Autumn Snake

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Autumn snake
Natural Habitat: Wooded areas. Elvendeep, Secca, Sresar Vale, Isles of Myst
Classification: Reptile
Average Size: 4.5'
Average Weight: 8-12 ounces
Coloring: Rusty orange with triangular markings that are crimson fading inwardly to bright red
Distinguishing Features: Fall colors, triangular head and markings


A multi colored snake that ranges through the tones of red, orange, and brown with triangular and black markings. Because these snakes can grow to 4 or 5 feet in length, their markings and colors are highly noticeable and in the regions that they inhabit, they are bright in comparison to their surroundings to either ward off preditors or display themselves for mating.


Normally the Autumn snake can be found in wooded areas though there is a variation of the serpent that is lighter in color which lives in savanna and grasslands areas. The version of the reptile that choses the wooded areas is more likely to make it's home in more rocky areas. They don't lay eggs so the shelter that they find for their young is usually the same, rocky outcroppings and contained spaces.

Breeding Habits

Autumn snakes breed in late summer, but not every year: sometimes a female will produce young for several years running, then not breed at all for a time. The females will feed heavily before their young are born and spend the time from their birth til they are long enough to hunt for themselves. When they do give birth this reptile does not lay eggs but gives birth to live young, about 3 or 4. They tend to be about 4.5 feet long and prey on rodents.

Other Characteristics

The Autumn snake is a front fanged snake that enters in a poison to the bloodstream which cause heart failure to the animal. Fatal to humans if not treated, the animal prefers to stay away from intruders but attacks when provoked.