Connemara Mountains

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Between Lonrath and the Nie River valley, sits a fortress-like mountainous ring called Connemara or Kanemara, depending on dialect. Inside the ring sits what's left of the kingdom of Rondis, which once covered the entire area up to Elgaria and down to Aslar. The mountain range was important in protecting modern Rondis from invaders by providing it with an easily-defended location.

Geographical Features

The Lakora River (sometimes known as the "Rondis River") flows northwards from the Lake of Swans, which is in turn connected by a short passage to the Silverfork River, a tributary of the Nie which meanders through the scrubland of the Silverfork Territory, a frontier region in which the Assi and Rondissians perpetually stage minor raids and counter-raids. The capital city, Rondisa, is located on the eastern bank of the Lakora valley not far north of the spot where the river flows into the Lake of Swans. It is quite a spectacular sight, built largely into a rugged mountainside, adorned by thousands of spires and colorfully-tiled roofs.