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Vital Stats
Full Name: Andarien
Age: 357
Place of Birth: Elvendeep
Race: High elf
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Blue and gold
Height: 6'1
Weight: 176
Additional Information
Occupation: enchanter
Marital Status: widowed
Player: Nicci

Character Background

There was once a merchant with a love for exploring the known world, acquiring all variety of beautiful and magical reagents during his adventures. During these travels he met another high elf who didn't think so poorly of his unusual moods and strange mannerisms. And then, one day, she died, leaving the quiet merchant alone to raise a daughter.

Physical Description

Talents, Skills, Quirks

Andarien is a skilled enchanter and has spent the past decades of his life learning to infuse magic into inanimate objects. A quiet man, he doesn't fit the stereotypical mold expected of a high elf. He asks too many questions, but he means no harm, and can be incredibly awkward in social situations. Andarien's greatest weakness is his inability to read people as well as he reads magic.

Other Information

He is the very fortunate owner of a pygmy wyvern named Naevys, a rare desert reptile named as such for its close resemblance to the actual creature. It is in reality only a sort of winged monitor lizard or basilisk, intelligent as a dog with a venomous bite not unlike a cobra.