Black Lion

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Black lion

Midnight Lion
Natural Habitat: Savannah. Pentland, Leturia, Isles of Myst, Zul Kiras, Mwayambi
Classification: Mammals
Average Size: 9' long, 3' to shoulder
Average Weight: 400 lbs
Coloring: Dark brown with black mane, females lack mane
Distinguishing Features: Dark coloration

This animal of the savanna is highly revered and feared by many people. These animals live in groups and prefer to strangle there prey slowly and rip it apart as opposed to the tiger. Some groups can have as many as 25 but 10 is much more common.


With a coat of dark brown and a mane of black it would seem to give this cat an ominous presence. Their eyes have rich bronze tones. They are a great deal like regular lions in size and form. The male of the species is much larger than the female, the female lacks a mane but commonly are the same coloration. The lion's fur is short along the body and face, but the male's mane grows long and silky though tufted to stick up about the head. Ears are pointed and the males also have a tuft of the same colored fur on the tip of their slender tales. Females are much more subtle with only the dark fur and eyes.


Black lions tend to live in savannah type regions, warm areas where there is plenty of game. Because they live among groups, prides, there is always a concern over food and so the pride will migrate about their habitat as the food does. Normally however this lion however will chose an area to mark and that is where the pride lives, if left alone these animals are very territorial and will normally choose one area to be the are that they spend the majority of their time. The lioness will leave the pride and move to another area of the habitat for the birth of cubs.

Breeding Habits

Most black lionesses are able to reproduce by the time they are four years of age, they don't mate at any specific time of the year, they can go into heat multiple times during the year. During a mating bout the lioness may mate with more than one male while she's in heat but normally with one male they will mate twenty to forty times a day, the mating bouts can carry on for several days.

The average gestation period is around 110 days and the female gives birth to between one and four cubs in a den which is secluded from the rest of the pride, she will hunt for herself while the cubs are helpless, moving the cubs to different den sites as they grow older to prevent the scent of the young building up in any one den site. Usually the mother does not integrate herself and her cubs back into the pride until the cubs are six to eight weeks old. However, sometimes this introduction to pride life occurs earlier, particularly if other lionesses have given birth at about the same time. For instance, lionesses in a pride often synchronize their reproductive cycles so that they cooperate in the raising and suckling of the young.

Other Characteristics

They becoming increasingly more rare to find in the wild, the cubs are sought out to raise as pets because as opposed to the normal lion the black lion cub is extremely impressionable. Because of the decreasing number of these animals it is becoming more common to find that the killing of or sale of anything relating to the beasts is becoming banned in normal markets. The sale of a black lion cub is done usually on the black market because there are very few reputable traders that will deal in the sale as cubs normally are only taken when the pride has been slaughtered. It is unusual for any member of a pride to survive when humans come to take the cubs as they protect their young fiercely and to death.