Aleah Dryksson

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Aleah ul-Seyrod Dryksson

The Honorable Aleah Dryksson
Vital Stats
Full Name: Aleah ul-Seyrod Dryksson
Age: 30
Date of Birth: 456
Place of Birth: Arania, Arangoth
Race: Human
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 135
Additional Information
Nickname: "The Hammer"
Religion: Menxism
Occupation: Magistrate of the Crown
Marital Status: Married
Player: Ayanula

Character Background

Born in 456, Aleah hails from the Southwestern region of Arangoth, otherwise known as the Arania Province. Her father was a shipbuilder primarily contracted by the Crown to take part in the construction of several vessels as well as dry-docks. By comparison, her mother was a homemaker, who was responsible for raising her and her two older brothers.

A scarcity of jobs caused her to follow her brothers into working at Castle Black by the age of 12. Her own duties often rotated between aiding her brothers, who were clerks at the time, and serving as a royal ewerer.

Border Watch

Aleah joined the Arangothian Border Watch by the time she was 16. Like all new recruits, she was stationed at the Nilik post along the Elgar Forest. However, upon being inducted, she chose to remain at one of Arangoth's most dangerous boundaries. As such, she was able to climb throughout the ranks rather quickly. By the age of 25, she attained the position of Master Watchman. A year later and she would serve in an acting capacity as the interim Watchpost Commander of Nilik.

Travels to Drache and Education

At the age of 27, Aleah took an extended leave of absence to relocate to the capital of Drache in order to pursue an education at the Royal University. Her academic focus was entirely centered on law. At the time, she lived mostly off of her residual income and moonlit at the Royal Chancellery as a scribe and filer. By the time she graduated in late 485, she did so at the top of her class and effectively resigned from the Border Watch.


She was formally appointed to the post of Magistrate by the Lord Chancellor in early 486. Though she is new to the scene, Aleah has already overseen several criminal, citizenship, and real estate cases. Amongst Crown Officials, she is known for being particularly heavy-handed with the few audits she's already conducted on the Treasury.

Weaponry and Public Appearance

Aleah routinely dawns a metal and mail cuirass while in public. This chest-piece armor is custom made in order to host the crescent-shaped, steel medallion that identifies her as a Magistrate. Additionally, she generally does not wear the typical robes associated with the Chancellery. Black garments that are more suited for maneuverability substitute these on a regular basis. Their fashioning can easily be traced back to her experience in the Border Watch.

The "Hammer"

The "Hammer"

As is characteristic with most Magistrates, Aleah rarely appears outside of the Royal Chancellery without a notable weapon in tote. However, due to the perceived brutality of the tool in question, she has derived both a reputation and a nickname from it.

In fact, the flanged bar-mace she carries is often mistaken (through rumor and exaggeration) as a war hammer. The percussive instrument — while more suited for combat against armored opponents on the battlefield — often doubles as a tool of exacting punishments in conjunction with official rulings/decrees. And depending on which increment is utilized along the weapon, the degree of injury can range from concussions and broken ribs to outright mutilation or even death. By comparison, most guard-inflicted floggings are generally considered far more humane.

Yet despite the daunting aura surrounding the nickname, Aleah refuses any endorsement of it.

Brand of Justice and Sentencing

Much of her experience in trying individuals (prior to being a Magistrate) took place under tribunals and court martials at Nilik. As this particular Border Watch post is often revered as one of the fiercest in Arangoth, punishments are generally even keel with the savagery encountered.

Especially violent sanctions for both civilians and soldiers were commonplace while she was the interim Watchpost Commander. However radical the treatment was, it still managed to curb intrusions and crime along the border for nearly a year. Aleah has since brought the same heavy-handedness to Drache in an attempt to impress a strict brand of law and order. Her own efforts at enforcing the edicts of the Kingdom often result in a polarization between citizens and the Crown. This is attributed mostly to the consequential nature of her sentencing.