Dai Hui

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The Dai Hui, as the Taopei call it, or Dà Gui, as the Nipangui call it, is a giant sea turtle found in the frigid oceans of the far north. It's generally docile, as it has few natural predators, and is known to live for centuries.

Dai Hui
Natural Habitat: Far Northern Oceans
Classification: Reptile
Average Size: 12 ft
Average Weight: 2000+ lbs
Coloring: Pale green to deep blue
Distinguishing Features: Long flippers and intricately shaped shell


Adults are typically over 12 ft from head to tail with long, sweeping flippers. Their thick leathery hide and bony shell are pale green when young and gradually darken over the centuries to a deep blue. Their shells have a dense inside surface, but the outside is crenelated in intricate patterns.


The turtles spend much of their time in the open ocean and are able to hold their breaths for days at a time. They can be found across the northern oceans near Taopei and Panguro.

Breeding Habits

The Dai Hui must lay their eggs on land, which they do twice a year in spring and autumn. The eggs, which are over a foot in diameter, are buried in individual holes in the sand and guarded fiercely by the fathers. This is the only time when a Dai Hui is aggressive, and a brooding father can shatter bone with furious rams of its shell. The mother returns to the water as soon as the eggs are laid. The turtles do not have any particular fidelity to a certain mate.

Other Characteristics

The meat and intricate shell of the Dai Hui is highly valued, especially in foreign markets. It takes a team of fisherpeople to capture one, but a single animal provides a tremendous amount of product and can survive for a month in the hold of a ship without food for shipment as long as it is kept wet.