Common Arangothian Names

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According to a recent survey done in 475, the following are the most common (but by no means the only) personal names found among the native Arangothian population in Drache.

And if people are unhappy with the sound of "Arangothian," it would do no great violence to it to substitute other sounds for those that are objectionable. For example, some individuals pronounce the sound "X" either as "sh" or "zh" whenever it appears in a word or name. It would make just as much sense to write "Menshruc" or "Mengerook" as Menxruk, or "Nadeesha" or "Nedygea" for the feminine name Nedixe. You don't have to use the names on the list for your character to be an "authentic" Arangothian; there have been plenty of characters with names that don't appear on this list.

As a very, very rough rule, male names frequently end in -TH, and female names frequently end in -ESSA if you need to make up a name quickly.


  • Aladar
  • Alathar
  • Alfrith
  • Amurath
  • Anskar
  • Arduin
  • Aritz
  • Asproth
  • Bralk
  • Branth
  • Donnovath
  • Dorn
  • Fenduth
  • Folvaholk
  • Forban
  • Gerd
  • Herbord
  • Huixon
  • Kenglith
  • Kukarek
  • Marnuth
  • Oryan
  • Perlim
  • Rafold
  • Sanglith
  • Sarnem
  • Sivrian
  • Ware

Recently many parents have also been naming their sons "Kylus," "Metzen," and "Bolk," the last being the closest they can come to pronouncing "BLK."


  • Dekressa
  • Delvige
  • Gessipir
  • Gordge
  • Hurnmilve
  • Leptat
  • Lermat
  • Melinxa
  • Nedixe
  • Nepse
  • Neskessa
  • Nimpet
  • Nistgi
  • Palandra
  • Pellatgi
  • Peraldinth
  • Perlegi
  • Rixte
  • Sarla
  • Sarlakelet
  • Serpessa
  • Silge
  • Silmdinth
  • Tarla
  • Thrinda
  • Valknandra

Recently the names "Lex," "Lixa," and "Alysia" have also become popular.


  • Aborod
  • Anquodire
  • Appodarod
  • Aptentrod
  • Arlothek
  • Arnak
  • Blanire
  • Bobire
  • Branissod
  • Brogod
  • Dabalbire
  • Daranek
  • Flinod
  • Folvad
  • Galebrod
  • Mitrod
  • Nege
  • Nelxik
  • Nerxod
  • Neserpix
  • Netrilod
  • Orgod
  • Pallod
  • Parmilod
  • Pinek
  • Quarflis
  • Rixtire
  • Ruthmire
  • Sallod
  • Senketh
  • Silad

Naming Customs

Note: typically a person will take his or her father's name as a middle name, preceded by the prefix ul-, for example:

  • Kenglith ul-Alathar Mitrod: i.e. Kenglith Mitrod, son of Alathar Mitrod.
  • Serpessa ul-Fenduth Quarflis: i.e. Serpessa Quarflis, daughter of Fenduth Quarflis.

Name Generator

If you're looking for another name not listed here, but still want it to have a genuine Arangothian feel, check out this Fantasy Name Generator and try to create one custom. Go to "advanced options" and plug these codes into the 'name generation template.' Refresh as many times as needed until producing a name you like.

Just make sure they're all one line when you copy and paste, or you will get an error.

Arangothian Male


Arangothian Female


Arangothian Surname


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