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This template assumes the user has some knowledge of wiki formatting markup. Please use this page for all country entries on the wiki. If information is lacking on a specific field, leave it blank, it will automatically subtract itself.

This template for the infobox is meant to change fields to plural when more than one language or race is listed. No formatting code is used. All links and formatting are to be made by the user. Keep in mind that commas should be listed for the race and language fields if more than one is listed.

{{Infobox Country
| name           = 
| image          = 
| alt            = 
| caption        = 

| motto          =  
| capital        = 
| language1      =  
| language2      = 
| language3      =
| race1          = 
| race2          = 
| race3          =
| religion       = 
| government     = 
| ruler          = 
| population     = 
| currency       =


==Notable Historical Figures==

=Geographical Features=

=Government and Politics=

==Notable Government Officials==



=Society and Peoples=


[[Category: Countries]]


Map of Arangoth
The Kingdom of Arangoth
Country Information
Motto: Something in Arangothek.
Capital: Drache
Languages: Arangothek, Common
Ethnic Group: Human
Religion: Menxism
Government: Monarchy
Current Ruler: King Arlok ul-Dorn
Population: 200,000


Notable Historical Figures

Geographical Features

Government and Politics

Notable Government Officials



Society and Peoples