Cosecha Herbst

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Cosecha; Autumn Fae from Twilit Reach
General Information
Full Name: Cosecha Herbst
Race: Autumn Fae
Gender: Female
Age: 94
Country of Origin: Twilit Reach
Arrival on Siveth Came from Twilit Reach with Severin.
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5'03"
Weight: 130
Additional Information
Occupation: Healer
Income: Peasant
Marital Status: Single
Player: Ingrid


Cosecha is an Autumn fae from the Twilit Reach who was abandoned by her parents at a very young age, and to this day does not know why. When she was around the age of 53, she met her friend, Severin, when he saved her from an attack by a vicious monster in the Reach. The dragon was badly injured during the rescue, but Cosecha was able to heal him, and they've spent almost all of their time together ever since.

When Cosecha was 94, Severin started to express an interest in visiting the mortal realm. The fae had no desire to do so, but agreed for her friend's sake. Given her abandonment issues, Severin is the only 'person' that she trusts and she does not make friends easily at all. Since arriving in Drache, Cosecha has acquired a bounty hunting license and currently works as a healer at the House of Healing. She and Severin have also made friends with Lachlan.


Cosecha is generally not at all friendly and usually won't talk to people aside from Severin if it can be avoided. Her surly nature probably has a lot to do with being abandoned by her parents at such a young age, and having found Severin the only trustworthy person in her life so far. She is able to work at the House of Healing only if Severin is present, as his friendliness is needed to distract from her poor bedside manner.

Physical Description

Cosecha is 5'03", 130 pounds and has dirty blonde hair and green eyes. She has simple brown tattoos on her shoulders, and brown fairy wings.

Abilities & Skills

Mundane Skills

  • Basic/Limited Archery
  • Hunting

Magic Skills

  • Healing: can heal most everyday ailments/injuries/infections without too much difficulty; larger wounds--such as battle wounds, grave infections or illnesses, etc.--can usually be seen to as well, but Cosecha can generally only handle one of these per day, and would take several hours
  • Plant magic: can control plants (such as vines and sometimes tree roots) to an extent (ca. 10-15 feet), and sometimes calls them up from the soil to snare prey when hunting
  • Potions/Alchemy: Given both her healing and plant knowledge, Cosecha is also familiar with plants that heal or can serve as antidotes, and how to create a handful of potions to aid in healing



  • Dagger


  • Regular clothing