Black Lotus

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Black Lotus
Other Names: Poisoner’s rose, beautiful death
Found In: Xiunhai-La
Type: Flower
Distinguishing Features: Shrub with black flowers whose petals are striped by pale green
Uses: Petals are poisonous when extracted or when the leaves are ingested.

Growth Cycle

Black Lotus grows most commonly in the summer time though the flowers that people seek only bloom for three months out of the year. During the rest of the year the shrubs are able to be found.

Regional Information

Black Lotus leaves are a slow acting poison while the petals of the flowers bring on a very hasty death, because of this the plants are commonly the interest of poisoners and assassins. Locally when the plant is found outside of certain growing areas the people of Xiunhai-La destroy it to keep it from spreading too much.


Though the plants are used as a pretty vicious poison, they are cultivated because of their beauty. Mostly the shrub is grown in select areas where the deadly effect of it’s lovely nature won’t bring harm.


The shrubs are used mostly in a decorative capacity by the people that grow and tend to it, but the leaves and flowers are also used as a strong poison for people attempting to commit murder.