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1  dragonwielder
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Yesterday 9:13pm<Aldenaxk> can't be natural.
9:26pm<Aldenaxk> He nods. "Ya two seem to have catching up to do. I'd hate to slow things, so I'll get outta yer hair for now." He grins, tilting his head to the side to pop his neck. It is obvious he's afraid of being a bother. So he begins making his way back to the porch to sit down.
9:49pm<Aldenaxk> He shrugs, deciding he's got nothing better to do, and follows them. Though he seems silent at the moment. "I'll buy if you both prefer." He says, and looks to Ailova, a brow raised. "First time experiencing this eh? Such variety? You'll get used to it. Don't worry." He grins widely.
Last talked: 10 Aug 11:03pm
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10 Aug 11:03pm<Ianthe> -- "What would you do without me?" she simply intones in a croon before she takes another rather inelegantly large bite of her sandwhich and grows quiet so that she might chew. Ianthe would watch the exchange with a faint smile of her own, only to cast a glance toward Braxvan and offer a smile and a slight shake of her head to insinuate that they were both being silly. "Perhaps your --
11:03pm<Ianthe> -- luck in fishing was not bad, but it was just a push to set you in the right direction," she suggests with a slow roll of her shoulders to help her relax against the crate. "You can earn coin at a job like this enough to hold you over during low times. Or you may find that you have more of a taste for jobs on land. Might as well test the waters."
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 I rule with an iron fist.
Team: Wolfodile
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10 Aug 9:59pm<Isabelle> -- be caught sneaking through the fortress.
10:22pm<Isabelle> "Goodnight, Arrow." Her mind would be preoccupied with him this evening. Eventually, she would turn to the library, call upon her resources, summon up what information she could about him. What he was, who he was... all questions that needed answers. She departed the inner rooms, and moved to an outer room in the suite so she could begin penning her missives for the coming day.
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5 Infern
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6 Aug 8:42pm<Infern> There's a gnoll around the marketplace that has just finished his usual routine. Courier job, followed by looking around the marketplace for anything he may find interesting to buy, then head back to the inn. He took a bit longer than usual in the marketplace today, but is finished nontheless and his route is currently leading him from marketplace to inn.
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Team: Barnacle Clan
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10 Aug 1:46pm<Gurid`Shetezlash> killed then used for food and leather since no one could say for sure if theyd be a threat to Korthai babies. It wasnt going to be left to chance to find out the hard way. The nesting grounds were pillaged for eggs and a warehouse was designated as a new hatchery. Korthai with animal husbandry skills, of which there werent many, were assigned the task of incubating the eggs then raising the hatchlings by...
1:46pm<Gurid`Shetezlash> largest of the flying lizards had a wingspan (wingtip to wingtip) of 20ft, and so they were actually too small to be used by average height Korthai. However, with the assimilated technologies and magic the Korthai use, a breeding program to increase the size of the flying lizards begins. There was going to be a return on investment for the families that bankrolled this place, somehow, and even now the Council...
1:46pm<Gurid`Shetezlash> were putting in more of their personal funds to keep the island running. Revenue likely hinged on making these flying lizards more valuable.
Last talked: 10 Aug 3:22pm
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10 Aug 3:22pm<Ayanula> Hydek Tuseell had been at his desk when a man approached his office with a gentle rap upon the door. The Resident Minister glanced up and nodded for him to enter. Without a word, the gentle footsteps led him to the official's desk, where he'd simply hand over a sealed letter. Hydek accepted it and broke the familiar seal, only to read the contents. His eyebrows furrowed out of confusion, to --
3:22pm<Ayanula> -- which his response was simply to place the letter down carefully on his desk and ofter a subtle nod to the man before he turned and left. Without dialogue, the letter and it's delivery seeming explain themselves all in one order. The Resident Minister nervously combed his fingers along his mustache and leaned back, thinking deeply to himself about the state of affairs that would result from this --
3:22pm<Ayanula> -- information.
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Team: Jacob
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9 Pig
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10 Kestrel
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#BDI*Outside's short line writers

  Nick Line Count Random Quote
1 dragonwielder  23 "?""
2 Riddy  11 "(brb)"
3 Gudrun  6 "-is))"
4 Nymphetamine  5 "-- ."
5 Kestrel  5 "brb)"
6 Luke`  3 "?""
7 Lucidaer  3 "Fel*"
8 Lliirune  3 "-- ."
9 TheOtherOne  3 "(GN)"
10 Shayde  2 "you?""

Big Numbers

Kestrel liked showing off, giving 1226 self-descriptions.
 19 Apr 4:01pm * Kestrel folded the letter and tucked it into her shirt. She would give it to Uther and see what he thought...they should be set sailing any day now and the note from the Lord Protector had given her the clue as to where those files went. Grainne was as livid as a venomous snake with a case of the itchy scales. Hence the reason why Kestrel was so far from the wharf district. She had stopped by the shop to see Uther...
TheOtherOne was uncertain about many things - 40% of lines contained a question.

Riddy was almost as bad, having a question ratio of 35%.

dragonwielder forgot to turn off the CAPS-lock, writing 21 lines in CAPS.
 30 Jul 6:13pm <Aldenaxk> "IT'S GOING TO BE RAINING BLOOD."
January was unsure where to put the full stop, averaging 336 letters per line.

(typically people used 250 letters per line in #BDI*Outside)

#BDI*Outside's multiple-personality disorder sufferers (still haven't found the best one, Gudrun...)
Gudrun22 Nicks Gudrun(27%), Nadalenn`Dekhal(16%), Hurnuth`Galgarek(10%), Kenzen`Darod(6.6%), Belekhmaa(6.5%), Perldosia`Quarek(5.6%), Cnidaryx(5.1%), Raonull`Conmara(4.8%), Valkanxa`Runik(2.6%), Papa`Roach(2.3%), Naedys(2.2%), Selixe`Quarothek(2.0%), Mr_Security(1.7%), Maumet(1.5%), Gurid`Shetezlash(1.2%), Valkanxa(1.2%), Perlrossa(1.0%), Rat`King(0.9%), Yam(0.7%), Dorn(0.1%), Gudnight(0.1%...
Pig20 Nicks Pigasus(29%), Pig(19%), Pigasux(11%), Tobin(7.3%), Pigmalion(5.1%), Alim`Kassad(4.4%), Markham(4.1%), Pigatron(3.6%), Ware`Severn(3.2%), Andrenas(3.2%), Tannhauser(3.0%), Spyridon(1.8%), Pigmobile(1.4%), Sean`Macmillan(1.2%), Hespertide(1.0%), Porkchop(0.3%), Sexy`Mindflayer`Guy(0.1%), Kassad(0.0%), Piggo`Mortensen(0.0%), Piggers(0.0%)
Kestrel13 Nicks Kestrel(68%), Annabella(8.4%), Grainne(4.8%), Sphinx(4.4%), Ocean(3.3%), Noire(3.0%), Nayt`Rothche(2.8%), Israel(1.4%), Altae(1.1%), Kestrel`(1.1%), Vacant(0.6%), Kestrel_(0.5%), Olivia`(0.2%)
Nymphetamine12 Nicks Nymphetamine(38%), Isabelle(22%), Siraz`jah(14%), Rix(8.9%), Senkessa(8.8%), Ianesene(2.1%), Eliya(1.4%), Nesira(1.4%), Velcretia(0.9%), Azar(0.9%), Nymphetamobile(0.1%), Nymphetamaple(0.0%)
Ayanula11 Nicks Ayanula(43%), Soleen`Nuladi(21%), Aleah`Dryksson(13%), Veera`Sonett(6.5%), Sajaad`Talaes(5.0%), Idelle`Habri(4.3%), Veera(4.2%), Mortan(1.8%), Mortan`(0.3%), Ayanula2(0.0%), Aya`AFKya(0.0%)

Friends in #BDI*Outside

(they really like talking to each other...)

3 InfernKestrel
5 KestrelLuke`
6 InfernAzalea
9 Adaliz
10 dragonwielder

Active day counts

Most days active

  Nick Number of days percentage
1 Infern  93
2 Riddy  89
3 dragonwielder  88
4 Gudrun  67
5 Kestrel  67
6 Nymphetamine  61
7 Lliirune  57
8 Shayde  54
9 Azalea  53
10 Trace  50
11 Luke`  46
12 Ayanula  43
13 Uzzo  41
14 Pig  39
15 Ravyn  33
16 Alexx  31
17 LayTrayin  31
18 Jayne  25
19 January  24
20 Jammy  24

Most consecutive days active
  Nick Number of days At Currently
1 Kestrel  25 28 Mar - 21 Apr 2018
  Last active 3 weeks ago (16 Jul 2018)
2 Infern  12 6 Mar - 17 Mar 2018
  Last active 5 days ago (6 Aug 2018)
3 Adaliz  10 6 Jul - 15 Jul 2018
  Last active 2 weeks ago (24 Jul 2018)
4 Luke`  8 4 Apr - 11 Apr 2018
  Last active 2 months ago (18 May 2018)
5 Pig  8 26 Mar - 2 Apr 2018
  Last active 5 weeks ago (1 Jul 2018)
6 dragonwielder  7 19 Jul - 25 Jul 2018
  Currently 5 days active
7 Alexx  7 25 Mar - 31 Mar 2018
  Last active 4 months ago (6 Apr 2018)
8 Riddy  7 20 Jul - 26 Jul 2018
  Last active 3 days ago (8 Aug 2018)
9 Gudrun  7 25 Mar - 31 Mar 2018
  Currently 2 days active *
10 Nymphetamine  6 31 Jul - 5 Aug 2018
  Currently 1 days active *
11 Aine  5 3 Feb - 7 Feb 2018
  Last active 5 months ago (11 Mar 2018)
12 Ayanula  5 24 Jun - 28 Jun 2018
  Currently 1 days active *
13 Azalea  5 31 Mar - 4 Apr 2018
  Currently 1 days active
14 TheOtherOne  4 31 Mar - 3 Apr 2018
  Currently 1 days active
15 devilpants  4 9 Mar - 12 Mar 2018
  Last active 4 months ago (4 Apr 2018)
16 Shayde  4 27 Jun - 30 Jun 2018
  Last active 3 days ago (8 Aug 2018)
17 Lliirune  4 18 Apr - 21 Apr 2018
  Currently 3 days active *
18 Ty  4 15 Jul - 18 Jul 2018
  Currently 1 days active *
19 Shentino  4 4 Feb - 7 Feb 2018
  Last active 4 months ago (15 Mar 2018)
20 Turbokid  4 31 Mar - 3 Apr 2018
  Last active 4 months ago (9 Apr 2018)

Activity distribution

9/2017 - 8/2018

Lines per day Number of days
1 (0.3%)
1 (0.3%)
0 (0%)
0 (0%)
1 (0.3%)
1 (0.3%)
0 (0%)
5 (1.4%)
4 (1.2%)
13 (3.8%)
40 (12%)
52 (15%)
75 (22%)
70 (20%)
64 (19%)
18 (5.2%)

Average line lengths

Line length Count Nicks
320.. 6 January(336), Sanjiv(334), Nymphetamine(329), Turbokid(324), Uzzo(...
300..319 6 Karras(315), Lliirune(315), Shayde(310), Kothliim(307), Gudrun(306), ...
280..299 0 -
260..279 6 devilpants(278), Phoebe(277), Alexx(277), Pig(276), Jarrod(262), Aya...
240..259 1 Jill_the_Ripper(259)
220..239 3 Ravyn(236), Trace(236), Kestrel(222)
200..219 0 -
180..199 4 Jayne(195), Luke`(190), Infern(185), GirlElf(181)
160..179 5 Riddy(174), LayTrayin(168), Aine(166), TheOtherOne(163), Adaliz(163)
..159 2 dragonwielder(134), Azalea(126)

Not displaying nicks with less than 100 lines

#BDI*Outside's popular words

Count Word Last used by At
3985 "would" Selestia Yesterday 9:33pm
3496 "There" Selestia Yesterday 9:53pm
2704 "about" Selestia Yesterday 9:53pm
2207 "could" Ailova Yesterday 9:09pm
2184 "before" Selestia Yesterday 8:58pm
2032 "Though" dragonwielder Yesterday 9:49pm
1766 "woman" Lliirune 10 Aug 9:36pm
1702 "their" Selestia Yesterday 9:53pm
1604 "around" Selestia Yesterday 8:41pm
1497 "still" Ailova Yesterday 9:24pm

Frequently mentioned nicks:
Count Word Last used by At
820 "" Nymphetamine 3 Aug 8:24pm
745 "" Ty 10 Aug 10:12pm
584 "Kestrel" Nymphetamine 10 Aug 6:23pm
486 "" Gudrun 27 Jul 4:11pm
412 "dragonwielder" Ailova Yesterday 9:24pm

Who uses the most words that no-one else uses?
Count Nick Randomly selected sample (amount)
91 Nymphetamine "arrayed"(11), "Outed"(4), "bloomed"(10), "faery"(3), "acorn"(3), "Eiren"(3), "faking"(3), ...
90 Lliirune "petaled"(13), "neccessary"(18), "chrome"(3), "glinting"(7), "verdant"(3), "corsets"(3), ...
75 Gudrun "Fionn"(11), "canoe"(3), "cusped"(6), "moors"(3), "cinches"(3), "Guranno"(3), "falchion"(6), ...
56 Adaliz "A-and"(65), "c-can"(17), "L-like"(10), "Laius"(3), "a-are"(5), "s-see"(4), "E-even"(6), ...
43 Uzzo "sites"(5), "aptly"(3), "thorn"(3), "masons"(4), "gander"(4), "mining"(3), "plentiful"(11), ...
38 Ayanula "pried"(7), "saber"(5), "ensued"(6), "strut"(3), "nephew"(4), "Reload"(3), "snitch"(3), ...
29 January "salmon"(17), "Frida`"(10), "brudda"(10), "thawb"(6), "Marcia`"(11), "Altuni"(7), "mossy"(3), ...
28 Pig "gland"(4), "gouged"(4), "Varnin"(4), "hearse"(3), "cinder"(3), "gouging"(4), "livened"(3), ...
28 Shayde "durin"(5), "Delann"(6), "Willy"(3), "Tlank"(3), "liken"(3), "Sittin"(5), "banish"(4), "lettin"(4), ...
24 dragonwielder "wands"(6), "kiraas"(9), "fishin"(6), "sloop"(3), "thatll"(6), "Yknow"(3), "najiir"(6), ...

These pairs like to talk in their own special language
Count Nicks Randomly selected sample (amount)
56 Lliirune and Nymphetamine "cater"(4), "specks"(7), "maimed"(3), "racist"(3), "newness"(3), "tresses"(3), ...
42 Lliirune and Gudrun "Gessipir"(24), "falcon"(12), "downy"(6), "splay"(3), "purge"(3), "Vyllia"(5), "impose"(4), ...
41 Nymphetamine and Gudrun "Thelassian"(20), "vigor"(3), "agents"(4), "choked"(4), "raider"(3), "eleven"(3), "relics"(3), ...
39 Nymphetamine and Pig "caress"(8), "studs"(4), "gleam"(4), "modern"(4), "tumblers"(8), "gallery"(3), "dearest"(3), ...
35 Gudrun and Uzzo "terrace"(13), "Elaphe"(7), "seals"(4), "mooring"(9), "voiced"(4), "Mashriq"(4), "Sildreki"(7), ...
34 Nymphetamine and Shayde "athame"(20), "Nexke"(16), "Alaford"(16), "solar"(3), "Nixke"(3), "runnin"(5), "cuttin"(4), ...
32 Nymphetamine and Uzzo "harbour"(28), "labour"(13), "vassals"(11), "rumours"(8), "tracts"(5), "favoured"(10), ...
29 Nymphetamine and Ayanula "Sandor"(6), "tailed"(3), "pouted"(3), "vetted"(3), "digress"(5), "Stowing"(4), "intrigued"(10), ...
29 Nymphetamine and January "knitted"(11), "nurse"(4), "creamy"(6), "amuse"(3), "awoke"(3), "porcelain"(14), ...
25 Gudrun and Shayde "Templar"(30), "clergy"(12), "Rowing"(6), "hauls"(3), "skitter"(9), "strive"(3), "chorus"(3), ...

Fresh and popular words
  Word First used by At
1 "Cybil"(51) dragonwielder 24 Jun 7:31pm
2 "Phoebe"(93) Gudrun 21 Jul 5:15pm
3 "shits"(5) Gudrun 18 Jun 2:25pm
4 "windy"(6) Lliirune 23 Jun 3:26pm
5 "Saucy"(4) Nymphetamine 3 Aug 6:38pm
6 "grate"(5) Gudrun 10 Jul 9:55pm
7 "wives"(4) Shayde 30 Jun 12:58pm
8 "soured"(5) Lliirune 13 Jun 7:13pm
9 "subdued"(6) Jarrod 25 Jun 7:06pm
10 "bouncer"(5) dragonwielder 26 Jun 8:49pm

Special words by time of day
  Hours 12am-6am Hours 6am-12pm Hours 12pm-6pm Hours 6pm-12am
1"rogues"(3)"Marcia"(59) "slash"(13)"forearm"(27)
2"Tagrana"(4)"cheeses"(14) "string"(13)"cells"(18)
3"hell-plane"(3)"magma"(3) "painting"(26)"button"(15)
4 "cubic"(3) "momentum"(14)"flips"(12)
5 "twigs"(4) "lunge"(18)"Cybil"(51)
6 "thawb"(6) "solely"(8)"ferret"(33)
7 "mauve"(4) "lumber"(12)"candy"(14)
8 "morgue"(4) "lookout"(8)"trash"(14)
9 "Marcia`"(11) "bounds"(7)"maker"(9)
10 "factly"(3) "theme"(6)"mounts"(8)

Special words by day of week
  Monday Tuesday -
Friday Saturday -
1"lunge"(18)"sipping"(24) "raced"(7)"arrows"(37)
2"shaft"(10)"spicy"(14) "Olivine"(34)"button"(15)
3"cudgel"(6)"nomad"(17) "movin"(3)"Xayah"(229)
4"artery"(3)"sober"(11) "pawed"(3)"uncle"(29)
5"folder"(3)"ferret"(33) "modify"(3)"shaman"(59)
6"sobered"(3)"trash"(14) "sweetie"(6)"cannon"(22)
7"chorus"(3)"cobble"(14) "Sadie"(6)"charred"(15)
8"sadistic"(7)"couatl"(19) "brudda"(10)"sweets"(14)
9"compass"(6)"caravan"(13) "Mazzy"(5)"hovel"(14)
10"readin"(3)"mocking"(12) "Inumidan"(9)"shanty"(12)

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Yesterday 8:01pmhttps://i.pinimg.com/originals/13/fb/a5/13fba5dd6d08cef4c55d5533e1a88787.pngdragonwielder
2 Aug 8:17pmhttp://blkdragon.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=72&t=1346Riddy
14 Jul 7:14pmhttps://imgur.com/a/WwOmJMR
 First mentioned by Adaliz on 14 Jul 1:25pm.
12 Jul 1:12amhttps://imgur.com/a/CZfeHTYAdaliz
10 Jul 9:49pmhttps://imgur.com/a/IWKqaUfAdaliz
9 Jul 9:45amhttp://www.blkdragon.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=59&t=1298Gudrun
4 Jul 10:41pmhttps://www.pinterest.com/pin/364158319854595466/
 First mentioned by Jammy on 24 Jun 7:29pm.
23 Jun 3:30pmhttps://imgur.com/unxPDtOLayTrayin
18 Apr 4:33pmhttps://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/eaNikNASKestrel
31 Mar 5:01pmreports.wbRiddy
22 Mar 10:35amhttps://image.ibb.co/kD44om/Drache_Wharf_Blueprints01.jpgGudrun
16 Mar 4:00pmhttps://imgur.com/a/FQUDqKestrel
9 Mar 7:36pmhttp://www.blkdragon.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=1266Nymphetamine
 First mentioned by Turbokid on 6 Mar 8:26pm.
1 Mar 12:31pmhttps://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/2oIVUu5a/1519936305.JPGdragonwielder
28 Feb 4:23pmhttps://goo.gl/sa7UfwTurbokid
1 Feb 8:43amhttps://i.pinimg.com/originals/fa/0a/e7/fa0ae7b84ebaee9b35b385db25f38424.jpg
 First mentioned by dragonwielder on 18 Jan 5:40pm.
29 Jan 10:47amhttps://i.pinimg.com/originals/34/79/37/3479378714135fd7b4262b6bffb28ab0.jpgdragonwielder

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18 Jan 6:14pmhttps://img00.deviantart.net/50aa/i/2008/024/f/5/couatl_by_prodigyduck.jpgdragonwielder
26 Dec 2017 6:06pmhttps://militaryantiquesmuseum.com/img/Product76355.jpgdragonwielder
23 Nov 2017 6:52pmhttps://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/siAfDVqD/image.JPGdragonwielder
5 Nov 2017 9:15pmblame.WeRiddy
1 Oct 2017 4:58pmhttps://i.pinimg.com/236x/59/b0/26/59b026ba0c7afa08726ce558cb38eb55--blac...dragonwielder
23 Sep 2017 3:13pmhttps://i.pinimg.com/736x/98/1f/f9/981ff9f4dd6b5ba7ef38df715252493a.jpg
 Used 2 times.
22 Aug 2017 4:37pmhttp://www.blkdragon.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=1160Nymphetamine
16 Jul 2017 9:07pmhttps://shontell.me/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/WSZYSTKO-NA-A2.pngdragonwielder
7 Jul 2017 10:44pmhttps://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/89/b7/f5/89b7f5c5e6f6f28890af...dragonwielder
3 Jun 2017 3:48pmhttps://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/6b/d1/5d/6bd15d4232d2b4d041ece...dragonwielder
16 Mar 2017 6:03pmhttps://dncache-mauganscorp.netdna-ssl.com/thumbseg/1379/1379285-bigthum...dragonwielder
21 Feb 2017 9:02amhttp://t08.deviantart.net/K530Dy8mtbWvmHIc7r4Noqt63XY=/fit-in/700x350/filters...dragonwielder
3 Feb 2017 6:03amhttps://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/da/50/cd/da50cdaf5413a3259fef41...
 Used 2 times.
4 Nov 2016 12:01pmstick.itRiddy

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