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Realm: Najjir
Predominate Races: Dwarves, Humans, Mingits, and Rashnaditz
Government: Monarchy
Head of State: Shah Velayat III
Religion: Menxiyeh

Origins & History

Najjir’s second-largest port sits on the mountainous tip of the Silver Sea and is a domain of men and dwarves. For a long time, it had been overshadowed by Mashriq, but since trade with the Southlands has picked up, Bassij has come into its own as a vital trading point. It constitutes the southern-most rung of the Northern Corridor, the overland trade route running from Bassij to the Eretz.


Bassij is ruled by Shah Velayat III. Other than his name, little is known of him outside his domain.

Layout & Architecture

In order to deal with the mountains, one Shah of Bassij ordered his subjects to build a massive road from the port right through the rocks; many workers died in its construction. Ever since, Bassij has been situated around this road and its offshoots, becoming a rather elongated city. Its bazaar simply fills up the road with stands, with passages for caravans to go through.

Laws & Customs

Bassijans are descendants of mountain people who have mined precious ore from the mountains for centuries. The development of the port let them sell smelt metals on the spot or ship them abroad. This is a major reason for their tough, self-sufficient character. There is a substantial Dwarven minority living among the Humans, as well as sizable Rashnaditz and Mingit ghettos. The natives like wearing blue and have an aversion to shaving their beards.

Groups of Interest

Al-Kadim’s Robbers: Any city built around a highway will have its highwaymen. Al-Kadim is a charismatic thief of many stories who rides around with his band waylaying merchants on their way to and from the port. Authorities call him a dirty lowlife, while eligible maidens often have a different opinion.