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1  dragonwielder
Last talked: 13 May 4:01pm
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2 Infern
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Yesterday 12:43pm<Infern> Aximiam is back in town for a bit, teleporting from his trip to buy some food, check on acquaintances/friends, etc. Also to make sure Oriana hasn't destroyed his place while he was gone.
12:50pm<Infern> Aximiam seems a bit weirded out that this guy went so direct, but he must have noticed that he was looking for food. "Sure, I'll check it out. where is it?"
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 I rule with an iron fist.
Team: Wolfodile
Last talked: 18 May 4:15pm
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18 May 4:15pm<Nymphetamine> This was definitely unexpected. As someone who was unused to being refused, she stared at him in this mild surprise for a moment or two longer as she realized what he was doing. His dismissal was quite obvious, there was no mistaking it. Her mind ran through all of the various possibilities, none of which were the abrupt termination of his life. A smile touched her face, indulgent and quietly amused as she...
4:15pm<Nymphetamine> -- rose from her seat with graceful elegance. "How disappointing you are, Vorfon Lunnesburg. I want so little." The woman walked softly to the door, trailing shadows and the whispers of the abyss in her wake. Pausing before him, she studied him, eyes full of plans that were already unfolding in her mind. Isabelle cut her palm with his dagger, bleeding shadow. The athame was offered back to him...
4:15pm<Nymphetamine> -- first, dark blood clinging to its blade. "If you change your mind, you know how to find me. I do hope that you'll reconsider." She could offer him so much. She turned to depart through the open door. Unless he were to stop her, or offer some final quip or such, she would soon fade into the night and disappear.
Last talked: 18 May 9:53pm
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18 May 9:53pm<Riddy> <Drama> "A reasonable nuber," Drama tells him. She leaves it at that, too - a reasonable enough number of people.
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Yesterday 11:55pm<Ianthe> * The shaman is afforded a rather teasing smile as he nudges her with his shoulder, his massive size making him almost her exact height while kneeling. A snort responds to his question, even as she rewards him with a grin of her own. "Fierce, indeed... And I am a creature born to be stationery, Koz. Yet I will follow you as you wish." She had no real conception of marriage and --
11:55pm<Ianthe> -- children, or the fact that he actually had been meaning such a thing. There were certain things that simply did not really occur to the woman. Still, she lifts her hand from his shoulder so that she might return to moving, her shoulders rolling and hatchets drawn so that she might practice a few movements with them. It felt better than to be so still as they had while flying, after all. "I --
11:55pm<Ianthe> -- have spent my whole life surrounded by a single stadium. I am excited to see more of the world."
6 Pig
Last talked: 9 May 7:50pm
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Team: Barnacle Clan
Last talked: 19 Apr 8:05pm
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19 Apr 8:03pm<Raonull`Conmara> alone after that.
8:05pm<Raonull`Conmara> "It's been a nice chat," he says as he stands. Thus he leads the way out, takes her as far as the gate like he said, then waves her good bye.
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8 January
Last talked: 19 Apr 1:49pm
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19 Apr 1:43pm* Tove`Tyleo covered her mouth as she began to laugh at Ailara; the cat woman looked ADORABLE in the little straw hat. "Oh goodness I'm gonna have to have one of the old ladies make you a hat soon, you'll need it working this summer." With that, Tove turned towards deeper water and smoothly moved before the surface. She resurfaced some ways away, auburn hair slicked back. "COLD!" She...
1:49pm* Tove`Tyleo squeaked in surprise when wrapped up in the hug, but gladly accepts it, wrapping her arms around the woman's muscled shoulders. She took advantage of her buoyancy in the water to wrap her legs around Ailara's waist. "You know, I actually -could- spin your fur into wool. I've done it with one of our fluffy cats before. Makes the softest yarn besides lamb's yarn..." Tove looked like she was serious!
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9 Kestrel
Last talked: 11 May 11:44am
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11 May 11:38am<Ocean> Cora watched the woman jog by her and then back by her. She wondered why the woman was doing that..who would run deliberately through town for the fun of it?
11:44am<Ocean> Cora tilted her head slightly as she is used to being ignored, and not looked at..half orc's were not exactly looked upon as citizens..she nodded instead of smiling back at the human woman.
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Team: Prettiest Princess
Last talked: 6 Apr 4:44pm
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Received a kicking 1 times
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6 Apr 4:44pm<Alexx> "I'm confident your organization is sufficiently equipped to deal with whatever problems might arise." He sipped his tea again and nodded his head. "Funding it is, then. Let us perhaps consider this the opening negotiation for a much longer term business relationship. Ten thousand Crown, in local currency, gems, bank writ, or equivalent spellcasting service. A thirty five percent
4:44pm<Alexx> deposit paid to secure the service, with the remainder to be paid in full upon delivery."
6:32pm*** Alexx was kicked by Murphy (Banned: Wishing you all the best finding another RP.)

Big Numbers

Kestrel liked showing off, giving 1165 self-descriptions.
 11 Mar 9:13pm * Kestrel to. It doesnt change your race. It doesnt change the fact I am what I was born as..it doesnt change what Madrae did to me. It just means that I have chosen to be what I feel I need to be, what I feel is right for me. " she stood toe to toe with him.."And..what if..Uther we have cubs. What then..they be born in to the Odan.." her nose wrinkled..in such a way a snarl came across it. "Id eat
The loudest one was Riddy with yell percentage of 23%!

Jarrod followed closely with 19% yells!

TheOtherOne was uncertain about many things - 39% of lines contained a question.

Infern was also looking for answers with a question ratio of 35%.

Uzzo didn't have anyone to talk to and performed 21 monologues (writing over 5 lines in a row).

Nymphetamine also liked talking to themself - caught on camera 17 times.

#BDI*Outside's multiple-personality disorder sufferers (they just couldn't find the right one...)
Pig19 Nicks Pigasus(29%), Pig(19%), Pigasux(11%), Tobin(7.4%), Pigmalion(5.2%), Alim`Kassad(4.5%), Markham(4.2%), Pigatron(3.6%), Andrenas(3.2%), Ware`Severn(3.2%), Tannhauser(3.1%), Spyridon(1.8%), Sean`Macmillan(1.3%), Hespertide(1.0%), Porkchop(0.3%), Sexy`Mindflayer`Guy(0.1%), Piggo`Mortensen(0.0%), Piggers(0.0%), Kassad(0.0%)
Gudrun13 Nicks Gudrun(19%), Belekhmaa(14%), Perldosia`Quarek(12%), Cnidaryx(10%), Kenzen`Darod(10%), Raonull`Conmara(10%), Hurnuth`Galgarek(6.7%), Naedys(4.7%), Mr_Security(3.7%), Perlrossa(2.2%), Maumet(2.2%), Selixe`Quarothek(2.2%), Yam(1.4%)
Kestrel12 Nicks Kestrel(70%), Annabella(9.1%), Grainne(5.2%), Ocean(3.5%), Noire(3.2%), Nayt`Rothche(3.0%), Israel(1.5%), Sphinx(1.3%), Kestrel`(1.2%), Vacant(0.7%), Kestrel_(0.5%), Olivia`(0.2%)
dragonwielder11 Nicks Aldenaxk(64%), Nicholas`(9.6%), Nicholas(6.8%), dragonwielder(6.6%), Jerichoni(3.9%), Aldenaxk`(3.4%), Neakas`(2.0%), Jeffrey(1.6%), Jeffrey`(1.1%), slepwielder(0.1%), Joravekol(0.1%)
Azalea11 Nicks Iyben(34%), Cherry(18%), {(15%), Obsidian_Dragon(11%), Linora(5.4%), Justin_Scorch(5.0%), Azalea(3.6%), Zarick(2.3%), Tavika_Voltaire(1.8%), Obsidian_Dragon_(1.4%), Obsidian_Dragon-man(0.5%)

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1 InfernKestrel
2 Luke`Kestrel
3 InfernAzalea
9 dragonwielderJanuary
10 dragonwielderKestrel

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1 Infern  81
2 Kestrel  63
3 Riddy  60
4 dragonwielder  52
5 Luke`  46
6 Azalea  40
7 Pig  37
8 Nymphetamine  35
9 Uzzo  34
10 Trace  33
11 Gudrun  32
12 Alexx  31
13 Shayde  30
14 Ravyn  29
15 Lliirune  29
16 January  24
17 Jayne  20
18 devilpants  20
19 Aine  18
20 Ayanula  17

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1 Kestrel  25 28 Mar - 21 Apr 2018
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2 Infern  12 6 Mar - 17 Mar 2018
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3 Luke`  8 4 Apr - 11 Apr 2018
  Currently 1 days active *
4 Pig  8 26 Mar - 2 Apr 2018
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7 Aine  5 3 Feb - 7 Feb 2018
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8 dragonwielder  5 25 Feb - 1 Mar 2018
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9 Azalea  5 31 Mar - 4 Apr 2018
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10 Riddy  5 5 Feb - 9 Feb 2018
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11 TheOtherOne  4 31 Mar - 3 Apr 2018
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12 devilpants  4 9 Mar - 12 Mar 2018
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14 Shentino  4 4 Feb - 7 Feb 2018
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15 Uzzo  4 11 Feb - 14 Feb 2018
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16 Turbokid  4 31 Mar - 3 Apr 2018
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17 Trace  4 4 Feb - 7 Feb 2018
  Currently 1 days active
18 Ayanula  3 6 Jan - 8 Jan 2018
  Last active 2 months ago (5 Mar 2018)
19 Ravyn  3 6 Jan - 8 Jan 2018
  Last active 4 weeks ago (17 Apr 2018)
20 January  3 31 Jan - 2 Feb 2018
  Last active 4 weeks ago (19 Apr 2018)

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6/2017 - 5/2018

Lines per day Number of days
1 (0.3%)
1 (0.3%)
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2 (0.6%)
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6 (1.7%)
5 (1.4%)
15 (4.2%)
42 (12%)
56 (16%)
75 (21%)
80 (23%)
57 (16%)
11 (3.1%)

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Line length Count Nicks
320.. 4 January(336), Uzzo(325), Turbokid(324), Nymphetamine(321)
300..319 5 Karras(312), OrcDude(312), Lliirune(310), Shayde(308), Gudrun(300)
280..299 0 -
260..279 5 devilpants(278), Alexx(277), Jill_the_Ripper(277), Pig(277), Ayanula(2...
240..259 1 Jarrod(254)
220..239 3 Ravyn(236), Trace(225), Kestrel(222)
200..219 0 -
180..199 4 Jayne(193), Infern(192), Luke`(190), LayTrayin(180)
160..179 3 Riddy(172), GirlElf(167), Aine(166)
..159 3 TheOtherOne(160), dragonwielder(136), Azalea(119)

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2253 "There" Lliirune Yesterday 11:55pm
2225 "would" Lliirune Yesterday 11:40pm
1657 "about" Lliirune Yesterday 11:18pm
1339 "could" Lliirune Yesterday 11:40pm
1228 "before" Lliirune Yesterday 10:13pm
1214 "Though" Lliirune Yesterday 11:18pm
1029 "around" Lliirune Yesterday 9:25pm
960 "their" Lliirune Yesterday 10:38pm
933 "Aximiam" Infern Yesterday 12:50pm
925 "woman" Lliirune Yesterday 11:55pm

Most referred nicks:
Count Word Last used by At
511 "Kestrel" Infern 11 May 11:42am
482 "" Nymphetamine 18 May 4:15pm
324 "" Gudrun 18 Apr 8:46pm
302 "Azalea" Infern 3 May 7:04pm
247 "" Shayde 18 May 4:19pm

These people have a distinctive choice of words...
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54 Lliirune "Lunaiedae"(39), "cambric"(9), "primal"(4), "palest"(4), "ringed"(3), "etches"(3), ...
52 Nymphetamine "labratory"(21), "arrayed"(10), "suite"(4), "clams"(3), "queer"(3), "acorn"(3), "heaped"(3), ...
51 Uzzo "kilns"(6), "Palis"(4), "seals"(3), "aptly"(3), "thorn"(3), "availed"(7), "slaked"(3), "edicts"(3), ...
44 January "Pelya`"(90), "Frida`"(10), "thawb"(6), "Marcia`"(11), "mauve"(4), "Altuni"(7), "mossy"(3), ...
40 Gudrun "Fionn"(11), "flyer"(3), "cants"(3), "beige"(3), "moors"(3), "pivots"(5), "splint"(4), ...
35 Pig "Varnin"(4), "coward"(4), "hearse"(3), "modern"(3), "cinder"(3), "Pleroma"(4), "gouging"(4), ...
29 Infern "waiter"(8), "mecha"(3), "cutie"(3), "caster"(5), "Ailaras"(8), "Anaias"(4), "Ryakget"(3), ...
23 dragonwielder "shite"(8), "wager"(5), "sloop"(3), "Steak"(3), "Yknow"(3), "thatll"(6), "fishin"(6), ...
20 Ayanula "Idelle"(9), "Minister"(12), "nephew"(4), "Reload"(3), "Ademus`Crane"(33), ...
19 devilpants "worgs"(4), "Zalam"(3), "codes"(3), "ofuda"(3), "dowel"(3), "tyrant"(3), "Sihark"(3), ...

These pairs like to talk in their own special language
Count Nicks Randomly selected sample (amount)
48 Nymphetamine and Pig "Siraz"(15), "Bevil"(7), "caress"(7), "gleam"(4), "drove"(3), "whiff"(3), "shovel"(3), ...
30 Gudrun and Uzzo "Roxie"(11), "jaunt"(3), "roles"(3), "herring"(6), "mooring"(6), "aerial"(3), "terrace"(6), ...
26 Nymphetamine and Uzzo "harbour"(21), "hints"(7), "flair"(3), "missives"(10), "rumours"(7), "ascend"(3), "busily"(3), ...
25 Nymphetamine and Gudrun "Sianaach"(27), "Emshi"(6), "Thelassian"(20), "yadda"(4), "pitch"(4), "abuse"(3), ...
24 Infern and Riddy "warns"(4), "hybrid"(6), "Moody"(3), "gelato"(5), "dessert"(8), "NOODLE"(5), "casters"(7), ...
23 Nymphetamine and Shayde "Kessa"(15), "Nexke"(14), "athame"(11), "Nixke"(3), "cuttin"(4), "amazin"(3), "Perilla"(5), ...
23 Pig and Uzzo "oozes"(6), "units"(3), "whims"(3), "proxy"(3), "barges"(5), "steward"(7), "shores"(4), ...
22 Pig and Gudrun "smash"(4), "septum"(6), "Ixion"(3), "cheers"(5), "myrmidon"(10), "tattoo"(3), ...
22 Nymphetamine and January "knitted"(11), "serene"(6), "arisen"(3), "grassy"(3), "cunning"(5), "glamour"(4), ...
20 Nymphetamine and Lliirune "quirk"(4), "borne"(4), "creep"(3), "dulcet"(6), "sculpt"(4), "barest"(3), "artful"(3), ...

New popular words
  Word First used by At
1 "spaces"(5) Lliirune 15 Apr 2:15pm
2 "haste"(7) Turbokid 3 Apr 12:10am
3 "itchy"(4) Turbokid 3 Apr 2:15pm
4 "racial"(4) Alexx 5 Apr 8:24pm
5 "hefty"(3) Uzzo 8 Apr 12:09pm
6 "Harlst"(12) Shayde 15 Apr 10:11am
7 "Deyash"(5) Shayde 4 Apr 4:14pm
8 "plough"(5) Uzzo 8 Apr 11:00am
9 "whores"(3) dragonwielder 10 Apr 10:01am
10 "ponder"(3) Infern 16 Apr 8:53pm

Special words by time of day
  Hours 12am-6am Hours 6am-12pm Hours 12pm-6pm Hours 6pm-12am
1"rogues"(3)"Marcia"(59) "enemy"(30)"existed"(13)
2 "lists"(6) "crowns"(16)"ferret"(33)
3 "Auntie"(9) "wheel"(12)"flips"(10)
4 "cheeses"(14) "stage"(16)"worms"(13)
5 "magma"(3) "blush"(14)"brains"(8)
6 "cubic"(3) "files"(13)"candy"(12)
7 "wagons"(9) "string"(10)"tunnel"(10)
8 "twigs"(4) "painting"(25)"prison"(9)
9 "liver"(3) "fleet"(13)"wincing"(9)
10 "organs"(7) "dodge"(12)"trash"(8)

Special words by day of week
  Monday Tuesday -
Friday Saturday -
1"actors"(13)"storm"(26) "Olivine"(34)"rules"(19)
2"cudgel"(6)"carts"(11) "raced"(4)"arrows"(35)
3"Selixe"(24)"ferret"(33) "coach"(8)"Xayah"(229)
4"bashful"(4)"petting"(8) "liver"(3)"fired"(11)
5"Alpheus"(14)"charms"(12) "Sadie"(6)"cannon"(20)
6"Dashing"(3)"demons"(12) "Mazzy"(5)"shaman"(23)
7"folder"(3)"wipes"(6) "brudda"(10)"cannons"(28)
8"squishy"(3)"trash"(8) "Inumidan"(9)"firing"(14)
9"uneven"(3)"caravan"(12) "costly"(3)"freeze"(11)
10"sadistic"(6)"amusing"(7) "parasol"(6)"uncle"(26)

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18 Apr 4:33pmhttps://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/eaNikNASKestrel
31 Mar 5:01pmreports.wbRiddy
22 Mar 10:35amhttps://image.ibb.co/kD44om/Drache_Wharf_Blueprints01.jpgGudrun
19 Mar 7:47pmhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haramaki_Infern
16 Mar 4:00pmhttps://imgur.com/a/FQUDqKestrel
9 Mar 7:36pmhttp://www.blkdragon.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=1266Nymphetamine
 First mentioned by Turbokid on 6 Mar 8:26pm.
1 Mar 12:31pmhttps://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/2oIVUu5a/1519936305.JPGdragonwielder
28 Feb 4:23pmhttps://goo.gl/sa7UfwTurbokid
1 Feb 8:43amhttps://i.pinimg.com/originals/fa/0a/e7/fa0ae7b84ebaee9b35b385db25f38424.jpg
 First mentioned by dragonwielder on 18 Jan 5:40pm.
29 Jan 8:16pmhttps://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/iEk5ezCLInfern
 First mentioned by Infern on 29 Jan 4:03pm.
18 Jan 6:14pmhttps://img00.deviantart.net/50aa/i/2008/024/f/5/couatl_by_prodigyduck.jpgdragonwielder
26 Dec 2017 6:06pmhttps://militaryantiquesmuseum.com/img/Product76355.jpgdragonwielder
24 Dec 2017 10:49amhttps://i.pinimg.com/736x/da/50/cd/da50cdaf5413a3259fef41b975b61f68.jpgdragonwielder

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3 Nov 2017 4:44pmse-465548.charlton.irccloud.comShayde
10 Oct 2017 7:42pmhttps://i.pinimg.com/736x/6b/d1/5d/6bd15d4232d2b4d041ecebfb85ba5530--fem...dragonwielder
1 Oct 2017 4:58pmhttps://i.pinimg.com/236x/59/b0/26/59b026ba0c7afa08726ce558cb38eb55--blac...dragonwielder
11 Sep 2017 7:33pmhttps://i.pinimg.com/564x/87/63/25/876325e69367807d8be400d48c14bb70.jpgdragonwielder
22 Aug 2017 1:28pmhttps://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/fa/0a/e7/fa0ae7b84ebaee9b35b385...dragonwielder
16 Jul 2017 9:07pmhttps://shontell.me/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/WSZYSTKO-NA-A2.pngdragonwielder
7 Jul 2017 10:44pmhttps://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/89/b7/f5/89b7f5c5e6f6f28890af...dragonwielder
5 Jun 2017 10:18pmhttps://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/df/5f/4b/df5f4b33ca203d7a0fbe...dragonwielder
21 Feb 2017 9:02amhttp://t08.deviantart.net/K530Dy8mtbWvmHIc7r4Noqt63XY=/fit-in/700x350/filters...dragonwielder
19 Feb 2017 7:14pmhttp://img09.deviantart.net/50aa/i/2008/024/f/5/couatl_by_prodigyduck.jpg
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4 Nov 2016 12:01pmstick.itRiddy

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