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Last talked: 5 Oct 6:49pm
Visits: 23
Status: Normal user
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Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
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5 Oct 6:47pm<Lliirune> -- home. It will be falling dark soon enough."
6:49pm<Lliirune> * A bright smile is offered to the man before she would hop from her stool and shuffle her way across the tavern toward the stable entrance. "Have a nice night, Vorfon! A pleasure to see you again. May your journey home prove safe." Another smile, and she waves over her shoulder before pushing through into the stables to ready her horse for leaving.
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Last talked: 10 Oct 9:50pm
Status: Operator
Lines: 142
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Average lines per day: 20
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Question ratio: 28%
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Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
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10 Oct 9:50pm<Ren`Aariak> -- "Good eve," she nodded before glancing towards Errok. "Speaking of which, I suppose I should retire for the evening as well. I'll be sure to start on my assignment tomorrow soon after the dawn breaks, Errok. Rest assured that I'll find your smith for you. But until then, take care and rest well." And with that, the Pangui woman with the pixie cut hair hopped off of the bar --
9:50pm<Ren`Aariak> -- counter and made her way for the door to depart for the evening.
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3 Lovan
Last talked: 7 Oct 9:19pm
Visits: 22
Status: Normal user
Lines: 121
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Average lines per day: 15
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Number of descriptions: 113
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Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
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4 Will
Last talked: 15 Sep 9:06pm
Visits: 9
Status: Normal user
Lines: 76
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Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
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5 ArseneLupin
Last talked: 7 Oct 9:11pm
Status: Normal user
Lines: 75
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Average lines per day: 75
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Question ratio: 19%
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Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
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7 Oct 9:03pm<ArseneLupin> "Yes. Luckily it rarely actually means a death. Mostly it means an abrupt end."
9:08pm<ArseneLupin> "Yeah, still never a good card to pull." He packs away the deck and gets up. "It has been a real pleasure meeting both of you, but I'm a tad tired from the road so I'm think I'm going to head in for the night."
9:11pm<ArseneLupin> He smiles at both of them. "No problem. Night." He heads up to him room to sleep
6 Suzthulhu
Last talked: 15 Sep 9:02pm
Visits: 9
Status: Voiced user
Lines: 73
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Average lines per day: 36
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Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
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7 dragonwielder
Last talked: 10 Oct 9:30pm
Visits: 56
Status: Normal user
Lines: 72
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Average lines per day: 18
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Question ratio: 33%
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Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
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Gareth Farseer
The latest lines
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Last talked: 9 Oct 9:57pm
Visits: 28
Status: Normal user
Lines: 61
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Average lines per day: 20
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Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
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The latest lines
9 Oct 9:57pm<Karadhra> I hope you get a good night's rest and find what you are looking for here in the city." She said as she stood up from the bar stool. "I think I need rest myself." She pulled the oversized hood back up over her head once more, letting the hem fall back over her eyes again. "Have a pleasant evening." And the orc would head out the door into the city streets so long as nothing else stopped...
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9 Aesghalde
Last talked: 8 Oct 5:36pm
Visits: 12
Status: Normal user
Lines: 54
Active days: 7/30
Average lines per day: 7.7
Average letters per line: 150
Number of descriptions: 110
Question ratio: 50%
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Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
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The latest lines
8 Oct 5:29pm* Aesghalde held still until the guard turned away, then rubbed at her nose and looked down.
5:36pm* Aesghalde glances to the door as it closes, her gaze dark but otherwise unreadable. Sure that he wasn't stepping back in for 'oh and one more thing' she leans toward the hearth with outstretched hands, chasing away the chill of being drenched.
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Team: Barnacle Clan
Last talked: 2 Oct 10:23pm
Visits: 1
Status: Operator
Lines: 34
Active days: 2/30
Average lines per day: 17
Average letters per line: 263
Question ratio: 32%
Exclamation ratio: 21%
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Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
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The latest lines
2 Oct 10:11pm<Lumpin`Bumbolt> orc he just met as he holds the card out to her just before she starts walking away.
10:17pm<Lumpin`Bumbolt> "Legal as a barfight!" He laughs yet again then speaks more lowly, "Who's gotta know, anyway?"
10:23pm<Lumpin`Bumbolt> Lumpin didn't halt Karadhra again and minded his business while finishing his stout.

Big Numbers

Lliirune popped in and out all the time, joining #BlkDragon*Inn 23 times during this reporting period...
#BlkDragon*Inn's multiple-personality disorder sufferers (still haven't found the best one, Ayanula...)
Ayanula4 Nicks Ren`Aariak(62%), Ayanula(21%), Hydek`Tuseell(9.9%), Xadim`Purok(7.0%)
Lliirune3 Nicks Lliirune(67%), Nylaea(20%), Ahara(12%)

Chat partners

People who talk most to each other

1 dragonwielder
2 Trace
3 Aesghalde
4 Lovan
5 AesghaldeLovan
6 Ty
7 SuzthulhuWill
8 TheOtherOneDournbrood
9 Lucidaer
10 AesghaldeTrace

Active day counts

Most days active

  Nick Number of days percentage
1 Lovan  8
2 Aesghalde  7
3 Ayanula  7
4 TheOtherOne  5
5 dragonwielder  4
6 Trace  4
7 Jammy  4
8 Lliirune  4
9 Gareth Farseer  3
10 OrcDude  3
11 Infern  3
12 Azraell  3

Most consecutive days active
  Nick Number of days At Currently
1 Aesghalde  4 1 Oct - 4 Oct 2018
  Last active 5 days ago (8 Oct 2018)
2 Lovan  4 2 Oct - 5 Oct 2018
  Last active 6 days ago (7 Oct 2018)
3 Azraell  3 19 Sep - 21 Sep 2018
  Last active 3 weeks ago (21 Sep 2018)
4 Infern  3 18 Sep - 20 Sep 2018
  Last active 3 weeks ago (20 Sep 2018)
5 Lliirune  3 3 Oct - 5 Oct 2018
  Last active 8 days ago (5 Oct 2018)
6 Ayanula  3 8 Oct - 10 Oct 2018
  Last active 3 days ago (10 Oct 2018)
7 Gareth Farseer  3 9 Oct - 11 Oct 2018
  Last active 2 days ago (11 Oct 2018)

Activity distribution

11/2017 - 10/2018

Lines per day Number of days
2 (0.6%)
1 (0.3%)
1 (0.3%)
1 (0.3%)
1 (0.3%)
7 (2.0%)
9 (2.6%)
13 (3.7%)
9 (2.6%)
12 (3.5%)
19 (5.5%)
18 (5.2%)
34 (9.8%)
40 (12%)
29 (8.4%)
37 (11%)
41 (12%)
49 (14%)
24 (6.9%)

Average line lengths

Line length Count Nicks
260.. 1 Lliirune(273)
240..259 1 Ayanula(257)
220..239 0 -
200..219 0 -
180..199 0 -
160..179 0 -
140..159 0 -
120..139 0 -
..119 1 Lovan(105)

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Popular words in #BlkDragon*Inn:

Count Word Last used by At
204 "before" Krisael 11 Oct 12:52pm
163 "would" Krisael 11 Oct 1:51pm
149 "woman" Ayanula 10 Oct 9:50pm
146 "There" Krisael 11 Oct 1:51pm
127 "about" Krisael 11 Oct 1:51pm
111 "though" Krisael 11 Oct 12:52pm
101 "again" TheOtherOne 11 Oct 12:25pm
97 "could" Krisael 11 Oct 1:51pm
91 "around" Krisael 11 Oct 1:51pm
82 "another" Krisael 11 Oct 1:35pm

These people talk in their own (strange) language...
Count Nick Randomly selected sample (amount)
30 Ayanula "cigar"(5), "sorta"(4), "posed"(3), "plucked"(9), "Veera"(3), "facial"(5), "harbor"(5), ...
27 Lliirune "tailor"(8), "lofts"(4), "spine"(3), "Vorfon"(5), "healed"(3), "absent"(3), "chimes"(3), ...
9 Suzthulhu "tears"(5), "cherry"(4), "tattoos"(4), "balcony"(3), "filling"(3), "regarded"(3), "neckline"(3), ...
5 dragonwielder "cloth"(3), "states"(3), "orjana"(3), "chuckles"(7), "Guarding"(3)
4 Krisael "Stepper"(3), "armbands"(3), "sergeant"(3), "Spells-Recruit"(3)
3 ArseneLupin "Tower"(4), "Tarot"(3), "represents"(4)
2 Gudrun "stout"(5), "swivels"(3)
2 Saega "gravity"(3), "backwards"(3)
2 Trace "Brutal"(3), "Sakashti"(3)
2 Lovan "muses"(3), "sandwich"(3)

These pairs like to talk in their own special language
Count Nicks Randomly selected sample (amount)
20 Will and Suzthulhu "frost"(12), "glove"(12), "touch"(11), "slice"(8), "goblet"(10), "peach"(6), "vines"(5), ...
12 Ayanula and Saega "brows"(7), "blonde"(8), "wrist"(4), "prior"(3), "pried"(3), "winds"(3), "vessel"(6), ...
10 Lliirune and Lovan "lunch"(10), "guards"(4), "hungry"(3), "teacher"(4), "violence"(5), "Malkraan"(4), ...
9 Lliirune and Gudrun "ivory"(5), "shifts"(4), "irises"(3), "stable"(3), "minded"(3), "silken"(3), "wharves"(4), ...
9 Lliirune and Ayanula "labor"(4), "tucked"(4), "ruffle"(4), "stables"(7), "higher"(3), "warned"(3), "tracing"(4), ...
8 Ayanula and Will "faced"(4), "caused"(4), "stated"(4), "eyeing"(3), "purely"(3), "narrowed"(3), ...
8 Lliirune and Krisael "title"(3), "rogue"(3), "saddle"(4), "riding"(4), "collar"(3), "remain"(3), "pleased"(3), ...
7 Lliirune and Will "bones"(6), "plain"(4), "wander"(3), "wished"(3), "harming"(3), "muscles"(3), ...
7 Ayanula and dragonwielder "guild"(4), "steel"(4), "gotcha"(4), "shitty"(3), "maruska"(4), "advance"(4), "vetting"(4)
6 Ayanula and Suzthulhu "noted"(7), "noise"(4), "upward"(3), "rapidly"(4), "listened"(3), "remaining"(3)

Fresh and popular words
  Word First used by At
1 "memory"(4) Lovan 5 Oct 5:38pm
2 "failed"(3) Lliirune 5 Oct 6:21pm
3 "warrior"(5) Lovan 5 Oct 5:35pm
4 "estate"(4) Gareth Farseer 9 Oct 5:34pm
5 "familiar"(4) Lovan 5 Oct 6:29pm
6 "occupants"(3) Ayanula 8 Oct 5:00pm
7 "regarding"(3) Lliirune 4 Oct 2:10pm

Special words by time of day
  Hours 12pm-6pm Hours 6pm-12am
1 "guard"(10)"turning"(25)
2 "setting"(15)"looks"(36)
3 "leans"(9)"spoke"(27)
4 "happy"(7)"haven"(13)
5 "smirk"(6)"others"(16)
6 "today"(5)"outside"(15)
7 "patrons"(10)"magic"(28)
8 "climb"(4)"looked"(38)
9 "flesh"(7)"enjoy"(12)
10 "shift"(6)"sleep"(11)

Special words by day of week
  Monday Tuesday -
Friday Saturday -
1"Armsman"(4)"guess"(15) "forge"(10)"bottle"(32)
2 "green"(13) "Petra"(19)"flute"(6)
3 "sorry"(10) "behave"(3)"manor"(6)
4 "turns"(19) "harming"(3)"breeze"(10)
5 "Young"(18) "intricate"(4)"focus"(3)
6 "maybe"(12) "spheres"(6)"sailor"(5)
7 "doing"(12) "cherry"(4)"future"(6)
8 "simply"(27) "healed"(3)"blinked"(3)
9 "large"(11) "balcony"(3)"fortune"(5)
10 "given"(10) "lightning"(3)"apologize"(4)

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At URL Nick
9 Oct 7:25pmhttps://i.pinimg.com/736x/23/ac/ab/23acab7d024c4c4da6941df8210abae0--cha...dragonwielder
9 Aug 11:36pmhttps://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/ntBAuOW2Krisael
6 Aug 10:45pmthing.HeKarras
30 Jun 7:28pmhttps://i.pinimg.com/originals/13/fb/a5/13fba5dd6d08cef4c55d5533e1a88787.pngdragonwielder
29 Jun 3:19pmradyo22.radio12345.comHayro
11 Jun 11:31pmhttp://www.blkdragon.com/wiki/index.php?title=File:Elapidae-c.png
 First mentioned by Riddy on 3 Feb.
28 May 4:08pmhttps://imgur.com/a/EM59E
 First mentioned by Turbokid on 25 Feb. Used 7 times.
20 May 8:31pmhttps://imgur.com/a/cbxpM
 First mentioned by Turbokid on 5 Apr 10:19am. Used 7 times.
14 May 11:28pmwere.AsMaestro D`Armi
18 Apr 9:42pmrecently.DoRiddy
16 Apr 3:13pmhttps://i.imgur.com/dGg6q3e.png
Used 3 times.
8 Apr 9:12amhttps://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/7lC2a0bd/1523203929.JPGdragonwielder
 First mentioned by dragonwielder on 9 Dec 2017.
2 Apr 4:31pmhttps://imgur.com/a/jMO64
 First mentioned by Turbokid on 27 Mar 8:43pm. Used 3 times.
26 Mar 8:01pmhttps://imgur.com/VOTP2wxTurbokid

Most popular URLs
  URL Count First used by
1https://imgur.com/a/cbxpM 7Turbokid5 Apr 10:19am
2https://imgur.com/a/EM59E 7Turbokid25 Feb 2:43pm
3http://img09.deviantart.net/50aa/i/2008/024/f/5/couatl... 7dragonwielder19 Feb 2017 11:17pm
4https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/01/dd... 5dragonwielder24 Mar 2017 1:19am
5https://i.imgur.com/dGg6q3e.png 3-7 Apr 3:01pm
6https://imgur.com/a/jMO64 3Turbokid27 Mar 8:43pm
7https://imgur.com/G2LtvKK 3Turbokid17 Feb 5:41pm
8https://i.pinimg.com/736x/da/50/cd/da50cdaf5413a32... 3dragonwielder24 Dec 2017 5:58pm
9https://shontell.me/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/WSZ... 3dragonwielder30 May 2017 8:36pm

20 random URLs
At URL First used by
20 Feb 1:22pmhttp://i.imgur.com/YdzaDtF.jpg
 Used 2 times.
18 Jan 1:06pmBundle.SoRiddy
8 Oct 2017 8:50pmhttps://orig09.deviantart.net/6c22/f/2011/131/5/1/khopesh_2_by_odinblades-d3g...dragonwielder
2 Oct 2017 8:43pmhttps://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/the-titans-rp-and-information/images/5/51/Pa...dragonwielder
5 Sep 2017 1:58pmhttp://blkdragon.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=72&sid=35430d30e603414f109a...Azalea
23 Aug 2017 12:00pmhttps://pastebin.com/DCKyEAyHMomoliefa Windwhisper
15 Jun 2017 10:36pmwww.win2.cn/g9Gudrun
8 Jun 2017 3:48pmhttp://i.imgur.com/rGmPtjO.jpgTrace
4 Jun 2017 7:56pmover.OhCallahan
28 May 2017 10:44pmhttp://www.blkdragon.com/wiki/images/5/55/Riddy-tiefling-b.pngRiddy
29 Apr 2017 7:42pmhttp://imgur.com/a/lamTeRiddy
4 Dec 2016 6:06pmhttps://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/2Yjq8HwE/faux-wood-carving-howlin...dragonwielder
18 Nov 2016 10:18pmhttps://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/kRbvsB1x/Carson3.jpgdragonwielder
22 Sep 2016 1:14pmhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Byz6960tWxQChanree
19 Jul 2016 1:15pmhttps://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/ogQjfTd5/Jeffreydragonwielder
18 Jul 2016 11:32pmhttps://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/UQ9lLBGc/Nicholasdragonwielder
13 Jul 2016 3:41pmhttps://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/4AX0OhQm/Carson3.jpgdragonwielder
16 Apr 2016 8:43pmsorry.ItSayge
1 Feb 2016 12:36pmhttp://nightsong.ca/lynarra3.jpg
 Used 2 times.
27 Jan 2016 9:51pmhttps://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/kQxl9T3C/Alesha_Julians.JPGAlesha Julians

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