Amur Tiger

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Amur tiger
Natural Habitat: Colder climates. Alesian Imperium, Panguro, Taopai
Classification: Mammal
Average Size: 5' at shoulder
Average Weight: 750-800 lbs
Coloring: Pale orange, stripes
Distinguishing Features: Coat turns lighter during winter

The Amur tiger is a cat that lives in colder climates, it is a massive animal whose coat turns a lighter color as the season changes. These beasts are consummate hunters and the animals that they stalk down are killed in an oddly neat kind of way.


Amur Tigers are massive cats that are a pale shade of orange naturally, they have the standard tiger striping though every tiger bears a different pattern of stripes, as distinctive to each tiger as a human's fingerprints. The stripes of the cat run all the way down through their legs, covering their entire body with the streaking. Their muzzles and markings around their faces are normally a lighter shade of orange as well as their bellies and their legs.

During the winter months the Amur Tiger's coat starts to change color and becomes lighter, the stripes growing more pale along with the whole of their orange coat. Because they are already a pale kind of orange to begin with it is possible that the diminution of color in the winter months is to aide them in concealing them in snowy environments.


These tigers are found in areas that are colder, though they are able to survive in regions where the weather is warm at times, they are unlikely to remain there. Because of the location where they prefer to live, their coats are extremely thick and shaggy, so they are much better suited to cold climates.

Breeding Habits

Amur Tigers reach sexual maturity at four years of age. They mate at any time of the year. A female signals her receptiveness by leaving urine deposits and scratch marks on trees. She will spend 5 or 6 days with the male, during which she is receptive for three days. Gestation lasts from 3 to 3.5 months. Litter size is normally two or four cubs but there can be as many as six.

The cubs are born blind in a sheltered den and are left alone when the female leaves to hunt for food. Cubs are divided equally between genders at birth. However, by adulthood there are usually two to four females for every male. The female cubs remain with their mothers longer, and later they establish territories close to their original ranges. The Amur Tiger has been known to breed with tigers of different kinds though it is rare because of the seclusion and harsh environment where the Amur lives.

Other Characteristics

Extremely good eyesight, much better than the standard tiger. Fastidious in killing, the Amur Tiger commonly will use a forepaw to swipe at the neck of smaller prey, breaking the neck for a clean kill