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Alou, or "the nameless god" (Teldanari), "the faceless god" (Etenari) is the central deity of the monotheistic Alouist religion.

Religious observances

Among the Teldanari and the Etenari, it is customary for adults (both men and women) to wear a full-body veil. Among the Teldanari, this veil is always white, but the Etenari allow many different colors and styles (likely due to influence of their Ellurian neighbors).

Sacred text

According to the Teldanari


According to the Tyranori


According to the Etenari

The Etenari have a song which is passed from generation to generation, telling of the greatness of Alou and how Alou spun the world into existence off of a great wheel. The world and all creations of Alou were beautiful and flawless, but Man grew too enamored of the power of the Wheel and tried to use it for his own amusement, thus irreparably altering both the nature of humanoids and the world. Alou vowed to fix the mistake Man had made by removing Man from being (and thus Men took up the veil (laadakh, called laakh among the Teldanari) to hide themselves from Alou), but one child's innocence and purity stopped his hand.

Mankind was saved, but the Etenari wear the veil and sing the song still, to remind themselves to be humble and think always of the mercy of Alou and the beauty of the natural state of things.