Black Lagoon

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The Black Lagoon, located in the deepest recesses of Elgar Forest, is the source of the eastern branch of the Darian River, which flows through Drache. It is also the source of the forest's corruption. While the forest may look foreboding even on its relatively safe fringes, the plants, animals, and even the very land become more warped and sinister the closer one ventures to the Lagoon. Ancient, decayed ruins are strewn about the shores of the Lagoon, the remnants of a forgotten era and people. There are numerous conflicting legends about the origins of the ruins, but all agree that there is a gate to some foul realm located within a defiled temple. The gate admits not only strange beasts and foul monsters not found anywhere else in the world, but an essence of some twisted magic that has tainted the forest like a slow, steady drip of black dye into a pool of water. The few adventurers who have returned from the Black Lagoon sane enough to tell their tale report illusions and bizarre occurrences that erode one's grasp of reality in the ruins. This makes it even harder to fend off the undead that infest the area. The mysterious hermit-wizard Gadpisi resided--or perhaps still resides--in a hut on the shore of the lake.