Asnerith Dreth

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Asnerith Dreth
General Information
Full Name: General Asnerith Dreth IV, Sithire of Minkbrantha
Race: Cursed Human
Gender: Male
Age: Thirty-Four
Date of Birth: Fall, 459
Country of Origin: Caeth, Minkbrantha, Arangoth
Hair Color: Sandy Brown
Eye Color: Forest Green
Height: Your character's height.6'1"
Weight: 240lbs
Additional Information
Aliases: Butcher of Mokila
Religion: Local Paganism
Creed: Live by the sword, die by the sword. Be loyal unto death. If you're going to destroy a man, you must do so so wholly that they could never rise against you again.
Occupation: Warlord / Sithire
Income: Monarch level nobility
Marital Status: Married; Isabelle Auxerre
Player: Jammy


Asnerith was born to Floxod Kaveth Dreth and his commoner wife, Veskessa Carth I.

His entire life he was raised to be a soldier. At eight, like all the children of his lands, he began his military career with The Trials of the Sword. Few Dreth's have failed them, those that did either died or were stripped or name and exiled. Asnerith was a pragmatic child, and had his concerns.

At the age of sixteen, after four years of training, he was sent to Zul Kiras front as a squire to his Aunt Valoria.

When he was eighteen he was given command of a platoon, and later, command of the 5th.

His cunning as a combatant commander and the expertly trained 5th won him many victories, that caught the eye of the Sithire.

Upon the death of his father, because of Asnerith's lack of an heir, his mother Veskessa, whom had attended the Sithire's court often, wrote to him, requesting the King assign her son to a safer duty.

He was sent immediately to Drache as a Magistrate.

While under trained for the task of Magistrate, Asnerith is smart and logical. He tends to air on the side of poetic justice, or irony in his rulings, and applies common-sense, instead of the letter of the law.

He has one sibling, a sister, Veskessa Dreth II, whom is blind. She is the Supreme Commander of the Bloody Fifth.

Lands and Holdings

Former Magistrate

Asnerith's upbringing as a young Lord and his time as a military officer prepared him sell for his post as Magistrate. Both involved making difficult decisions and dispensing justice. He seems more often than not to fall on the side of the people. As a military officer he routinely punished soldiers for transgressions in unique and amusing ways. This preserved the end strength of his units by avoiding prison and execution. He tends towards this with his rulings in court as well, often ordering apologies, debts of service, and outlandish punishments in order to prevent fining, imprisoning or executing a defendant.

He oversaw the trail of Cyan Highwind, a local guard found guilty of murder. He ordered him to be executed be decapitation and directed the Arms-Lieutenant Cursor ul-Tacitus Servilius to do it himself.

Asnerith proved to be mostly fair in matters involving regular citizens and small claims. There were rumors of corruption, but nothing could be validated. He resigned without warning when his former clerk Drama ordered his house be searched for slaves, an act he considered unforgivable.

Sithire of Minkbrantha

Following the Arangothian Civil War the Interim Council, of which Asnerith was a member, formed seven Dutchies. Asnerith was afforded the newest Dutchy, Minkbrantha, as it contained his own lands and bordered Zul`Kiras.


The Culture and Lands

The Dreth lands are known as Castle Dreth, as is the sleepy, rural fortress that watches over them.

The primary economic driver of Castle Dreth is the exportation of metals, minerals and forestry products. Though the small village of Caeth that rests below the fortress features craftsmen, artisans, a water powered mill, farm lands and a small inn and tavern, these efforts do not contribute significantly to the economy of Castle Dreth, so much as to the micro-economy of the small village.

The Dreth family is an old and respected noble house within Drache. They are best known for their military contributions and their closeness to the land.

The Dreths field what many tacticians and military historians argue are the best infantry soldiers in Arangoth. There battlefield reputation may be attributed to several factors.

The Dreth family is particularly militant, having been awarded their land based on a combat victory. Even their daughters are trained and tested field commanders, without exception. The mining and forestry operations of Castle Dreth provides the financial means to recruit particularly competent combatant commanders and allows the family to equip their soldiers with the finest arms and equipment. The Dreth family conscripts both male and female soldiers, effectively doubling their troop capabilities compared to more traditional baronies. More over, aside from their very large standing infantry regiment, named The Bloody Fifth, a moniker bestowed upon them long ago, all able bodied persons residing within their lands who could not complete the Trials of the Sword to serve in the 5th remain part of their Reserve Force. They serve five days per month, typically conducting close order drill, weapons training, and physical fitness. The Reserve Force is supplemented by experienced and veteran soldiers who no longer wish to serve actively in the 5th and have earned their right to 'retire'.

This co-ed active and reserve force with an emphasis on physical prowess pays homage to the rumors that the girls from Castle Dreth are not only beautifully constructed, but can probably kick your ass.


Havarth Dreth, the family's first patriarch, and at that time a young military office was appointed hereditary-Floxod and awarded his Barony. An account of his actions follows...

"For exemplary courage and valor in the face of the enemy without thought or question for his own safety, Lieutenant Havarth Dreth is hereby awarded the noble title of Floxod, with all rights, privaledges and lands associated with such a title." 

"We worn thin by then. Our horses had starved, froze to the ground, or were turned into the wretched stew by our grinning camp cook. We were cavaliers without horses. We were the damned. We'd dug in. Our job was to hold the Arangothian line. One particularly cold morning the enemy fell upon us. They came forward like a flood. Captain Gravick roused us to our formations. As the enemy descended upon us the fighting became fierce. Formations were breaking and we were outnumbered an easy four to one. Captain Gravick suffered a fatal wound, and was unhorsed. Our lines began to break. That's when we saw him, the Mad Lieutenant.

"The lunatic had caught the last horse, Gravick's horse, somewhere behind the lines. He'd climbed onto the thing, and was charging the enemy line. The fool had on his dress jacket, stark white as the snow, his silly medals clattering against his chest as he rode forward at full tilt, a busted lance in one hand, a camp hatchet in the other. No one cheered, though in hind sight we probably ought to have. Instead we all thought, "There's another dead lieutenant."

"But he didn't die. He just kept riding. I think the enemy were as stunned as we were. He rode right through the lines, right through the thick of the battle, and right up to the enemy commander. The poor bastard didn't even have time to draw his sword.

"The crazy lieutenant unhorsed the enemy commander with lance, dismounted, introduced himself, and then hacked the man to bits with the hatchet. Then he got back on the captain's horse and rode back to the front of our line, where the enemy had begun to route.

"He shouted at us, "Run after them. Chase them to their deaths, you miserable, sodding, bastards."

"So we did. It was stupid, but the lieutenant looked so fierce, we simply obeyed. We chased them clear across the field, lances in hand, cavalry bugles playing. I dare say we looked terribly foolish.

"In the end, we'd not only won that battle, but were instrumental to turning the tide of the war. We'd pushed the enemy back so far with our horseless charge we'd created a break in the line that the King's Army could exploit.

"They gave the Lieutenant a promotion and some land. I got seventeen gold, an honorable discharge and a new horse."

- Sergeant Albert Cranberry, 5th Cavalry Regiment, Royal Army


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Physical Description

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Abilities & Skills

Asnerith, like all children of his line was raised to be a general and knight, and exhibits the necessary traits, skills and abilities there within. Thusly, Asnerith is a dismounted combat expert, and proficient in mounted combat.

  • Weapons Knowledge - Due to an extremely adept understanding of combat, Asnerith is proficient with all simple, improvised and martial weapons.
  • Expert Swordsman - A lifetime of training and battlefield experience has honed Asnerith's skills to a razor's edge. He specializes in Two-Handed Swords and Sword + Shield combat.
  • Armor Expertise - Asnerith is proficient in all forms of chain and medal armor, with the physical prowess and know how to maintain maneuverability in anything up to brigandine and field plate.
  • Unarmed Combat - Asnerith is a large man with a substantial build. More troubling for a foe however is his training as an unarmed combatant. When left with no weapon, or choice, Asnerith becomes a ferocious combatant, attempting to over power and kill his opponent through any means necessary, including
  • Schooled Tactician - Tactics are the means to an end, battlefield decisions that lead an individual, team or unit from start point to victory. Asnerith studied tactics from a very young age. In Zul Kiras he developed, executed, analyzed and modified many of the dismounted tactics taught to him as a child. He is considered one of the foremost tacticians of his time in Zul Kiras.
  • Advanced Strategist - Strategy encompasses the over arching theme of a military operation and defines the parameters that the battle takes place in. This encompasses everything from troop placement, unit strength, resource management, logistical support and decisions concerning mission execution. Asnerith, having been groomed for and operating as a Regimental Commander, has a profound and in depth understanding of ground-combat strategy. This understanding allows him to make solid, common-sense decisions based on limited information and the weight of risk-reward. It is said his sister, Veskessa Dreth is an even better strategist.
  • Physical Prowess - The Dreth family has always prided itself on their combat skills as food soldiers. Without a horse to carry themselves and equipment to and from battle they were forced to develop tremendous endurance. More over, maneuvering and fighting as dismounted knights requires a great deal of strength. Floxod Harvath Dreth had developed a physical fitness program that is utilized by both the family and their military forces that results in strong, tough and durable warriors.

Mundane Skills

  • Woodsman - Castle Dreth is located along a large spring fed lake, in thick, old growth forest. As a boy, Asnerith spent his time hunting, fishing and exploring the old woods. Long stretches of time spent deployed forward, or as a leader of an expeditionary force only sharpened the young nobles ability to not only survive, but thrive in even the most austere environs.
  • Close to the People - The Dreth lands are large in land mass but sparsely populated and relatively rugged. In order to survive and thrive in this difficult terrain the Lords of Castle Dreth and the people have always exhibited a close relationship. More over, their shared experience with the peasantry in the crucible of combat in the Sithire's multiple military campaigns over the years has created mutual respect.
  • Political Savvy - While his family is not known to be particularly political, or even ambitious outside of a military campaign, Asnerith's mother, born a commoner, was. She instilled in him a set of social beliefs and ideas that allow him to navigate the complicated relationships within the Arangothian hierarchy, and even the shadow hierarchy in Drache.
  • Honor Bound - There are limits to what Asnerith is willing to do or accept due to his belief structure. While logical and pragmatic, he does have a sense of right and wrong. He will routinely choose the well being of the people above that of the peerage or himself. More over, he is extremely unlikely to shirk a battle or certainly wouldn't back down once engaged. This makes him particularly dangerous in single combat, as the young nobleman is willing to fight to death, before accepting the dishonor of a loss.

Magic Skills

  • Asnerith has no magical skills innately, though he does practice Shadow and Blood magic under the tutelage of his sorcerous wife.
  • Lycanthropy - Strength, Speed, Endurance, and Regeneration of that expected from a hereditary Werewolf.



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Rumors of a Curse and Lycanthropy

  • There is a well known rumor, in the courts of the various Arangothian houses, that the Dreth family suffers from hereditary Lycanthropy. Many believes this plays into the family's astonishing prowess and durability in combat, not to mention their ability to recover from profound or mortal injuries. When he was at the front, Asnerith would routinely be asked this by his men, to which would simply smile, and ask, "Would that bother you?" This could have been a strategic maneuver however, in order to keep his men in line and motivated.
  • There is a rumor of a Dreth family curse, laid upon the family by a local witch whom was turned away from their gates and left out in a snowstorm by then matriarch, Neskessa Dreth. Neskessa was of the bloodline and known to be beautiful and arrogant. It is said that the witch cursed Neskessa to have blind daughters, so they could never see how beautiful their mother was. Veskessa Dreth II, Asnerith's sister, is in fact blind. Though she is aided in her sight by an enchanted swath of fabric drawn over her eyes, she refuses to believe the curse. There had not been a Dreth daughter in 3 generations prior to her birth. Neither Asnerith nor Veskessa speak openly of whether they were sighted or not.