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1  Lliirune
Last talked: Yesterday 9:44pm
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Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
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Yesterday 9:44pm<Nylaea> * Ghostly eyes alit from within turn to one of the patrons seated next to her as the woman hears her name. A sweet smile was offered to the rather drunken male at her side, that small flash of barely elongated canines seeming to make the man a bit more hesitant in his behavior. Yet still, he was speaking animatedly enough, having recognised her from when his wife had browsed through her --
9:44pm<Nylaea> -- shop only days before. Slender, though apparently muscular forearms fold as the woman's elbows come to rest upon the bar in a casual stance, her posture relaxed finally as she engages in mild conversation about the silks his wife had brought home, which had surprised him in not immediately tearing when he wore them out on the docks.
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Last talked: Yesterday 11:55pm
Visits: 129
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Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
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Yesterday 11:44pm<Riddy> <Malisha Redlain> she looks a tiny bit offended at the sudden personal question, though she certainly has to be used to it by now. "My other met someone whom she thought was human," he says, simply.
11:52pm<Riddy> <Malisha Redlain> she sees the new person enter, but doesn't seem to think anything unusual. It may take a second... "My stepfather raised me. As far as I'm concerned, he's my dad." a sniff...
11:55pm<Riddy> <Malisha Redlain> "Yeah, just... is someone wearing perfume?" the half-red asks, sniffing again and looking around.
3 Infern
Last talked: Yesterday 11:57pm
Visits: 30
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Yesterday 11:49pm<Infern> Ah, fathers side. Aximiam gets a tail wap from Oriana for being oblivious Malisha being offended, before she telepathically explains what he did wrong. And this is with Oriana half asleep on Aximiams head. Oh, sorry, I just realized how that could be rude the way and direction i suddenly changed the topic.
11:54pm<Infern> You alright? Aximiam asks Malisha at the sniff
11:57pm<Infern> Ah, thats Azalea. She usually comes in smelling good. He explains. I dont talk to her much though, so I dont know much about her other than shes nice and gives out cookies sometimes.
Team: Barnacle Clan
Last talked: Yesterday 10:37pm
Visits: 2
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Lines: 455
Days active: 18/30
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Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
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Other (2)
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Yesterday 10:27pm<Gudrun> "I think I needed to be convinced a little more," she says with a mischievous grin as she sorts what food is left, which isn't much. "I think I'm getting a little tired already. Maybe we can haul all this back home so I have snacks throughout the night." She waves a serving girl over to discuss containers or maybe bringing back dishes later. Something will be figured out. Gudrun then listens to...
10:27pm<Gudrun> "Right, right. An undershirt made of that silk would be nice," she seems to not quite understand the effort involved in making it. "We can mess around with options and sizing." When the transport of leftovers is figured out, Gudrun starts readying herself to leave, first by checking to make sure all her belongings are accounted for.
10:37pm<Gudrun> "I expect you to feed me meat pie in bed," she lets out one of her trademark cackles. Gudrun stands as he does. She'd maybe take one or two things, if he doesn't produce extra hands to carry their excess of food. She hooks an arm with his then walks out with him to their home that's not far away.
5 Shentino
Last talked: Yesterday 8:17pm
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Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
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Yesterday 2:36pm<Shentino> <Ramuki> *wagged his fluffy red tail a bit, his furry foxy face smiling as he started to eat his food. He had shelter now, easy on the shelter budget as the anthro cute-beast ate*
8:12pm<Shentino> <Ramuki> *was walking into the inn again, full foxy face out to view, his hood pulled back from his cloak, as well as his tail behind him. He felt more at ease lately for some reason, and made his way to the bar to order himself some orange juice. And some raw fish*
8:17pm<Shentino> <Ramuki> *does wrinkle his nose at the smell of tobacco...not exactly something he enjoyed much...grimacing noticeably as he moved himself away from the area in question taking his meal of raw fish and orange juice.*
6 Pig
Last talked: 16 Mar 12:49pm
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Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
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7 Turbokid
Last talked: 16 Mar 7:18pm
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16 Mar 7:18pm<Turbokid> -- release of death, and it may just be that the backpack weighs two entire Lydias' worth. this would be the second most likely culprit of her chronic back problems. [End]
7:18pm<Turbokid> <Lydia> ((pics of lydia if needed https://imgur.com/a/EM59E ))
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8 Jayne
Last talked: Yesterday 9:51pm
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Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
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Yesterday 9:49pm<Jayne> A susprisingly steady hand finds her key from her pocket.. "Dul.." Another burp. "...cina... I needa extend this..." There's a slight of hand drop of a red velvet purse into Dulcy's hand then. Before Kait takes another mouthful from her whiskey there.
9:51pm<Jayne> The sailor ... for that's what she is hauls her self up straighter. And eyeballs the Dragonborn, nevermind she's far shorter. .... and the mun needs to leave the channel. .... so .... Kait staggers to her room.
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 I rule with an iron fist.
Team: Wolfodile
Last talked: 13 Mar 6:42pm
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Has kicked out 1 people
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Other (4)
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13 Mar 6:33pm<Rix> -- there early, you can count on me!" Even she thought she was laying it on thick as she heard herself, but enthusiasm for one's job certainly tipped well, right? The half elf had never worked an honest day in her life, except for the time she was running messages for her mother.
6:41pm<Rix> There would be no robbery! (This time.)
6:42pm<Rix> Rix had to scamper as well.
10 January
Last talked: 16 Mar 10:52am
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16 Mar 10:52am<January`> <Marcia`Arophis> "Of course not, sweetheart. I was actually thinking the exact thing about you, and just when I was about to compliment your amulet, you beat me to it" The darkly clad woman spoke with comfort and ease, as if she'd know Arial her entire life. Her gaze followed Arial's to Maumet, and there was a sudden flicker of realization on the woman's face. The air around Marcia suddenly...
10:52am<January`> shiny. Then it was gone, and Marcia seemed to remain otherwise normal. Her black hound had sat up, eyes locked firmly on Maumet, though his expression was flat, placid. Marcia's tiny hand came to touch the hounds head, breaking its stare and causing it to lick at her fingertips. Dropping her gaze to her boiled meal, she began to eat, one hand still on the black hound's head.
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1 Wikiguest9244  9 "gt"
2 Shentino  3 "(:P)"
3 Riddy  3 "(brb)"
4 TheOtherOne  3 "(ack)"
5 Azalea  2 "She"
6 LayTrayin  2 "won*"
7 dragonwielder  2 "*ship"

Big Numbers

Riddy couldn't decide whether to come or go and joined #BlkDragon*Inn 129 times during this reporting period...
Infern was either being philosophical or just plain clueless - 39% of lines contained questions.

...and the silver medal goes to Azalea - with a question ratio of 34%.

January was unsure where to put the full stop, averaging 344 letters per line.

Average line length on #BlkDragon*Inn was 237 letters.

Friends in #BlkDragon*Inn

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1 January
2 InfernKestrel
4 Pig
5 Sanjiv
6 TheOtherOneJayne
8 Lliirune
9 Justin
10 PigSuz

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Most days active

  Nick Number of days percentage
1 Riddy  25
2 Infern  23
3 Shentino  21
4 Kestrel  21
5 Gudrun  18
6 Jayne  13
7 Azalea  13
8 Trace  12
9 Nymphetamine  12
10 Pig  12
11 Lliirune  11
12 Luke`  11
13 TheOtherOne  10
14 Turbokid  10
15 January  9
16 dragonwielder  9
17 Ravyn  8
18 BlackPanther  8
19 No`One  7
20 Mariyan`Fyne  6

Most consecutive days active
  Nick Number of days At Currently
1 Infern  12 27 Feb - 10 Mar 2018
  Currently 1 days active
2 Shentino  8 10 Mar - 17 Mar 2018
  Currently 8 days active
3 Riddy  7 20 Feb - 26 Feb 2018
  Currently 5 days active
4 Miria  6 25 Feb - 2 Mar 2018
  Last active 2 weeks ago (2 Mar 2018)
5 Gudrun  6 12 Mar - 17 Mar 2018
  Currently 6 days active
6 Kestrel  6 20 Feb - 25 Feb 2018
  Currently 1 days active
7 Jayne  5 11 Mar - 15 Mar 2018
  Currently 1 days active
8 Lliirune  4 20 Feb - 23 Feb 2018
  Currently 1 days active
9 No`One  4 27 Feb - 2 Mar 2018
  Last active 2 weeks ago (2 Mar 2018)
10 TheOtherOne  4 1 Mar - 4 Mar 2018
  Last active 3 days ago (14 Mar 2018)
11 BlackPanther  3 27 Feb - 1 Mar 2018
  Last active 4 days ago (13 Mar 2018)
12 Ravyn  3 13 Mar - 15 Mar 2018
  Currently 1 days active
13 Nymphetamine  3 9 Mar - 11 Mar 2018
  Last active 4 days ago (13 Mar 2018)
14 Trace  3 20 Feb - 22 Feb 2018
  Last active 3 days ago (14 Mar 2018)
15 Luke`  3 23 Feb - 25 Feb 2018
  Currently 1 days active
16 Pig  3 20 Feb - 22 Feb 2018
  Currently 3 days active *

Activity distribution

4/2017 - 3/2018

Lines per day Number of days
1 (0.3%)
0 (0%)
2 (0.6%)
4 (1.1%)
1 (0.3%)
4 (1.1%)
9 (2.6%)
15 (4.3%)
14 (4.0%)
16 (4.6%)
17 (4.8%)
21 (6.0%)
27 (7.7%)
34 (9.7%)
31 (8.8%)
34 (9.7%)
35 (10%)
25 (7.1%)
31 (8.8%)
25 (7.1%)
5 (1.4%)

Average line lengths

Line length Count Nicks
340.. 1 January(344)
320..339 0 -
300..319 4 Nymphetamine(317), Sanjiv(316), Turbokid(313), Lliirune(306)
280..299 1 Gudrun(286)
260..279 2 Suz(276), Pig(273)
240..259 2 Kestrel(246), Trace(244)
220..239 0 -
200..219 0 -
180..199 2 Jayne(197), Riddy(184)
160..179 1 Infern(176)
140..159 0 -
120..139 1 dragonwielder(135)
100..119 1 Azalea(102)
..99 1 Shentino(76.9)

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People in #BlkDragon*Inn seem to like these words...

Count Word Last used by At
815 "would" Luke` Yesterday 11:25pm
796 "there" Luke` Yesterday 11:25pm
777 "about" Infern Yesterday 11:57pm
707 "Though" Infern Yesterday 11:57pm
608 "before" Infern Yesterday 11:49pm
513 "woman" Lliirune Yesterday 9:44pm
500 "Could" Infern Yesterday 11:49pm
453 "little" Riddy Yesterday 10:43pm
437 "around" Riddy Yesterday 11:55pm
390 "something" Infern Yesterday 11:09pm

Frequently mentioned nicks:
Count Word Last used by At
461 "" Gudrun Yesterday 10:37pm
245 "Kestrel" dragonwielder Yesterday 9:12pm
103 "Sanjiv" Infern Yesterday 9:46pm
102 "" Nymphetamine 13 Mar 6:42pm
99 "Lliirune" Sanjiv Yesterday 9:22pm

Who has their own private vocabulary?
Count Nick Randomly selected sample (amount)
74 Lliirune "rustle"(12), "fused"(5), "males"(4), "Uneven"(6), "Fynna"(3), "fringe"(4), "bundle"(3), ...
58 Gudrun "rifles"(10), "bands"(4), "sandy"(4), "Tordas"(5), "Sundas"(5), "eyeholes"(10), ...
39 January "Aida`"(33), "Tadpole`"(24), "Tove`"(8), "lofted"(7), "Kreee"(4), "frogs"(3), "twitched"(10), ...
38 Shentino "*looks"(9), "*just"(5), "*waves"(7), "this*"(3), "*nods*"(6), "*eats"(3), "Ravel*"(5), ...
19 Turbokid "gnome"(5), "fella"(3), "spray"(3), "rural"(3), "sarong"(6), "y-you"(3), "stones"(3), ...
19 Pig "blades"(4), "glyphs"(4), "cinder"(3), "Horasym"(5), "surcoat"(4), "Kingdom"(4), "firefly"(3), ...
16 Riddy "Redlain"(85), "Snakey"(7), "Mommy"(3), "goods"(3), "yawns"(3), "tiered"(5), "peopel"(3), ...
13 Nymphetamine "talon"(4), "jacket"(5), "Landis"(5), "Milady"(3), "warmed"(3), "custom"(3), "snifter"(5), ...
13 Infern "Aximiams"(14), "smack"(4), "howve"(3), "alchemy"(8), "bipedal"(7), "chokes"(3), ...
10 Jayne "Nixlya"(9), "super"(3), "Aliara"(4), "Ailana"(3), "ranger"(3), "occured"(3), "Thankye"(3), ...

These pairs like to talk in their own special language
Count Nicks Randomly selected sample (amount)
28 Lliirune and January "sticky"(13), "chirp"(8), "hairs"(5), "ruffle"(6), "tinged"(5), "flexed"(3), "expanse"(5), ...
24 Gudrun and Pig "Najjira"(15), "aspects"(13), "slave"(4), "deign"(3), "adapt"(3), "vocal"(3), "slurping"(11), ...
22 Lliirune and Gudrun "sloppy"(4), "morsel"(4), "utensils"(7), "reveals"(3), "currency"(6), "inherent"(5), ...
19 Lliirune and Pig "primal"(10), "pearl"(4), "nymph"(3), "singed"(4), "traits"(4), "waking"(3), "sweets"(3), ...
18 Lliirune and Turbokid "snort"(3), "wince"(3), "twists"(6), "mockery"(9), "favors"(6), "bridge"(5), "trauma"(4), ...
18 Lliirune and Nymphetamine "drape"(4), "arched"(5), "dulcet"(5), "irises"(4), "palest"(3), "fished"(3), "urchin"(3), ...
15 Gudrun and Nymphetamine "decanter"(22), "wards"(6), "reefs"(6), "olive"(4), "toxins"(3), "webbed"(3), ...
15 Gudrun and January "Marcia"(16), "wispy"(5), "stoic"(3), "harlot"(4), "wasted"(4), "tablet"(3), "spiced"(3), ...
15 Gudrun and Turbokid "boozy"(9), "coral"(5), "steam"(5), "birth"(4), "meets"(3), "myriad"(3), "trades"(3), ...
14 Pig and Nymphetamine "seams"(5), "corps"(4), "lords"(3), "Iliva"(3), "prayer"(4), "Margrave"(6), "desired"(3), ...

New popular words
  Word First used by At
1 "Malisha"(150) Infern 14 Mar 6:54pm
2 "rubbed"(10) Nymphetamine 10 Mar 10:09pm
3 "Arial"(16) January 9 Mar 10:37am
4 "VOMIT"(6) Riddy 8 Mar 7:57pm
5 "golem"(10) Riddy 10 Mar 3:30pm
6 "shots"(5) Infern 8 Mar 6:50pm
7 "dishes"(10) Voodoo 13 Mar 3:30pm
8 "Javakh"(16) Riddy 10 Mar 3:08pm
9 "Faeryl"(56) Jayne 8 Mar 3:11pm
10 "baker"(4) Callahan 8 Mar 3:08pm

Special words by time of day
  Hours 12am-6am Hours 6am-12pm Hours 12pm-6pm Hours 6pm-12am
1"ninja"(17)"Patience"(45) "muffins"(29)"Malisha"(150)
2"super"(3)"witch"(6) "amber"(16)"cheese"(27)
3"*sniffs"(4)"lofted"(7) "paint"(12)"consider"(18)
4"faulty"(3)"thusly"(6) "blind"(6)"chill"(8)
5"Rosalinde"(4)"placid"(4) "search"(8)"charm"(11)
6"washcloth"(3)"caliber"(3) "jerky"(12)"kitchen"(11)
7 "Patience`"(18) "blend"(7)"peanut"(27)
8 "refined"(3) "heels"(6)"Ravyn"(26)
9 "twitched"(10) "glasses"(12)"Variz"(35)
10 "Hespertide"(21) "dried"(6)"range"(9)

Special words by day of week
  Monday Tuesday -
Friday Saturday -
1"Pelya"(68)"child"(44) "Arial"(16)"muffin"(34)
2"gnoll"(18)"winged"(118) "Mariyan"(13)"muffins"(29)
3"ninja"(17)"beauty"(21) "witch"(6)"Sylvie"(65)
4"ritual"(4)"painful"(18) "octopus"(6)"wives"(6)
5"cookie"(6)"elven"(33) "fatty"(3)"spear"(6)
6"witchweed"(8)"protect"(13) "slavery"(7)"scarf"(4)
7"embassy"(12)"Angel"(23) "Baroque"(6)"plops"(6)
8"Iliva"(3)"Ailara"(79) "isabelle"(3)"Daughter"(6)
9"token"(3)"knowledge"(19) "asylum"(4)"eagle"(8)
10"Gulanadur"(6)"power"(14) "Swinging"(3)"Nynevia"(12)

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20 latest URLs from #BlkDragon*Inn

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16 Mar 7:18pmhttps://imgur.com/a/EM59E
 First mentioned by Turbokid on 25 Feb 2:43pm. Used 4 times.
14 Mar 6:07pmhttps://goo.gl/cNE3N3Silas
 First mentioned by Turbokid on 17 Feb 5:41pm. Used 3 times.
13 Mar 5:10pmhttps://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/LahYZUN3Gareth
9 Mar 7:36pmhttp://www.blkdragon.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=1266Nymphetamine
4 Mar 11:48pmhttps://imgur.com/a/2Ry8iTurbokid
2 Mar 10:43amhttps://imgur.com/LZGaEIaTurbokid
27 Feb 6:15pmhttps://tinyurl.com/y9suwtf8Gudrun
22 Feb 4:16pmin.HeZeratoRomanoff
20 Feb 1:25pmhttp://i.imgur.com/YdzaDtF.jpg
 First mentioned by Alexx on 20 Feb 1:22pm.
 First mentioned by dragonwielder on 24 Dec 2017 5:58pm. Used 3 times.
17 Feb 10:29pmhttps://i.imgur.com/G2LtvKK.jpgTurbokid
5 Feb 5:48pmhttps://orig00.deviantart.net/88e8/f/2017/128/8/0/gods_among_devils__chpt_12...dragonwielder
3 Feb 8:17pmhttp://www.blkdragon.com/wiki/index.php?title=File:Elapidae-c.pngRiddy
28 Jan 4:36pmhttps://i.pinimg.com/originals/bd/f8/b0/bdf8b006f2ef1b1ee2f19f03b6ae3316.jpg
 First mentioned by dragonwielder on 3 Sep 2017.
22 Jan 12:41pmhttps://i.pinimg.com/736x/d5/50/b7/d550b77880ef93f3a370b807e0397ec2--paga...
 First mentioned by dragonwielder on 22 Jan 10:16am.
18 Jan 2:27pmhttps://static.zerochan.net/Father.Gascoigne.full.2136678.pngdragonwielder

Most popular URLs
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1http://img09.deviantart.net/50aa/i/2008/024/f/5/couatl... 7dragonwielder19 Feb 2017 11:17pm
2https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/01/dd... 5dragonwielder24 Mar 2017 1:19am
3https://imgur.com/a/EM59E 4Turbokid25 Feb 2:43pm
4https://imgur.com/G2LtvKK 3Turbokid17 Feb 5:41pm
5https://i.pinimg.com/736x/da/50/cd/da50cdaf5413a32... 3dragonwielder24 Dec 2017 5:58pm
6https://shontell.me/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/WSZ... 3dragonwielder30 May 2017 8:36pm

20 random URLs
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10 Dec 2017 6:11pmhttps://i.pinimg.com/736x/4f/3c/10/4f3c1034b2f8c00acd6c63fba08ad38b--shark...
 Used 2 times.
17 Oct 2017 3:52pmhttps://i.pinimg.com/originals/be/33/45/be33454f53cc635f46d4dc3c7e4fbd1c.jpgdragonwielder
2 Oct 2017 8:43pmhttps://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/the-titans-rp-and-information/images/5/51/Pa...dragonwielder
22 Aug 2017 4:37pmhttp://www.blkdragon.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=1160Nymphetamine
28 Jul 2017 10:16pmhttps://www.pkbaseline.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/solo-2.jpgSuz
11 Jul 2017 7:48pmhttp://imgur.com/gallery/kMryaRiddy
8 Jun 2017 3:48pmhttp://i.imgur.com/rGmPtjO.jpgTrace
4 Jun 2017 7:56pmover.OhCallahan
29 Apr 2017 7:42pmhttp://imgur.com/a/lamTeRiddy
18 Mar 2017 6:48pmhttps://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/6b/d1/5d/6bd15d4232d2b4d041ece...dragonwielder
1 Feb 2017 10:25amhttp://i.imgur.com/p6eKpC6.jpgdragonwielder
4 Dec 2016 6:06pmhttps://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/2Yjq8HwE/faux-wood-carving-howlin...dragonwielder
18 Nov 2016 10:18pmhttps://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/kRbvsB1x/Carson3.jpgdragonwielder
3 Nov 2016 5:03pmhttp://ep.yimg.com/ay/yhst-16507483819514/wolf-wood-like-carving-10.jpgdragonwielder
22 Sep 2016 4:08pmhttps://youtu.be/p03Zg9GUuAg?t=5Chanree
22 Sep 2016 1:14pmhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Byz6960tWxQChanree
29 Jul 2016 9:08pmhttps://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/ZMey8oqM/JEFFREYdragonwielder
19 Jul 2016 1:15pmhttps://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/ogQjfTd5/Jeffreydragonwielder
15 Jul 2016 7:25pmhttps://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/AYJXZr5h/Carson3.jpgdragonwielder
27 Mar 2016 10:11pmhttp://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y185/Ridureyu/rp/Atlantis-GrandPrix2.pngRiddy

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