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Yesterday 10:03pm<Mhairi> -- grace with which she begins to move through the tavern and toward the stairs a far more subtle, yet identifiable hint that she was not fully human. There was simply a fluidity to her movements that humans could rarely grasp even with decades of training. Moving up the stairs, she would continue easy conversation with the man, informing him of the room number, and even begin to tell him a bit --
10:03pm<Mhairi> -- about the city. It was a bit much to take in all at once, but they would have time in the morning to explore and get him acquainted with Drache and all of its wonders.
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Yesterday 2:54pm<Infern> "ok, that's a terrible comparison, but I won't pressure you to try and wean off of it." Aximiam decides to order dessert while they play. probably some random sweets. "how did you even find sugar in the first place? Azrael right?"
3:00pm<Infern> Eventually they'd complete the game, with the dice choosing Cherry to win. "want to head to my place or upstairs to eat the dessert?" (I gotta go to mow the lawn, using this as an opportunity to head out)
3:02pm<Infern> Aximiam nods, and offers his left hand to Cherry while holding the board games with his right. if she accepts, they'd teleport to his place.
4 Jayne
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15 Jun 9:54pm* Lilit takes a moment to fish out coins from her satchel. Before she laughs herself silly. Lilit's coins end up sat on the bartop before she drops them, as she still giggles.
10:08pm* Lilit giggles more at Larissa's comment. Although eventually, slowly, the lass gets herself under control. "Mmm. I'd chicken with pumpkin and corn. With a mead. Thank you." As she totals out the amount she's told is needed to pay, then tips atop it.
10:44pm* Lilit seems about to answer, before she senses the Raven, then the magic blooming about which she steps into without reservation.
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27 Mar 10:58am<Shentino> *extends hand with liver to the wolf*
11:01am<Shentino> Ramuki: *shrugs* fine you grumpy thing I'll eat it myself. Be that way. *and with that the liver is deposited into the fox's own mouth and swallowed whole, thyroid bobbing up and out of the way to let it pass down his throat and then gullet before vanishing into his chest. By which time the fox has lost interest in the wolf and gone to the bar, ordering himself some beans
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Team: Barnacle Clan
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15 Jun 4:46pm<Nadalenn`Dekhal> Nadalenn dips her head as she says, "Have a good evening," as Aridia gets up to leave. Her full attention turns to Elapidae, "Is that so?" She glances towards the door. "I'll keep it in mind."
4:55pm<Nadalenn`Dekhal> "Charitable, hm?" That information didn't seem to catch much interest as she idly glances over the room towards the menagerie of patrons occupying the place.
5:02pm<Nadalenn`Dekhal> Nadalenn idly sips more of the cheaper whiskey in her glass. "Yes. I arrived yesterday." At the sound of the Dusk Bell interrupting her, she suddenly knocks back the rest of her drink. "Unfortunately, I must depart. Have a pleasant evening." She pushes her empty glass across the counter for collection, stands, then walks out.
7 January
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25 May 12:38pm<Mathias`Avonia> "Perhaps you should try Marcia's Apothecary. It is in the Merchant's square... She sells a wide array of magical items that alter the appearance, some of them permanent, some temporary..." Mathias spoke up, his brows lofted at Yvette. "She even sells herbal remedies, and cosmetics as well. Her cream has helped me greatly with my scars..." He brought white fingers to the pale pink scars...
12:53pm* Mathias`Avonia had gone somewhat quiet, listening intently to what both women had to say. He finished his second beer, and stood slowly, nodding his head. "Well, I must be going. I've got some errands to run, to Marcia's, in fact." The elf smiled and bowed his head, before turning heel and heading towards the door.
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Yesterday 11:30pm<Justin Scorch> Since the man didn't dodge, the kick must have hit, and Justin was kicking pretty hard. "You better leave you whiney little s*** or I'm gunna mash your face." He gets to his feet and will step up towards Roy, with agressive intent.
11:38pm<Justin Scorch> Justin is 6' and muscled from smithy work. He isn't a little man, nor short. He'll try to slug Roy in the stomach, he also has decent reflexes and will correct his swing if Roy tries to do some side step type move. "Fight is already picked you a**hole. I was just giving you a chance to leave."
11:54pm<Justin Scorch> He takes the hit to the balls and goes down, crumpling to the floor before the fingers even reach his face, the headbutt also misses for the same reason. He gasps, clutching his balls, "Ngh.. f**k, cheap womans trick!"
 I rule with an iron fist.
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13 Jun 10:38pm<Eliya> Maumet disappeared before Eliya could respond, but the wake of her departure could be felt, rather than seen. If she had any intention of following on foot to where Maumet went, she could have easily traced the woman there. But there was no reason to stalk her. A quiet, ghosting 'good night' could be heard, projected towards the shielded Maumet in a tight thread to prevent any sorts of eavesdropping by the...
10:38pm<Eliya> -- mentally deaf. She smiled faintly to herself and reached for her bottle of whiskey, while polishing off what remained in her glass with the other. The glass was set aside and she turned for the stairs, paying little mind to Justin in his departure other than that he was alive. Time to drink alone in her room to avoid thinking about predators and corruption.
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93 Lliirune "errantly"(66), "fused"(5), "specks"(8), "taper"(3), "rasping"(8), "thimble"(8), "Silvered"(10), ...
78 January "thawb"(13), "cleft"(3), "robin"(3), "dolls"(3), "fasten"(5), "peaked"(5), "welled"(4), ...
77 Jayne "burps"(4), "wines"(3), "gemlike"(9), "Kashia"(5), "stylis"(4), "Aliara"(4), "Imarlie"(6), ...
76 Turbokid "album"(5), "lucent"(7), "gaffe"(3), "gauzy"(3), "gnomes"(4), "chitin"(3), "bullied"(4), ...
72 Gudrun "cranes"(34), "Eiren"(15), "Aquamarine"(56), "ochre"(3), "Tordas"(5), "savors"(5), ...
57 Riddy "tiered"(29), "Redlain"(945), "peopel"(15), "droops"(9), "loosk"(4), "doffs"(3), "Mommy"(3), ...
39 Pig "envoy"(3), "tripod"(3), "cavalry"(4), "firefly"(4), "surcoat"(4), "Montigo"(3), "cellars"(3), ...
37 Infern "Whatd"(5), "Woops"(5), "Danner"(8), "caster"(6), "regrow"(3), "Kashkas"(5), ...
32 Nymphetamine "Zathrak"(9), "litany"(5), "Aerial"(4), "lapsed"(3), "Rithmire"(7), "flavour"(3), "snuffed"(3), ...

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44 Gudrun and Pig "Norlin"(14), "oases"(3), "Fionn"(3), "gravity"(8), "psyche"(3), "Pharaoh"(4), "Khalars"(4), ...
38 Lliirune and Turbokid "hasty"(6), "coloring"(11), "creaks"(5), "beaded"(3), "belies"(3), "chimney"(6), "earthly"(6), ...
36 Riddy and Turbokid "pushy"(4), "museum"(6), "badass"(5), "dimple"(5), "Lotion"(3), "snatches"(6), "storing"(3), ...
33 Gudrun and Turbokid "cackles"(16), "boozy"(9), "feign"(4), "hustles"(7), "conjure"(6), "slurry"(3), "howling"(5), ...
33 Lliirune and January "creased"(15), "peruse"(10), "fronts"(3), "lipless"(5), "adverse"(4), "cruelly"(4), ...
32 Gudrun and January "quilted"(27), "slurring"(14), "umber"(4), "circlet"(10), "felted"(4), "billow"(4), "falter"(4), ...
30 Gudrun and Nymphetamine "trilled"(14), "disdain"(5), "singers"(5), "Hornath"(4), "Fareedah"(7), "tainted"(3), ...
29 Lliirune and Nymphetamine "Reugar"(44), "pallid"(11), "braced"(7), "thong"(4), "whine"(3), "chores"(6), "Droste"(4), ...
27 Riddy and Infern "trend"(4), "paces"(3), "serves"(4), "flings"(4), "lettuce"(7), "averse"(3), "Suuure"(3), ...
26 Lliirune and Gudrun "agent"(4), "tacky"(3), "etching"(8), "Purity"(3), "underside"(10), "saunter"(4), "splinted"(5), ...

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4 "Buncha"(4) Adaliz 25 May 9:22pm
5 "Mazewood"(10) Trace 1 May 7:26pm
6 "jewels"(3) Trace 5 May 7:08pm
7 "fluted"(3) Nymphetamine 23 Apr 5:04pm
8 "Virdral"(68) Shayde 25 May 4:40pm
9 "enchant"(5) Infern 30 Apr 4:00pm
10 "capacity"(6) dannerz 4 May 5:11pm

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3"bullies"(4)"sprigs"(3) "upside"(8)"forge"(15)
4"Valknessa"(19)"rabble"(3) "innate"(8)"flirt"(19)
5"pilgrim"(4)"envelope"(8) "shelf"(7)"gnoll"(37)
6"faulty"(3)"hazridi"(6) "sylph"(16)"smithy"(22)
7"Jackal"(3)"rosemary"(6) "crass"(9)"belch"(12)
8"Gaius"(3)"debris"(4) "potato"(14)"peanut"(42)
9"chocolates"(3)"guardsmen"(4) "coats"(7)"Variz"(43)
10"Rosalinde"(4)"cicada"(3) "float"(7)"scooped"(10)

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3"Taiga"(20)"legal"(14) "Virdral"(68)"Kasiah"(33)
4"Reugar"(44)"Ravynetti"(35) "Mathias"(22)"worded"(6)
5"Aerie"(7)"singer"(14) "donkey"(14)"acres"(6)
6"Mordred"(25)"sausage"(22) "Mariyan"(13)"livin"(5)
7"Aleah"(24)"Darod"(19) "bushel"(8)"orchard"(9)
8"Iliva"(4)"songs"(13) "Malec"(12)"raptor"(4)
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28 May 4:08pmhttps://imgur.com/a/EM59E
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20 May 8:31pmhttps://imgur.com/a/cbxpM
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14 May 11:28pmwere.AsMaestro D`Armi
18 Apr 9:42pmrecently.DoRiddy
16 Apr 3:13pmhttps://i.imgur.com/dGg6q3e.png
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12 Apr 7:28pmhttps://imgur.com/unxPDtOLayTrayin
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14 Mar 6:07pmhttps://goo.gl/cNE3N3Silas

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4https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/01/dd... 5dragonwielder24 Mar 2017 1:19am
5https://i.imgur.com/dGg6q3e.png 3Adaliz7 Apr 3:01pm
6https://imgur.com/a/jMO64 3Turbokid27 Mar 8:43pm
7https://imgur.com/G2LtvKK 3Turbokid17 Feb 5:41pm
8https://i.pinimg.com/736x/da/50/cd/da50cdaf5413a32... 3dragonwielder24 Dec 2017 5:58pm
9https://shontell.me/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/WSZ... 3dragonwielder30 May 2017 8:36pm

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13 Mar 5:10pmhttps://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/LahYZUN3Gareth
27 Feb 6:15pmhttps://tinyurl.com/y9suwtf8Gudrun
22 Jan 10:16amhttps://i.pinimg.com/736x/d5/50/b7/d550b77880ef93f3a370b807e0397ec2--paga...
 Used 2 times.
17 Oct 2017 3:52pmhttps://i.pinimg.com/originals/be/33/45/be33454f53cc635f46d4dc3c7e4fbd1c.jpgdragonwielder
8 Oct 2017 8:50pmhttps://orig09.deviantart.net/6c22/f/2011/131/5/1/khopesh_2_by_odinblades-d3g...dragonwielder
7 Oct 2017 9:14pmhttp://blkdragon.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=59&t=1186Nymphetamine
3 Sep 2017 2:41pmquill.HeBlackPanther
11 Aug 2017 11:33pmhttp://imgur.com/KiJZ23NRiddy
4 Jun 2017 7:56pmover.OhCallahan
28 May 2017 10:44pmhttp://www.blkdragon.com/wiki/images/5/55/Riddy-tiefling-b.pngRiddy
29 Apr 2017 7:42pmhttp://imgur.com/a/lamTeRiddy
18 Apr 2017 9:20amthick.HeCarvuscus
4 Dec 2016 6:06pmhttps://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/2Yjq8HwE/faux-wood-carving-howlin...dragonwielder
13 Nov 2016 1:13amwell.Hedragonwielder
29 Jul 2016 9:08pmhttps://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/ZMey8oqM/JEFFREYdragonwielder
18 Jul 2016 11:32pmhttps://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/UQ9lLBGc/Nicholasdragonwielder
17 Jul 2016 3:51pmnow.SoRiddy
15 Jul 2016 7:25pmhttps://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/AYJXZr5h/Carson3.jpgdragonwielder
15 Jul 2016 6:49pmhttps://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/yNvADXJ2/Nicholasdragonwielder
15 Jul 2016 4:16pmhttps://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/0G0zVTxv/Carson3.jpgdragonwielder

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