended at her right breast. Simple black slip on shoes donned her feet making her steps silent as she moved, tapping her bottom lip as she watched what was happening as if waiting for the moment she would
(07:25:12 pm) <+Misamo> make her move.
(07:26:55 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> (( Posting, one moment. ))
(07:30:44 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> It was obvious Oliver had no fucks to give, as he walked into the clearing and just tried to speak with the chanting mages. The distraction did not seem to interfere with their chanting, though the one that stood under the archway glanced to The Group as they approached. The Phet'Kree continued to push The Group into the clearing. Robbi and Derick at least had gotten --
(07:30:44 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> -- the feline people away from Derick, allowing them some leeway. The rocks that Robbi threw only angered them, and resulted in a few threats and attempts with the spears, but ovetures only. Posturing seemed to keep most of this group under control. Despite Derrick's demands for information or knowledge, after 'besting' them in combat, he received nothing but more --
(07:30:45 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> -- hisses, and the threats of pointy sharp teeth. Elwin, assisting Derick and Robbi in their brief escape, came into the clearing. Katja's insult caused several of the Phet'Kree to snarl, their fur bristling as they watched her walk over their fallen friend. As The Group made their way into the clearing, the Father, the Head Mage that stood beneath the archway looked at --
(07:30:45 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> -- them. His face was shrouded in a dark hood, but somehow, the impression of a mouth opened, like a shark's, with rows and rows of teeth in a wicked smile, glittering with the light that radiated about him. Nauranor's voice from the trees drewhis attention. 14"The elves have come!" he snarled, somehow understood by all there present. Matthew would sense that there was --
(07:30:46 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> -- more corruption here, in the heart of the lagoon, than anywhere else. THe place reeked of evil and taint. His malevolence turned on The Group, obviously believing that they were somehow attached to the Mazewood rangers. 14"Fools. Kill them all," he said to the mages, who as one, turned to The Group, the same time the Phet'Kree did. On the breast of the Father, the --
(07:30:46 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> -- sickening green glow of the gem there brightened, somehow absorbing all this animosity. He resumed his chanting as his followers, and the subverted, vicious cat people turned on The Group.
(07:31:33 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> (( I know I skipped a few people who weren't intereacting directly with the Phet'Kree or the mages, and I'm sorry! I wanted to get the post out since I was delayed with my neighbour coming over. ))
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Re: The Curse of the Black Lagoon (Multiverse Event Log)

Post by Nymphetamine » Thu Mar 14, 2013 11:32 pm

(07:33:40 pm) <@Nauranor> Well, the cat was out of the bag, so Naur loosed a carefully aimed arrow at the heart of one of the chanting mages, leaping nimbly to the next tree midshot only to move again to the next. She still hadn't been seen and keeping on teh move would be her saving grace. She didn't even waste an arrow on The Father himself, certain he would be shielded from such a simple but straightforward
(07:33:40 pm) <@Nauranor> 2attack.
(07:34:49 pm) <+Oliver_Killian> 6N`vek clings to him and he glances down at the squidling. 14"Just stay out of trouble.14"6 he murmurs to the kid. 14"We'll get you home.14"6 is repeated as if he, too, needs the extra reassurance as well. Minah takes the squidling away and, in turn, protects him. So Oliver's in front, closest to the cult with the rest of the personal group behind him. The sound of the elf
(07:34:50 pm) <+Oliver_Killian> 6in the trees, he glances up at her and nods. 14"To the gate, then?14"6 he asks the two people behind him. No, of course, the only fuck he has to give is about the two people with him. 14"Oh hell.14"6 he repeats again when 'kill them all' gets uttered. The handsome young man's head tips forward before swinging around, popping horribly as it passes over his shoulder. The normal
(07:34:50 pm) <+Oliver_Killian> 6face disappears under his high collar and the other, looking like a deer's skull with a thin layer of muscle and skin over the bone, comes around. Small, beady black eyes narrow at the cult and, unfortunately, his antlers are short and velvet-covered. His teeth, small, numerous, and very sharp, are bared and he draws two throwing daggers from the pockets of his coat. They're both
(07:34:50 pm) <+Oliver_Killian> 6thrown at the chest of the closest Phet'Kree to him and he glances back to Minah before drawing two more blades out...
(07:35:19 pm) <+{[> <Elwin> Strange portals and voices from the sky.. Was that for them or the cat folk? He wasn't sure, he just knew that land lay under the iron clutches of magical squaller and something had to be done, so something he would do. He reared up and charged too when the cat people suddenly charged in. He hissed in a harsh, guttural tongue and with strange gestures he made before himself
(07:35:19 pm) <+{[> arching blades of fire that spiraled out at the oncoming swarm. It wasn't meant to kill but if it took a few of them out he'd likely pretend it was an accident. They'd stabbed his friend.
(07:36:05 pm) <+Derick`Keyman> Derick calmly put Robbi down, hefted his swords, and did what he always did in these situations. He threw himself into the leader of the cat people, aiming to embrace the tribal leader in a big knife bear hug that would, at the very least, hopefully bring them both down into a bloody mess. Ah, and those holes in Derick's back? They were squirting acid blood everywhere in an attempt to keep...
(07:36:07 pm) <+Derick`Keyman> ...any interlopers away from his fight. That's how he did.
(07:36:08 pm) * +Robbi struggles a bit as she finds herself picked up, kicking at the air before she suddenly finds herself on Derick's head. She looks down at him, then to the cats - they're no longer trying to attack, she realizes. Just threatening. Her rapidly beating heart starts to slow back down, and she only now notices how tense she was. She looks down to Derick, trying to move down. "Are you okay?"
(07:36:08 pm) * +Robbi then winces at the words of the Father, grimacing. "They were out to kill us ...?" she asks to herself, quickly trying to think of a plan - throwing sand in the cats' eyes probably isn't going to work a second time. "Why'd you pick me up..."
(07:37:02 pm) <+Bullbound> Clemens didn't know where he was going, as he stepped out of his bedroom at the inn and found himself facing something akin to a gathering of magic. He didn't know where he is, nor what the level of technology is like. He is wearing his army uniform and pistol, but was not sure if there were any limitations, such as his gun just being a piece of sculpture.
(07:37:03 pm) <+Bullbound> http://howling-island-garou.wikispaces. ... /Roman.jpg
(07:37:03 pm) * +Robbi backs off and just tries to run from the cats, nevertheless, grabbing and throwing rocks at whoever gets too near her.
(07:37:10 pm) <+Hunter`of`Arktos> 'Kill them all' was understood quite plainly as the Hunter turned himself about. "The Ranid Protocol has been activated, current realm residents have been deemed hostile, Hunter is cleared to fire at will on any targets that is identified as a threat." There was a long exhale as the rifle was brought upwards once more. "Thank you." Commented the artificial voice as he immediately discharged <--
(07:37:10 pm) * +Hunter`of`Arktos --> 6 several, slim, sky-blue plasma projectiles towards the felines. "Initial tests suggest plasma should be quite an effective render against bare flesh…" The observation was put out rather coolly, more plasma was discharged towards other Phet'Kree before the gun's vents opened on the side, steam exuded out at an alarming rate. <<--
(07:37:31 pm) * +Matthew_Gudavich growls turning into his crinose form at the comment to kill them, a horrible werewolf. he seems cloaked in a steel armor with claws of iron and a sword by his side. he tears at the mages trying to rip through them with tooth and fang using unatural speed .
(07:37:41 pm) * Matthew_Gudavich is now known as Matty-C
(07:37:45 pm) * +L`ylianna would glare at the result of all of this. As the father called for their deaths, she quickly tossed back her cloak, revealing a pretty, young dark elf halfing, holding two daggers at the ready in a fighting stance. She would take a running start, leaping into the air and using a few cats as random footstools as she made her way towards one of the mages. Whatever putrid evil
(07:37:46 pm) * +L`ylianna flowed here, those mages were surley part of the problem, and she intended to end that.
(07:39:28 pm) <+Minah> Amused by the pixie's reaction and nodding her head a little bit "Yes, dear, you can have one. Be picky though, pick a nice big one. And if you show me the one you pick I can tell you where it came from. I remember all of them. They're like little stories in my hair." Because she stored her memories there, not actually physicially in the gems, she kept them as reminders of
(07:39:28 pm) <+Minah> 6things that she'd been through with her husband. But giving one away for the sake of keeping the pixie happy, settled, and not getting hurt was perfectly acceptable. Lifting her face though as that disdainful voice called down to them. Blinking and narrowing her eye slightly at the speaker, but then there is the distraction of all of them trying to KILL them. Shifting her fingers on
(07:39:29 pm) <+Minah> 6the swords and saying softly "on second thought Pixie you may want to find another place to sit, you can pick a gem later." Smiling at Oliver briefly and twirling the blades in her hands, the smile held all that loving warmth that they never had time to speak before a fight but them again, they never fell in one either. Stepping forward away from N'vek keeping the squiddy boy
(07:39:30 pm) <+Minah> 6behind her as much as she can, but leaving him mostly up to Oliver's protection because she had a wider swath to cut with her swords. Stepping forward and into the nearest foe, going for one of the phet'kree and the woman that had been trying to just talk the others back turned on the spot and the two flashing scimitars sliced up through the air, dancing into motion in a rolling kind
(07:39:31 pm) <+Minah> 6of action that was calm and patient as she was in stillness, but more stalking. Waiting was over, they'd started it. Swords crossed to try and open the first cat woman's gut before she turned into another, if the pixie was still in her hair it was going to be a wild ride because the jeweled strands were whirling with her as he sword came up to the next cat person's throat in an attempt
(07:39:32 pm) <+Minah> 6to slit it.
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(07:43:33 pm) <+Katja`> "Brechu Danyetté Eiol stell yragé stërþet Ak" another sentence thrown out in Infernal, her hands touching the black silver cross hanging on a black chain, as she inhaled. A whirl of action in the moments after, she activated the springs in her sheaths and made the daggers flow towards her hands, and her movements flowed out of that motion. The dagger in her left was still inbued with...
(07:43:34 pm) <+Katja`> ...poisons - she had been unable to place some more on the other blade. As soon as a space around her was made, she would attempt to climb up a tree, and attack from above - she had plenty of poison imbued blowgun ammunition.
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(07:44:01 pm) <+Kraken> 6Tugged behind Minah, he wasn't a fighter. Far from it, though he could use the bow, he'd only been trained against dummies and hunting, never other people... There had even been som dissent when he was first learning to use the boy, one of those against him learning saying he was much to sweet to be taught how to use a weapon. But weapons were needed in a rough world like this...
(07:44:02 pm) <+Kraken> 6wherever THIS was, probably just as hostile as Home, only he seemed to have been thrust directly into the Danger Zone here. But he had no bursting need to prove himself, no pride that would yell at him. He knew he was out of his element in more ways than just being away from the ocean or other vast body of water. So there would be no wounded ego in Minah defending him. And then Oliver
(07:44:02 pm) <+Kraken> 6wandered over to chitchat with the chanters.... Didn't he know disrupting mages and wizards and other magic folk could have disasterous consequences? N`vek may not have interrupted nor instigated anythig, but this little version of the squidling had been cursed all the same. And then there were orders of attack. Wonderful. Minah was defending him but... He had to do something! Stay
(07:44:02 pm) <+Kraken> 6out of trouble? Thanks, Oliver but right now that was impossible! They were being attacked. Ok, his bow was brought out now, an arrow drawn... He'd only hunted and faced targets and dummies... could he hit something that was aware? It was trying to actively kill him, so the boy had to try something! Had to aid Minah. Main arms and hands would deal with bow and arrows, his four tentacles?
(07:44:02 pm) <+Kraken> 6They would whip and lash behind him, scenting and tasting the air for any attacks who would approach from the back. Strong limbs, lined with two rows of suckers that were filled with serrated little teeth. Those noodly apendages were made for rending and tearing and ripping and pulling... He may be such a sweet boy, but once he tasted blood there was the awakening of the kraken, a
(07:44:02 pm) <+Kraken> 6thing he was unaware of. Going Feral. The boy had done it before and nearly disarticulated a man's arm and attempted to drown him too! Granted the man had repetedly goaded and mentally attacked n`vek, but... owies.
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(07:47:26 pm) <+Cherry> For the first time since being plunked down into this strange place she actually felt a true sliver of fear slither through her to the very core.. That darkness tickling at the recess of her mind, attempting to grip it in its tight, evil clutches.. The druid was afterall tied to nature, and with the evil levels rising the OMG this is so bad meter quite rapidly, she attempted to put
(07:47:26 pm) <+Cherry> on a serious face.. well the best she could being what she was because even admist the talk she found herself glancing back to the dangling gems. A little harumph, quite possibly more pissed that she couldn't get one right. this. moment. rather then having to fight off a bunch of kitty cat lunatics and wierd chanting guys in ominous clothing. "But.. But.. Your hair is pretty?" She
(07:47:26 pm) <+Cherry> didn't really know anymore to be quite honest.. It was ALL CONFUSING! She wanted to whisper a sweet tune to the felines to make them sit down and purr so she could pet them.. or ride on their backs as they ran around like leopards.. Not that she knows if that is how they move or not, but she seen it in her head that way. The wood elves calling from above had her ehad tipping back oh
(07:47:26 pm) <+Cherry> so far until she felt the nap of her neck with it.. "Oh! HI!" She called out amongst the chaos and gave a wiggle of her fingertips at them.. The portal seemed like the smart thing to drift to, but when her gaze once more ran along those attempting to harm the group she noticed something peculiar about the 'Father'.. Or more importantly.. something SHINEY! And it wasn't jsut the shine,
(07:47:27 pm) <+Cherry> but the actual pulsing greeness of it.. It was the same of one of those entrancing swirly things that psychiatrists use.. Mesmorized for a few moments which was likely just long enough to feel the first jolt form Minah moving to attack.. A handful of hair gripped against her soft palm as she held on for dear life.. "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWEEEEEEEEEEEEE.. RIDE EM COWGIRL!" She hollared out
(07:47:27 pm) <+Cherry> with glee.. though short lived glee because once more the sound of fighting tickled her ears and she grumped a bit.. "Bye bye pretty jewles and gems and stories and and and.. MINE." Harumph.. Fluttering off, she whizzed in the direction of the Father with the pretty gem.. A flick of slender wrist.. Fingertips tipping against the air... Suddenly vines coiled up from the ground.. Tendrils
(07:47:27 pm) <+Cherry> of plantlife creating a wall of them all around him then ensnaring arms and legs to hold him still.. if that worked that is
(07:49:39 pm) <+Misamo> <Liliana> She smirked as things started to get interesting and licked her lips, moving closer and wondering just what damage she could do. Of course in her eyes everything could be solved with fire and fire is always fun. She noticed others with bows and seemed to get a devious little idea since nothing was paying her much mind yet to draw out her own and use little strips of cloth
(07:49:40 pm) <+Misamo> she always carried around and set to work tying one onto the arrowhead and witha bit of flammable oils and a spark she had quite the lovely weapon! Which she soon had aimed at one of the mages hoping with the released shot that it would at least catch something on fire and hopefully not one of those on her side before her let alone herself.
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(07:58:55 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> It was likely an assumption on Father's part that the rangers were there. Or if he didn't actually know, he pinned it on The Group of outsiders. The Phet'Kree moved as a mass of angry, ferocious swarm, rushing the The Group from all sides. The mages would take longer to turn from evil chanting to attack mode and were not threats, yet. The more magically inclined of --
(07:58:55 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> -- the group, such as Elwin and Matthew might be able to detect a sort of totem in the area, that was obviously binding the Phet'Kree in some way or another. It was probably large, and obscured behind some rocks, and somewhat lost in the thrum of so much magic in the area. Between the green portal errected in the archway that the Father stood before, the natural --
(07:58:56 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> -- corruption of the Black Lagoon, all of the magic the cult was commanding, it was like a barely heard song under a bunch of static. It was somewhere in the ruins. Elwin's blade of fire cut through the nearest of the cat people that tried to rush at him. Singed fur and howls roared through the clearing. Derick went balls to the walls for the Father, assumed to also be --
(07:58:56 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> -- Phet'Kree, but was actually pretty human beneath the darkness of his cowls. The Father was not the sort to be attacked, and one of his mages sprang between Derick and the Father, to block him physically. Robbi has the right idea, flinging rocks at the Phet'Kree. It kept the cat people away, apparently not having enough to swarm her just yet. The Hunter of Arktos's --
(07:58:57 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> -- plasma gun was nothing like anything ever seen, and struck several of the Phet'Kree that had tried to attack the metal man. They were savagely ripped apart in a spray of blood, guts and fur, errupting apart almost. This was a magic to be appreciated! Matthew lept for the mages, a massive werewolf that was capable of ripping through the squishiest of men. The mages had --
(07:58:57 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> -- no natural physical defense, and were not prepared for an onslaught. L`ylianna was only partially right, the mages were using the already there evil to further their own evil. Using the Phet'Kree as a stepping stone would propell her towards the focusing cultists, still not yet ready to cast. Minah went for the nearest Phet'kree, easily disabling those closest to her --
(07:58:58 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> -- with the swords she whirled about expertly. Katja's area cleared out relatively quickly as others had begun their own attacks. Her attempt to get up into a treet not shared by a Mazewood ranger was good, and she was soon capable of raining down death with a lethal blowgun on the rest of the cat people. Kraken's arrows found home in several of the few mages still --
(07:58:58 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> -- attempting to raise defense or assaults on the group. HUmanoid cries could be heard as arrows stuck out from thighs, from arms , and few from the chest. Robed figures crumpled to the ground in pain or death. Cherry, having the advantage of flight, was able to soar over many of the combatants, and distracted the Father from whatever orders he was trying to issue. --
(07:58:59 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> -- Between Derick's attmepted assault and the wtf-pixy in his face, he was distracted enough to allow for Cherry's vines to soar up out of the ground and snake around his ankles. Liliana's flaming arrows set one of the still standing mages on fire. Between the archers in the trees, and those on the ground, the mages were getting hit very, very hard, which was probably a --
(07:58:59 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> -- good thing, considering just how much corruption and evil they had to draw on. The bubbling of the lagoon had stopped, for now, as the mages were distracted from their targets. 14"No! We're losing it!" Father shouted, speaking of whatever had been in the lagoon that he had tried to raise.
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(08:02:43 pm) <+{[> <Elwin> He bucked up and kicked out, attempting to deterre other cat folk as he suddenly changed trajectory for the pulsating beacon of magic he felt within the rocks. His goal was simple, if he found the thing he'd give it a right sound hoof pummeling, of course. "They are innocents!" He yelled back at all the folks killing cats in the meantime, though he doubted it would do any
(08:02:44 pm) <+{[> good, he'd still get that totem out of the way if it all possible to make going after the real threat that much easier. Derick had the right idea.
(08:02:55 pm) <@Nauranor> 2"Finally, a hunter worthy of some respect." The female voice sounded from above Hunter, two arrows loosed in such quick succession it shouldn't have been possible. The Phet'kree were known entities and she knew how to hunt them, knew how they moved and to anticipate the next during an attack. Of course, as soon as those arrows and words were released she was moving again, an ever
(08:02:55 pm) <@Nauranor> 2moving shadow amid the treetops. But an ally at least, since she was aiming at their captors and the mages beyond. Elsewhere from the trees more arrows were raining down among the ranks of the mages because someone had to thin them out. "The mages! They are the ones to focus on!" That stern voice rang out from the treetops.
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(08:04:10 pm) <+Derick> Derick always went balls to the walls. He just hoped there was a healer around to deal with the massive trauma and blood loss he was experiencing. Whoever got between Derick and the Father was truly asking for trouble. Derick would tackle the guy to the ground, covering him in run off acid blood, before whirling around and throwing the magic cutting black silver dagger at the Father's chest....
(08:04:12 pm) <+Derick> ...Derick also farted during this process, but it was largely incidental and mostly unpleasant. He wanted some rum, too.
(08:04:20 pm) <+Oliver_Killian> 6A step back is taken, he glances over at N`vek. 14"Take a spear from one of the cat...things. You'll have a weapon then. Arm yourself and get ready to fight to live. You can't rely on everyone else and you don't want to lose your tentacles.14"6 he snaps and jerks his head up, indicating the other fighters. 14"One will drop soon.14"6 A step's taken back and he takes a second
(08:04:21 pm) <+Oliver_Killian> 6to smear some paste into the thin grooves etched into the two daggers in his hand. A warm smile crosses his face as Minah leaps into battle and he sighs almost dreamily. 14"I love you.14"6 he murmurs under his breath even if she won't hear it. The poisoned daggers raise, he almost throws them both but stops mid-action and catches them instead when he hears Elwin. 14"The hell do
(08:04:21 pm) <+Oliver_Killian> 14you mean?14"6 he snaps, turns on a heel, and eyes the cultmongers instead. He nods to the elf in the tree and flings both of the poisoned daggers at one of the mages, aiming for the chest, again, wanting to sink the blades into flesh, organ, or anything else that can take the poison in.
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(08:06:24 pm) <+Minah> Not stopping with the cat people that were there, twirling on the spot with that pixie in her hair squeeling as she did and didn't let it distract her. She whirled on the spot and looked around her for firstly, her husband and then for more enemies. Once Oliver was seen to be standing still, she turned again and the voice that came out of the trees, Nauranor, made her immediately
(08:06:24 pm) <+Minah> 6race for the mages. Had suggested that they not attack while they were overwhelmed in force but now they had made a start and it was bolstered by the rangers. This was not their fight, but fight she would to keep their skins intact. Innocent or not, unfortunately they were threatening and she didn't care. It was too late and the decision would have been the same either way. Stepping
(08:06:25 pm) <+Minah> 6into the first mage she saw, the sword swept up again, singing through the air and she stepped into her dance again, teeth showing in a smile, stepping from the first to the second if she felled one at all.
(08:06:39 pm) * +Robbi just tries to stay away, focusing only on her own safety, but the screams and blood and murder going on breaks her attention and she stumbles as she tries to pick up a new rock. It's painful to her sensitive hearing, and the blood and death is too much for her to handle with ease. She begins to mess up here and there, fingers slipping, and soon finds herself too close for ranged attacks.
(08:06:39 pm) * +Robbi panics somewhat, searching for anything she can use to protect herself and snatching up a bloodied spear left by the bodies one of her allies had created. She turns back on the cats too close to herself and tries to use it to block their attacks before slashing back, though in doing so leaves herself open as melee battle was never part of her trials.
(08:06:45 pm) * +L`ylianna hearled a dagger straight at a mage's chest, right in the heart, grabbing it as she flew past and began slashing cat throats on her way to another. For her level of training the girl definatly showed skill and grace, at least against the large and commbersum cats. She flipped over a mage, and broght both daggers down into his throat, slashing it out.
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(08:07:48 pm) <+Katja`> Katja attacked with only half heartedly, and quickly moved to her crossbow when it was apparent no immediate danger was to be had; poisons are quite expensive and her business hadn't resumed yet. She focused on the attackers nearest her tree, until a moment of reflection appeared in her face. And at that moment, she laid down her crossbow, and carefully picked up the blowgun and loaded a...
(08:07:49 pm) <+Katja`> ...dark blue labelled bullet (colour coded ftw!) and fired at the fifth mage from the left not counting any who are in the prime products of the devil's number.. This poison tended to immediately send it's target into a sleep. Please let it work. If it didn't, she planned an escape route.
(08:08:23 pm) <+Kraken> 6He focused on the mages, though somewhere deep in his his stomach was roiling with bile. He was using his arrows to kill people... People who had attacked first true, but he was shooting... Elwin yelled innocent and he stopped feeling ill. Innocents. Mages. Which way was right?! The mages! That's who he had been firing at! Those were the right ones, right? Tentacles quivered and
(08:08:24 pm) <+Kraken> 6his colors flickered from POISON to deep red with ripling black stripes. 14"they grow back... and if I have to lose one protecting you or Minah it's worth it!" 6He would mutter but still lift up a fallen spear to wield in his tentacles. Thank whoever he could taste with the limbs and that they contained small brains of their own for fast response time.
(08:09:05 pm) * +Matty-C looks over seeing Elwin going for the totem and the Father attacked by Derek and then turns his attention to the next mage in line, continuing to rake them with his claws and hopefully foil their rite
(08:09:54 pm) <+Hunter`of`Arktos> "Effective." Stated the cold voice once more before he took several steps back. "Analysis suggests that using normal weapons violates the Universal Geneva Protocol, Hunters are barred from excessive mutilation of wildlife-" The sigh cut the voice off as the rifle was once again holstered on his back, one hand lowered down towards his thigh where a vent open and out rolled several skyblue <--
(08:09:54 pm) * +Hunter`of`Arktos --> 6 spheres. He whirred his head about at the source of the voice about being a 'Hunter' before shaking his head. One thumb pressed over the top of the sphere, a small indent forming as it began to pulsate, its frequency increasing over time. He tossed it towards the nearest group of Phet'Kree, landing several feet in front of them. A few seconds would pass as the light would continue to pulsate
(08:09:54 pm) * +Hunter`of`Arktos --> 6 before it exploded in a bright flash, bright blue flames spread themselves about, the gel that fueled them scattered towards and away from the feline hostiles. As he heard Elwin though, he swallowed a very deep breath as he shook his head. "The fire will scare them away..." He convinced himself. <<--
(08:10:05 pm) <+Misamo> <Liliana> She grinned when her arrow hit, chuckling as the mage was set ablaze. Of course there was still more to take on and she set to preparing another arrow before letting it fly, watching with that far to entertained look on her face as she set to taking out another mage with more wonderful destructive fire!
(08:10:11 pm) <+Cherry> Perhaps it was a little odd what happened next as the vines continued on the creeping crawling journy up the 'Father's' legs, or perhaps not considering the source, but small blossoms popped and winked into view.. Each one vibrantly hued and hodling the sweetest of aromas to them. That enough was enough to bring a smile to her lips, but she didn't take the time to revel in the beauty.
(08:10:11 pm) <+Cherry> Oh no no.. There were things to do, fathers to spank for being naughty. "I know you are busy trying to summon something nasty and mean and it will most likely try to eat us all buttttttttt." A dart whiz to the side a blink blink.. "Would you mind terribly if I have your shiney green thing? I will be nice to it.. Ooo.. and cover it silk and keep it hidden away in my den of other shiney
(08:10:11 pm) <+Cherry> things.. It will have a nice shiney home!" Blasphemy came next because anyone close enough would actually hear her start laughing. Another flick of her wrist given. This time the sound of birds chirping could be heard alongside those deafening beat of wings. One by one they dove and dived..attempting to scratch and bite the mages still flailing about.
(08:21:40 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> Elwin's shouts to The Group regarding the innocence of the Phet'Kree might have gone unanswered. The noise around the lagoon was defeaning between the thunder in the sky, the magic roiling out of the water and the gateway, and the shrieks and cries of felinoids and mages. He was right, however. The mage who had intercepted Derick was bled all over. Acidic blood burned --
(08:21:40 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> -- through cloth and flesh alike, and the man screamed in agony, trying to throw Derick off spasmatically. Oliver's poisoned daggers flew for one particularly stubborn mage, several arrows sticking out of its legs and shoulders. The dagger embedded itself in his chest, the other deflected with a sudden arch of nameless magic, landing in the lagoon. Minah took the head --
(08:21:41 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> -- off another feathered mage in one swift, decisive stroke. The head fell and rolled into the waters, almost as an offering. The Group would feel another wave of descriptionless evil roil out from beneath the lagoon, flooding each of them in a rush before fading to its still disturbing, but more normal malevolence. Robbi has backed herself near a tree at the edge of the --
(08:21:41 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> -- clearing, and was in a better position for it. The Mazewood rangers in the trees above her do much to keep her from getting overwhelmed by Phet'Kree. The mages are too busy dying or being attacked to notice her. Katja was well protected up in the bows of the trees, and had a good shot at most of the remaining mages down there. Her target was struck with a poisoned --
(08:21:42 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> -- dart and fell with sudden sleepiness. Kraken cleared away swaths of Phet'Kree with his spear, at least sending them warily back, watching his colour display changing and disliking it, despite whatever compulsion they were under to attack. They stayed away from him, but still circled him, staring, and making slow feints at him to probe for a weak spot. Matthew's --
(08:21:43 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> -- massive werewolf form was overpowering to the squishy mages, those few who still stood. His powerful claws swiped through them, easily rending arms from sockets, and flesh from bone with each attack. The Hunter of Arktos had ceased to attack, but had thrown volatile gel at a group of Phet'kree, which splattered on impact and ignited. Now there were flaming, agonized --
(08:21:43 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> -- cat people milling around, some even jumping into the lake to douse themselves. Liliana's first target fell into the water as well, at least putting out the burning. These sacrifices to the lagoon were accepted, and another wave of corurption pulsed outwards from the heart of the Black Lagoon, felt by The Group. Whatever was in the water was not something of the --
(08:21:44 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> -- Father or his cult's design, and was simply something they had been using. Father yelled and tried to swat Cherry out of the sky. He wasn't there to talk to her, and lifted one hand to try to capture here. The birds that she called down at least prevented him from doing this.
(08:23:01 pm) <@Nauranor> 2 Innocent. Perhaps to these strangers, and perhaps in a way. It made a grim sort of sense at least, to know that the only reason these tribes were working together is because they were forced. But if anyone told Naur a phet'kree was innocent she would laugh in their face. Even so, they weren't her main focus, the mages were. If freeing the phet'kree cleared them out and removed
(08:23:01 pm) <@Nauranor> 2them as an obstacle for the time being, so be it. Less enemies and bodies to worry about. She signalled to her team, pulling them back for now, the rain of arrows more a hinderance at this point. No, if they lent any more aid it would be in precise, sniping shots. "Do try not to burn my forest down." she called out sharply, just shaking her head. Some of the trees were dry and
(08:23:01 pm) <@Nauranor> 2could catch fire quickly, but they were lucky that most of this particular area was marshy. Humans and their fire.
(08:26:05 pm) * +Robbi blinks as she realizes they're getting help from somewhere among the trees. She hears a voice, Naur's voice, and looks toward it as she tries to stabilize her breath. She holds her spear defensively. "Who's there?" she asks, glancing around hastily to ensure nobody is attacking her in that instant, staying on defence. "Do you know what's going on here? Why do they want to kill us?"
(08:26:28 pm) <+Oliver_Killian> 6The monsterous deer-headed man parts his jaws to unleash a fearsome braying noise at the mages before flicking out two more daggers from his pockets. The same poison gets smeared across the edge before he flips them both through the air, catches them by the hilts, and he reels from the wave of vile given off by the lagoon. He swears and lobs one of his daggers at the same mage
(08:26:28 pm) <+Oliver_Killian> 6that deflected the last round and holds on to the other in case he has to make a third attempt. A glance around, and he eyes those present. 14"Anyone here use holy magic?14"6 he calls out and gestures towards that horrid lagoon. 14"Good gods, not the dark ones. I think that could use a good blessing. Anyone agree?14"6 he asks, hoping such a person is around and that they hear
(08:26:28 pm) <+Oliver_Killian> 6him as well.
(08:27:12 pm) <+Derick> Derick was just going to keep doing what Derick did. The black silver dagger was obviously deflected and landed somewhere not to far off. His silver one, the one he was holding still, would be brought to the writhing mage's throat. One deft strike and it would be over for him. Then, using that momentum, the dagger slash, which was done with his metal hand, would carry over to be a punch with...
(08:27:14 pm) <+Derick> ...his metal arm. The arm could bust down a normal door, and Derick wasn't holding anything back as he aimed for the Father's kidney in an upward strike.
(08:28:27 pm) <+Hunter`of`Arktos> He watched quietly as the Phet'Kree were simply burnt down, several jumping into the lagoon out of desperation. "The UGP has been violated, a conflict of information has arisen. There will not be are port on this incident." There was a solitary exhale as he watched them, helmet shook before his body turned towards that of the rest of the group, the Father, and whatever mages still remained. <--
(08:28:28 pm) * +Hunter`of`Arktos --> 6 He did not do anything except for observe. "Hunter, you are not fighting." Cooed the female voice, metallic hands balled into a fist. "I have done enough damage for one day." There was another exhale as the female voice spoke. "A cheesy cop-out, but acceptable under current stimuli. Recommend retaliating against any sign of aggression." <<--
(08:28:56 pm) * +L`ylianna continued her onslaught. She wasn't heartless, and was avoiding the cats where she could, but defense is defense, and if she had to slay to save her life, then so be it. Luckily the cats were slow enough that few met an end at her blades. With a slash, another mage fell. What worried her is that the sickening feeling wasn't leaving that place. What could be the source?
(08:29:25 pm) <+{[> <Elwin> After a few good kicks he'd gotten that totem thoroughly splintered and there he would leave it as he leapt down off the rocks. By that point he would head out into the fray, snapping out the sickle blade on his walking stick once more so he could slice at Cultists in passing and help cut them down. They didn't look like they would be lasting too much longer to him. "I know
(08:29:26 pm) <+{[> a druid but he's back home!" Oliver was on his own, it seemed. His breed of 'blessing' would just make things worse.
(08:30:19 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> The Phet'Kree would immediately stop attacking once Elwin had broken their talisman. They stood there, dazed, weapons lowered mid attack, as if waking from a dream. But were no longer aggressive towards the Group.
(08:30:26 pm) <+Katja`> Katja was no hero, but didn't either want to be caught like a fish in a net... Or prevent herself from having fun. She attacked with another dark green dart the mage next to the one she had previously attacked, hopefully making a series of 3 mages downed (With the ones attacks by others.) She was trying to make a gap in the line to attack in person. Once it was safe.
(08:31:02 pm) <+Kraken> 6Fire frightens? That was something that N`vek could heavily agree upon! The squidling loathed the heat. The burning, the dryness. the way he felt like he could breathe. There was no fire for him to use nor could he, but he could attempt the next best thing! Color tricks and subtle skin morphing! What squid were the very best at doing, probably only dwarfed by true shape shifters.
(08:31:02 pm) <+Kraken> 6N`vek turned all the colors of fire and the patterns even MOVED, some skin molded and raised to mimic flickering and his tentacles dance about, bow in hand, spear in tentacles, his color tricks were doing what nature had bred into would be predators. 14"No... I can't use any magic at all..." 6He could once upon a time... back before he'd been turned into a squid beast, he'd had a
(08:31:02 pm) <+Kraken> 6natural affinity for water based magics, before a witch had seen to it that the unnatural little watermancer be punished accordingly for his freakish ability, and had made him as much a freak on the outside as she saw him to be inside... Horrible woman, he'd only been six and playing around!
(08:32:11 pm) <+Minah> That pixie being swatted at made Minah step further toward the center of everything, there were more than enough people in comparison to the mages that were left so she was going to step toward what was going to be left. Single minded though she did again glance back at her husband, as was her habit, only a small look before her long legs were eating up ground and she was coming
(08:32:11 pm) <+Minah> 6up into the range of this Father person. Swords up and her eyes on whatever it was Cherry had done to the man with the weave of vines, Derick was already there attacking him but she put herself into the fight as well, standing out of the man's way and just keeping her guard up while swinging swords toward the Father's throat and stomach areas in dual strikes.
(08:32:35 pm) * +Matty-C seeing the mages dealt with charges toward the ruins and from there the gem. He reaches to his side and removes a cavelry axe wich he hefts above his head before swinging down with enough force to hew stone or steel hoping to have an impact.
(08:33:09 pm) <+Cherry> There was a twinge of saddness whenever the Father didn't even have the balls to respond to her.. THE AUDACITY! She was being nice and asking first, but seeing as how he wanted to attempt to swat her away and be a meany mc meany head, well.. She could play that game too! Plus.. he was bad.. So it wasn't really stealing.. Was it? "FIiiiiiiiine then." Thhhhhbbbtt! Raspberries blown as
(08:33:10 pm) <+Cherry> she started to sing this pretty little diddy.. A song that not only soothed her senses, but also one that allowed a bit magicy goodness to sweep through the clearing.. It was definitely a mind affecting one.. Something that was almost soothing to the soul and quite the OPPOSITE of all that tained evill attempting to seep into her pores.. It was wierd to her how she could feel the
(08:33:10 pm) <+Cherry> malivent thing as if it was actually a living breathing, pulsing entity, but she didn't dare dwell on that for to long! With him, hopefully, distracted by Derrick, and now Minah she would swoop in on pretty wings and attempt to take his bobble!
(08:37:25 pm) * +Kraken ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: brb)
(08:41:07 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> Luckily for Oliver, the world they were in did not have the Old Ones. Though, there were just as many evil things, and ancient gods and demons that were malicious towards mortal life. Something had poisoned this lagoon centuries ago, and its corruption poured out from this very heart. Father, and his mages, was clearly utilizing it for some other purpose. L'ylianna's --
(08:41:07 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> -- wondering what its source was would go unanswered, for no one truly knew. The Elgar had always been evil and corrupted, as far as the Arangothian neighbours knew. With the mages dispatched by the intrepid outsiders, and the Phet'kree freed from their mind control by Elwin and Matthew's crushing of the talisman totem, all that stood left was Father, harassed by --
(08:41:08 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> -- Derick's daggers, and Cherry's assault of birds aand vines. With all of those set to attack Father now that the mages were mostly dead or dying, and the Phet'kree freed, it was all that Father could do to escape. The moment Cherry's tiny fingers touched the glowing gemstone on his chest, it fell away, allowing her to take it. The man they had cornered turned and high --
(08:41:08 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> -- tailed it through the glowing green portal to escape. It shimmered, and began to shake, rattling the stones that held it up.
(08:41:20 pm) * Kraken ([email protected]) has joined #multiverse-event
(08:44:31 pm) <+{[> <Elwin> "Come along, Captain Bogstench, we're going home!" He informed Derick as he thundered by, attempting to snag up the pirate on the way for the portal. He'd leap through without further ado to head on home. Back to the Derp Cave!
(08:44:54 pm) <@Nauranor> 2 "Ask questions later, foolish child. Battles are not for talking but for action." That was the reply Robbi would get and little more. The lagoon was bubblinbg again, more and more with each body that seemed to fall within. "The portal, it is what brought you forth and one can only assume what will take you back." she said the The Group from her position in the trees. The
(08:44:54 pm) <@Nauranor> 2Phet'kree were breaking ranks and she signalled to her hunters to leave them be. She had witnessed enough here, she thought, her own arrows stopping. Finally did she leap down to the ground among them, a slim and surprisingly tall elf, red of hair though most of it had been darkened with mud, soot, and woven leaves throughout the long braid. She wore leathers in muted browns and
(08:44:54 pm) <@Nauranor> 2greys, made to blend in with the dark nature of their surroundings. "The magic is collapsing, were I you I would run." she pointed a hand to the portal, the green flickering ominously. "Unless of course you wish to stay here." And just like that, she turned her back to them and began to move among the corpses of the mages.
(08:45:36 pm) <+Derick> Derick pushed himself up, bleeding everywhere, and looking generally tired... except for that goofy and malicious smile on his face. He was snatched up, as if that was all according to plan, and went through the portal, snagging up his dagger as he went by. He wanted some rum... and bloody needed a healer.
(08:46:25 pm) <+Hunter`of`Arktos> The Hunter exhaled as he immediately began to sprint, metallic legs striding as he glided across the Lagoon and soon hurtled himself through the portal and hopefully back to the inn.
(08:46:30 pm) * +Robbi looks to the catpeople who have now ceased attacking, and drops the spear she holds as fast as she can. She looks for the others, wanting to ensure everyone (particularly Derick) is in one piece. She glances to the red-haired elf, the one who helped her. "Thank you." she says, darting off toward the others and trying to avoid the blood and guts spread across the ground.
(08:46:30 pm) * +Robbi catches up and tries to not glance down lest she find herself looking at a corpse's face. She sees what Elwin is doing, and although she hesitates, she recalls what the elf said. "This is the way back!" she calls out for anyone still uncertain, and darts through the portal. She gives Derick a concerned look as she goes - she'll have to try and fix that later on.
(08:46:34 pm) <+Misamo> <Liliana> She looked rather amused that fire was getting things to react and it just made her all the more entertained. "This is the best trip I've been on in a long time!" she laughed as she watched the one that remained with a bit of distorted glee in her eyes, like this was all just one big party and she was having a blast.
(08:46:39 pm) <+Oliver_Killian> 6A nod to Elwin and the monster-headed man nods. 14"Damn.14"6 Oh well! It was just a hope. If only! But alas. So he flips his remaining dagger again before sheathing it in an actual fun-sized scabbard because, well, poisoned and he'd have to clean it up later. 14"Well, hell.14"6 he mutters and gestures towards Minah, holds out a hand for both her and N`vek, and prances through
(08:46:39 pm) <+Oliver_Killian> 6the portal like they're the Scarecrow (him, according to his peers), the Tin Man (so Minah) and Todo (N`vek).
(08:46:41 pm) <+Katja`> Katja quickly gets down the tree and runs towards the first mage she hit, and, at Nauranor's words, she starts to leave, dragging the mage with her. There must be time still. Time enough. She did want to have fun, after.
(08:46:49 pm) * +Matty-C charges after Father into the portal, sowing his axe as it melts back into his leg.
(08:46:50 pm) * +L`ylianna would have stayed, but given how the universe works, could she even be sure this was HER Arangoth? For all she knew there could be another of her here. She sighed, and made a run for the portal. She could only pray things worked themselves out.
(08:49:00 pm) <Kraken> 6Gets the scottie? Come on! Fine, into the basket with N`vek and hopefully home through that portal!
(08:49:06 pm) <+Minah> When what she was going after was gone, Minash stood still and fixed like a point on a map, turning toward Oliver with her hand already being held out to him as though she knew he was coming, swords slicked into their sheaths and tucked away for the next time they were going to be needed. On through the portal, off to see the next damned wizard and hoping that this wizard didn't
(08:49:07 pm) <+Minah> 6turn out to have a grudge against sassy talking pirates with a nack for getting them tangled up into crazy things.
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(08:50:26 pm) <+Cherry> When that gem came falling from the Father's chest, she went to squealing in absolute delight, and truthfully she didn't care that he was suddenly attempting to flee like a pathetic animal tucking its tail between its legs.. All she cared about was that pulsing green gem! "Mine!" She cried out in triumph.. Small body shizzing. curling around it.. huggling it close to her trim tummy
(08:50:27 pm) <+Cherry> she could carry it through the portal.. I mean really, she was in a happy daze currently and likely would have walked right into the puddle of vile ickyness if that is where everyone else was going.. Sheep mentality, gotta love it!
(08:50:34 pm) <@Nymph[GM]> The magic of the collapsing archway would bring all of them back to the Multiverse. For the natives of this world, they were left there, the corruption of the Black Lagoon still seething and pulsating like a dark, beating heart.
(08:51:09 pm) * +Hunter`of`Arktos ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: Then there was one less.)
(08:51:11 pm) * Nymph[GM] is now known as Nymphetamine
(08:51:37 pm) <@Nauranor> She would see what she could find, if anything, on the bodies of those left behind. Beyond that though, well, Mazewood would have to be warned and she supposed that would mean a trip to Drache as well.

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