Asteria Nyxas

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Asteria Nyxas
General Information
Full Name: Nyxas'lasressel
Race: Shadow Dragon
Gender: Female
Age: Ancient
Date of Birth: The longest night of winter
Country of Origin: Pentland
Hair Color: Black with silver strands of starlight
Eye Color: Dark-Gray
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 112
Additional Information
Aliases: The Nameless, Lady Death, Mistress Night
Creed: “What’s yours can be mine.”
Occupation: Bakery Owner - Thieves Guildmistress
Income: Upperclass
Marital Status: thrice widowed by natural causes, many more times by suspicious means
Player: Nicci


Asteria has traveled to many places and dwelled in a dozen countries over a dragon’s adult lifetime. In each new place, she creates a life and becomes the beloved of a powerful man. Within a few years, each husband perishes of unfortunate circumstances. A boating accident at sea, a hunting catastrophe in the woods, and most recently, a drunken tumble over estate stairs.

Asteria wears the rings of her favorite victims as trophies. Her last husband was a beloved and wealthy floxod who left all of his riches to his young elven wife. She’s happily funneled that coin into several lucrative businesses and an orphanage.

Most of it has founds its way to her hoard deep underground beneath Back Alley, however.

A dragon can never have too much coin.


Using the alias of Asteria Nyxas, she comes off as a gentle sweetheart. Asteria takes baking as seriously as she handles her lust for theft.

Physical Description

As part of her disguise, Asteria appears to be a moon elf with silver skin, dark hair, and gray eyes that sometimes reflect the night sky. The occasional strand of silver glitters in her hair like starlight. She favors dark clothing and often dresses like a widow, wearing the engagement and wedding sets of her favorite victims on her right hand.

Abilities & Skills

Mundane Skills

  • Nightvision: Due to her nature as a shadow dragon, Asteria can see in pitch black darkness as if it were day, though this sight is in monochrome shades without color.
  • Shapeshifting: Asteria is an adult dragon of many centuries, therefore she is capable of flawlessly shapeshifting into the form of a woman. She prefers the appearance of a moon elf.
  • Master Burglar: Her talent as a thief includes all abilities expected of a skilled burglar. She can pick locks and pockets like the best of them, shatter magical protections and defenses, and also get in and out of a heavily guarded estate within minutes with the item she seeks. In addition to this, Asteria is lethal with a dagger in close distance and also skilled with a bow and poison-tipped arrows.
  • Smell Magic: Her nature as a dragon gifts her with a refined sense of smell, and she’s able to locate and identify warded objects or protections.

Magic Skills

  • Shadow Breath: While some dragons breathe fire or acid, Asteria exhales a cone of concentrated shadow. This mass of suffocating darkness saps stamina and magical strength from any creature caught within it. Those who die arise as shadow thralls under her control. Several of these creatures guard her lair.
  • Shadowmancer: In addition to breathing a cone of shadows, Asteria can manipulate and control the shadows, creating darkness where none exists and sucking up light. She can move through connected shadows over small distances of no more than 15-20 yards.



  • Snakebite: Enchanted dagger with a bloodletting enchantment that means it will always find blood vessels for increased bleeding.
  • Longshot: A bow enchanted to send arrows traveling thrice the normal distance without losing power. At shorter range, it has been known to shatter armor.


  • Every day leather armor.


  • Lockpicks.