Dead Man's Bane

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Dead Man's Bane
Other Names: Skordat ul-Musigire
Found In: Arangoth, Zul Kiras, Elvendeep, Elgaria
Type: Ivy Vine, Non-Flowering Nettle
Distinguishing Features: Blue-black in color, Non-flowering, Poison nettles
Average Size: Wild crops vary, but small growth expands quickly.
Uses: Ward against undead.

Growth Cycle

The vine is an evergreen, meaning that it retains its leaves throughout the seasons. Though it is less prolific in the cold months, its growth is never truly halted completely. Seedlings take root in the spring, becoming adult plants in a very short period of time.

Regional Information

The vine is believed to have originated within Elgar Forest and made its way north and northwest into other territories. Now, prolific populations can be found in wild areas of Arangoth, Zul Kiras, and Elvendeep.


Skordat gets its common name from its use as a ward against undead denizens of many types, most specifically those with necrotic, or decaying flesh. The poison within its nettles has the ability to enhance the effects of necrosis, rapidly increasing the rate at which the decay occurs. It is for this reason that it is often encouraged and cultivated around the areas of known undead havens, such as unblessed cemeteries and mausoleums.


In addition to its use as a ward and weapon against the risen dead, Skordat has also been employed in potions by apothecaries for use against necrotic or gangrenous wounds. When combined with other compounds, the poison nectar can be manipulated beneficially to neutralize dead flesh in a centralized area, as the effects are immediately halted when the poison encounters living tissue.