Amber Bear

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Amber bear
Natural Habitat: Darian River, woodlands: Elvendeep, Secca, Isles of Myst
Classification: Mammal
Average Size: 7-8' tall when standing, 5' to shoulder
Average Weight: 800 lbs
Coloring: Dark brown to caramel with light brown 'mask' on face
Distinguishing Features: Facial markings

A medium sized bear with an amber, light brown colored coat and pale markings on their face, normally a forest or wooded area dwelling mammal. These bears consume fish and smaller prey and though they do not actively hunt humans, will defend themselves fiercely against them.


The Amber bear is a mid-sized species of bear. Overall, its fur is light brown/amber in color. This kind of bear normally has distinctive beige-colored markings across its face and upper chest, though not all Amber bears have the markings on their chests, their markings on the face are normally constant in the beast.

The pattern and extent of pale markings are slightly different on each individual bear, and bears can be readily distinguished by this. Males are larger than females in dimensions though both male and female bears don't vary much in the standard size. They can be anywhere from 7-8 feet tall standing and 5 feet at the shoulder. Weighing at about 800 pounds they can be a accounted for many a hunting accident.


The Amber bear has a reputation for being adaptable, as it is found in a wide variety of habitats and altitudes throughout its range, including forests,grasslands, and scrub deserts. Normally however the Amber Bear is found near the Darian River which is known for it's wooded banks and preserved nature. They can bee seen along the Darian river hunting various fish that swim upstream.

Breeding Habits

Mating may occur at almost any time but normally occurs in the early part of the season, spring, or at the beginning of the wet season. The mating pair are together for one to two weeks, during which they will copulate multiple times. Births usually occur in the dry season, during the winter. The gestation period is 5 to 8 months. Normally only two cubs are born at a time, though one female is able to bear anywhere from two to four. The cubs are born with their eyes closed and weigh about 11 oz each. Births usually occur in a small den and the female waits until the cubs can see and walk before she leaves with them. The cubs often stay with the female for one year before striking out on their own.

Other Characteristics

Amber bears are commonly hunted for its think fur and hide it is known to also be praised by barbarian tribes.