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Realm: Najjir
Predominate Race: Various Najji Races
Year Founded: Post-Twilight War
Government: Poobaharchy
Head of State: Poobah Pahlavi
Religion: Menxiyeh

Origins & History

Dastarkhan is a tiny area and an Independent City-State wedged between Mashriq and Qarsythe. It was originally created as a buffer zone between the two powerful domains after the Twilight War. The Dastarkhani Poobah used to wake up in terror for his people every day, knowing that no amount of military buildup could deter Qarsythian sorcery or Eretziyeh men-at-arms. As relations between Qarsythe and Mashriq improved, Dastarkhan grew from a buffer into its own well-respected city-state. Besides his palace guard, the Poobah keeps almost no standing army, using loaned mercenaries from its neighbors in exchange for its famous chefs, musicians, artists and horticulturists.


Ruled over by a Poobah who wears an enormous colorful turban.

Layout & Architecture

Laws & Customs

Dastarkhan eventually found a solution to contention between Mashriq and Qarsythe and become a place so enjoyable that neither power would want to march their armies through. And indeed, through generous subsidies to the arts, Dastarkhan became the music and cuisine capital of Eastern Najjir. Dastarkhani artisans have always worked with tourism in mind and each year, they receive thousands of visitors.