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You hold in your hands, gentle traveler, a guide to many of the businesses and services available in our great city of Drache. Herein you will find everything from smiths to shipwrights, ale houses to alchemical emporiums. Are you in need of something? Fear not, and let this Guide be your guide to finding your heart's desire. -Anson Elbridge, Arangothian Royal Ministry of Commerce

This page covers the various services and craftsmen around Drache. Other pages:

Places of Healing

Ally Lynch, Apothecary & Midwife

Ally keeps her shop on a crooked street near the Merchant Square. Most of the time the place is closed, as she spends most of her working hours tending to women in labor. Odd hours are kept when it is open - only in afternoons, if it's not too hot. All kinds of distilled syrups, ointments, pastes, coarse jellies, dried fruits, teas, roots, and other remedies are sold. Ally will also sell poisons, on faith that they won't be used for ill.


Located in a small house on the east side of Drache near the Wharf District, this is not an actual place of business, but rather the home of a felinoid healer by the name of Kerra. Well versed in the arts of herbal healing, and to a lesser extent, magical healing, she has made herself open to anyone that needs her services. Known affectionately as 'Kitty' by her neighbors, she rarely accepts monetary payment for her work unless her patient can easily afford it. She prefers to barter her services for whatever sort of payment people can give her, whether that may be supplies, food, chores done, or errands run.


Fire & Steel Forge

This business is owned and operated by a man named Berengar, who has spent a great deal of his life among dwarves learning the smithing craft. His manners (or lack thereof, more precisely) readily attest to this fact. His partner, a dwarf by the name of Kerthos Firebeard is no better, and has a great fondness to telling bawdy jokes to anyone who will listen. The proprietors' lack of social graces aside, they are weapon and armor smiths without equals anywhere in the vicinity of Drache. They stock all manner of weaponry and armor, and will take special orders for items not currently in stock. The smiths are on good terms with the Royal Guard, and many members of the Guard purchase their equipment from this forge. They are also capable of creating weapons and armor from adamantium and mithril (elven) steel, but the customer may have to supply the smiths with the metal for such items. Their workmanship meets the exacting standards required for creating enchanted weapons and armor, and though they do not do enchanting work themselves, they can readily provide references to several wizards that do. A word to the wise: the "Shoplifters will be eaten" sign on the wall is not a joke. Kerthos owns a pet Fire Drake that is usually lounging about somewhere in the forge. No one knows how he managed to train an animal from a species well known for violent and unpredictable behavior, but it hasn't attacked any paying customers, and few would dispute its effectiveness as a deterrent against theft.

The Smithy of Tharkonal, the Blood Horn

The small establishment of a single minotaur weaponsmith and armorer who produces weapons and armors of a quality very comparable to that of the dwarves. His blades are rumored to be able to be bent all the way back and not lose their tempering. However, prices vary according to Tharkonal's mood that day and whether or not he takes a shine to the customers. This practice is tolerated because he is capable of producing works far beyond the norm.

Two-Blades Armory

This weapon and armor smithy is owned by an orc by the name of Kephaz Two-Blades, the son of Radzok Two-Blades, one of the ranking officers of the Ebon Hammer in Drache. Despite some initial difficulties in founding and opening his forge for business, the quality of Kephaz's work has quickly overcome many Drachians' reservations about purchasing from orcs. While he does not produce a large volume of weapons and armor, he invariably sells everything he creates in fairly short order. Kephaz possesses a certain dark genius when it comes to weapon and armor craft, creating weapons that are as intimidating as they are deadly. His blades are often massive affairs, frequently having serrated edges or wicked barbs to cause grievous wounds. His armors often bristle with spikes or bladed projections, making them weapons in themselves. A warrior outfitted in a suit of his armor and armed with his weaponry often looks as if he had stepped directly out of a nightmare. This is quite intentional, for "a frightened enemy is a defeated enemy," as the proprietor is fond of pointing out to his customers.

The Shop of Ulthrak

Ulthrak, a carpenter of unknown origin, is a well known maker of furniture, decorative or simple. He also creates simple blacksmithed goods, such as wagon axles. He is on good terms with Theobald Clockmaker, and he can incorporate locks or other devices from Clockmaker & Son into his creations if his customer so desires. He is also known to have managed to invest quietly in a few business interests and is moderately wealthy, but keeps the money out of sight and keeps working. His prices are consistent, his work well regarded, and his patience with customers renowned. Curiously, he wears the scars of a fighting man, but never speaks of such experiences.

Coldedge Cuttery

A newer business, this particular shop in the BlkDragon District, near the Iron Gate, caters to those who are in need of a good knife or dagger. Run by a half elf of dubious (read: Back Alley) origin named Dextel the Edge, the business is nonetheless above the board and respectable in regards to the appraising, buying, selling and making of knives. Scrupulous and exacting in his crafting of knives and daggers for various needs, Dextel is known as a hard haggler but fair merchant. Used and new weapons are provided, the latter being the most sought after as Dextel makes his own knives from a variety of metals and materials, often to exacting standards.

In addition to dealing with all kinds of cutlery, from fighting knives and daggers of the standard type, to custom made models for maximum durability and sharpness and balance, to throwing knives to ceremonaial knives of unique beauty, to cooking knives of the greatest quality, Dextel also deals in the accessories for a knife buyer, including harnesses and belts and sheaths of various sorts, as well as a working relationship with several local cobblers and tailors to include 'accessories' in their apparel to better conceal the weapon. Reputed to be an utter master of every facet of knife use, Dextel makes it a point to offer the full extent of his knowledge to help a customer choose the knife or dagger of their choice, as well as offer helpful pointers on how to use it and carry it. He also, perhaps disconcertingly, deals in various potions and salves that can be applied to a weapon, doing anything from blackening it to protecting it from rust to poisoning it.

The Coldedge Cuttery is a small cottage with a small, walled in back yard and a manmade pond. It is well known that Coldedge is heavily guarded, though the actual details are not known. What is rumored is that Dextel very discreetly fences stolen goods and contraband, but has not been caught. At the same time, Coldedge knives and daggers are becoming popular among adventurers, guards, nobles and thugs alike.

Halfmoor's Bowery

Not too far from the Iron Gate stands a small Old City store with barred glass windows and a shingle containing the image of an arrow. This is Halfmoor's Bowry, where polite Dracheans (no Dark Elves, as it says emphatically on the door) can find top quality bows, crossbows, and other assorted range weapons.

It was founded a few years ago when the city's notorious bounty hunter, crossbowman Jinnai Halfmoor married and semi-retired from bounty hunting. Though you might still find Halfmoor in any matter that requires incomparable shooting finesse, you'll more often find him behind the counter of Halfmoor's Bowery, helping elven rangers, dwarven arbalestiers, and halfling slingers find the right purchase for them. Will it be custom clayheads, with payloads of lamp oil or holy water? Pangui yumi with owl-fletched arrows to drive out evil? Rintskin Leturian hip quivers? Insults are graven into arrows upon request for only two extra rixtles! No enchanted wares sold.

Tinkers & Locksmiths

Theobald Clockmaker & Son

The gnomish duo of Theobald and his son Archibald are Drache's resident tinkers and inventors. Their shop is packed with contraptions and devices of every description, and a few items that defy description. They are quite skilled at creating locks for everything from jewelry boxes to castle doors, and their handiwork is a constant source of frustration to those who like to steal from the rich and give to themselves. They are just as skilled at opening locks, and do a brisk business in legal locksmithing work. They have yet to encounter a mechanical lock that they were unable to open, and they can also arrange for the assistance of several mages in dealing with magically warded locks if the customer can afford it. Their true genius, however, lies in the making of clockwork toys. Their work is nothing short of astounding, and must be seen to be believed-the mounted clockwork knights that joust with one another when wound up are a particular favorite. Their shop is a very popular place among the children of Drache, since the Clockmakers often allow the children to "test" the toys to make sure they work properly, provided that they don't fight over the toys and that they don't break anything. Many children (and more adults than would like to admit it) spend hours on end here, leaving only when dragged out by their parents (or spouse).

The Shraven & Co. Key & Lock

This Key and lock shop is run by Diesin Shraven, a dwarf from the mountains. Shraven & Co. specializes in creating custom locks and safes for richer clients and copying keys. It also runs a legitimate lock-picking service (ie: locking yourself out of the house, locking your keys in the trunk of your carriage, etc.). Not one to pass up an opportunity to make money, Shraven also picks locks and cracks safes under circumstances in which legality is questionable at best, if the customer is willing to pay enough. The fact that it is run by dwarves makes the Shraven &Co. one of the best lock and key shops in Drache.

Tinny's Maintenance Shop

Located in a small red wood house at the end of a dead end street in the Merchant's Square District, a small plaque painted with green paint is the only indication that this is the business place of this tinker and inventor. Inside the shop are two long shelves lining the walls, displaying the inventor's strange inventions, and a table in the center of the room filled with his current projects. For thirty gold or less, he will repair anything, from toys to catapults. He also takes custom orders to create new inventions, with the price depending on the nature of the invention desired.

Newsprint & Presses

The Drache Rumor Mill

The Rumor Mill Offices are located in a large, multi-story building just off of Market Square. It is owned by Mott The Gnoll, who is in charge of the actual news gathering and reporting, and Sir Valerio Del'Arizzo, who handles financial matters. The business employs a number of investigators (generally referred to as Rumormongers behind their backs), writers, consultants, and delivery people. Following the mold set by other newsletters such as The Talisman, and the short-lived Informer, the Rumor Mill has expanded to become the most widely distributed news publication in Drache in recent months. It is published on a roughly weekly schedule, the owners’ method of producing such a huge number of copies is a closely guarded secret. Entirely privately funded, the Rumor Mill is not answerable to any sort of government or higher power than its two owners (much to the dismay of many civil officials who find themselves the targets of the Rumor Mill’s editorials). The Rumor Mill often contains sensationalist writing and articles of questionable journalistic merit, though its writers are often quite literate and well read (not to mention long-winded). With its scintillating and often scandalous content, added to the fact that it has no real competition at the moment, the Rumor Mill has made both of its owners very rich men.

The Crowned Swan Press

Located on Anchor Street in Drache, the Crowned Swan utilizes the recently developed acid-etched printing method to reproduce classics of Arangothian literature, making these great works available to a much wider audience. Such works as Quarkelet's Dream of the Nine Heavens, Vansilad's Bestiary, Sangliod's Compleat Herbalist, The Mirror of Nobility, and The Minstrel's Companion are all available for sale at very reasonable prices, attractively written in neat characters, impressed in costly ink upon good rag paper and bound in finest Leturian rintskin, with or without clasps. For a somewhat higher price, copies of these same works may be procured printed upon vellum, with illustrations gilt and inked in color. The Crowned Swan will only print manuscripts that they deem of sufficient quality, and will not print political leaflets, news broadsides, and other such material under any circumstances.

The Golden Quill

Located in the BlkDragon District next door to the Mankrastro Courier Service's waystation in Drache, the Lurintheti Stetonth (as its name is in Arangothian) is one of the finest scribe services in the city. While they cannot produce the sheer volume of documents that acid etching print shops can, they pride themselves on the quality of their work, and the attention to detail in every document they produce. They can produce copies of documents or take dictation on the spot, handling everything from personal letters to official documents fit to send to a king. The Quill offers a wide range of calligraphy styles, ink colors, and can even embellish documents with illustrations, illuminations, or gold and silver ink. They are also capable of producing documents in a number of languages, including (but not limited to) Old Arangothian, Elven, Dwarven, Gnomish, Leturian, Korthai, Aslarian, Ellurian, Rashnaditz, Khalar (Sherkhen, Khtarpan, and Hoshk dialects), Griffon, Rondissian, Assi, Thontoran, as well as several tongues from the far east. The scribes provide translation services from any language to any language, with prices depending on the length of the document to be translated. Finally, several of the scribes at the Golden Quill can compose love poetry in fairly short order, a service that has rapidly become very popular with the wealthier young men of the city. While such poems are hardly classics of literature, they have been enough to win the hearts of a number of maidens.

Entertainment & Recreation

The House of the Silver Swan

A converted villa of large size, the House of the Silver Swan is synonymous with serene opulence. Decadent pleasures await for any who can afford the prices there and act within a certain manner. Of course, the doormen are picky about who is let in, and the security is far better than anything else of this nature in Drache. The rich like their security, and the House of the Silver Swan offers plenty of it, all part and parcel with the exorbitant prices. With plenty of magical and physical security, no violence is tolerated. It is ruthlessly stamped out by skilled mercenaries from the Ebon Hammer who watch the floor, and by highly paid mages of some skill who are always on watch to make sure magic isn't being used to cheat in gambling and to quell any truly dangerous threats.

The place is opulent, the decor costing more than what a self-styled crime lord or noble would make in a year. But it is the favored meeting place of Drache's high society when they don't meet in their own homes. Gentry and rich merchants tend to lounge about, and one can even spot some of the more successful courtesans of Drache plying their trade here; exotic, erotic and beckoning to any man that they make eye contact with. The courtesans are tolerated because they are both subtle and stylish, and are not drugged or enslaved. There is no regulation upon them in the House, they merely come of their own accord and are afforded the luxury of safety within its walls.

No activity escapes the watchful eye of the owner, a former master thief by the name of Dennon "Four Hands" Ulathee, a man of grace and wary politeness, who knows every trick a thief might try in here. Merely because the owner is retired does not mean he is not well informed or well connected. He is both, but inactive so long as his establishment remains free from threats. The respect he commands, and the favors he can call in from the upper crust of high classed criminals, magic users, and other influences of the city is enough to deal with major threats to the establishment. The house itself is built for discreet entrances and exits as well as for security. Famous customers seeking liaisons without fear of being caught in the public eye are given access, for a price, to the secret passages that run through the place. It is a favor granted to few and guarded jealously. The passages are warded, scryed and watched for intruders carefully, and are even trapped.

The Cat's Pajamas

Situated in the Black Dragon District, this playhouse is owned by former Silver Swan courtesan Natalia Derseblan. It is home to caberet style entertainment, and offers both large scale public shows as well as personal, privately conducted shows. It has two main theatres on the first floor, designed to seat audiences of forty to fifty, two smaller rooms set up to seat audiences of ten or less, and thirteen private rooms upstairs. Each private room has a different theme, from bordello style brothel rooms, to a cave, and a white sand beach. Large scale plays are put on twice a month, and the private shows are open for shows at anytime, with a two-week advanced scheduling, available to both men and women. The prices range from four rixtles (8 bank crowns) for back-row seating, to twenty rixtles (40 bank crowns) for front row, V.I.P. seating, to one lurinthoon (200 bank crowns) for a private showing.

Gatro Ruthmire Memorial Indoor Recreation Center

Commonly called simply Ruthmire's 'Rena by the local children, the rec centre was originally a textile warehouse. Members of the defunct Popular faction bought it during the winter of 469 and turned it into a sports and games centre to get wharf children off the dangerous streets. Ruthmire's 'Rena has a dirt-covered Grubball circle, tables for stones and tapolaster, a small library of donated books and toys, and a small soup kitchen. The recreation centre is staffed by volunteers and has grown quite popular for Wharf youths looking for a place to play during the cold winters and the crime-ridden summers.

Snow Hawk's Wandering Minstrel Show

Located in the forest outside Drache, this is where the minstrel Snow Hawk spends most of his time when not in the city. There is a stage attached to the outside of the wagon where he lives, and performers come from all over to entertain his guests on it. Around the camp are scattered several cooking fires (in addition to the central bonfire). At these fires, gypsies and fortune-tellers practice their craft for anyone who cares to pay. Fae, elves, men, and dwarves all visit his camp at every hour of the day simply for the merriment of good song, good drink, and good fun.

House of the Bright Star

The former mansion of a noble in the BlkDragon District in Drache, this business has recently acquired a reputation as one of Drache's premiere banquet halls and ballrooms, catering to celebrations of all types. For a fee of five hundred Arangothian Bank Crowns, the House of the Bright Star gives the host of the event full use of the premises, as well as covering catering, decoration, entertainment, security, and advertisement of the event. Smaller and simpler affairs may be hosted for significantly less; especially large or elaborate events may easily cost more. The Bright Star's staff includes its own retinue of cooks, clowns, bards, musicians, dancers and other entertainers (whose services are included in the price of the event), though additional fees may be required for especially large events that require hiring additional personnel, or for clients that request particularly exotic menus, entertainment or decorations.

The house itself is a large three-story mansion surrounded by a walled garden that includes trees, flowers, and a small, magically illuminated pond. Though most of the grounds are protected by null magic enchantments, the Bright Star's staff mages can alter the climate in the garden to match whatever season suits their client's wishes. In addition, there are several rooms within the house not protected by the null magic fields, in which the Bright Star's mages can create illusions of exotic locations. Security at the Bright Star is provided by mercenaries from the Ebon Hammer, a many of them disguised as cooks, waiters, or even party guests. The House of the Bright Star is owned by Ahab Whitewhale, who apparently has used his earnings at the Masquerade to open a business free of the criminal connections and overall bad reputation that the Masquerade has acquired.


The Masquerade

The Masquerade, a brothel and tavern in the Red Lantern District is rumored to have been originally founded by vampires, and rumors persist that it remains a haven for the kindred even to this day. While it is by no means a reputable establishment, the Masquerade is widely known as a haven where all the patrons enjoy the same protection as long as they behave. Any sort of criminal, scoundrel, or lowlife can hide here and enjoy some measure of safety to indulge in the establishment's drink, drugs, or women. There are only three rules to abide by in the Masquerade: do not speak about yourself, do not ask others about themselves, and do not disturb anyone that desires privacy. Dead bodies frequently turn up in the Masquerade, but these are usually due to those that decided to break the rules and start trouble. The Masquerade is rumored to be a front for a criminal organization, but the same could be said for almost every other business in the Red Lantern District. The current manager of The Masquerade is a man by the name of Ahab, an ex-merchant of little notoriety before purchasing the establishment. It is an open secret that Ahab is not the true owner of the place, but those inquiring about the actual ownership tend to disappear quickly.

Oiachi's Brothel

Despite the fact that the place does not advertise itself, and does not even have a proper name, this brothel rose to popularity quickly, becoming one of the most popular in all of Drache. Although it is located in a modest and rather run down former warehouse in the Red Lantern District, it is one of the most lavishly decorated houses of pleasure in the city. The entire place is opulently bedecked in an Far Eastern motif, complete with silk screens and vases everywhere depicting scenes from the Far East in exquisite detail, silks, cushions, and above all, women of every description imaginable. Oiachi herself is described as an extremely beautiful woman of Far Eastern descent, and appears to have at least some magical abilities. Many patrons of the brothel regularly offer her huge sums of money for a single night with her, though she apparently rarely agrees to such propositions. Oiachi's Brothel prides itself on catering to the specific tastes of each patron, even enlisting the services of several illusionists to satisfy those with extremely exotic wishes. Everything from an evening with high class, cultured courtesans to the most depraved erotic fantasies can be found within the walls of Oiachi's brothel if one has the gold.

The brothel also contains a 'gentleman's club' with a lounge, gambling tables, open bar, free opium, and continuous entertainment by musicians and dancers available to those that do not wish to indulge in other pursuits. Oiachi offers memberships on a weekly and monthly basis, which include access to the club and brothel, though members are still required to pay extra for "exotic" services. Visitors are expected to behave themselves, and there are a number of sturdy eunuchs throughout the building to make sure of this. There are also a number of minor enchantments the girls are taught how to activate in order to get help if need be. The brothel is also the center of Oiachi's extensive opium distribution network, though the dealers enter through a rear entrance and keep out of sight of the patrons. This business has become so successful in such a short period of time that Oiachi has almost single-handedly caused the government of Drache to consider regulating, if not outlawing, both opium and prostitution.

Dasmia's House of Pleasure

One of the oldest brothels in the Red Lantern District, Dasmia's is located in a large four story building that reeks of cheap perfume, much like its owner. While the first floor of the brothel appears to be that of a normal, respectable inn, a trip to the upper floors quickly dispels that illusion. Dasmia's offers both women and rooms of widely varying quality, at prices that vary accordingly. A shrewd businesswoman to say the least, Dasmia never seems to run out of things for which she can charge her patrons extra. Though she vehemently denies it, Dasmia also provides a refuge for people wishing to hide from the Royal Guard, as well as trafficking in drugs, weapons, and slaves. Despite the fact that the Guard has been watching her closely for some time now, they have yet to accumulate enough substantive evidence to shut the place down.

The Catsail

Run by a man by the name of Minkbranth Flin, the Catstail is one of the finest brothels in the Wharf District. The Catstail specializes in exotic women from far away lands, including the Far East and the Rashnaditz. The Catstail caters specifically to the wealthier members of Drache's merchant and seagoing populations, and was one of the most successful brothels in the city before the arrival of Oiachi's. Outdone at his own game by this newcomer from the East, Minkbranth nevertheless vows that his business will regain its place of prominence in the near future. There are persistent rumors that the Catstail is an important part of Drache's illicit slave trade, but no one has been able to uncover the truth of the matter to date.


Ebon Hammer Mercenary Company

The Ebon Hammer is a large and well-respected mercenary company that has bases of operations in several cities in Arangoth, as well as several cities in neighboring kingdoms. In Arangoth, they specialize in guarding overland caravans, as well as providing security to homes and businesses. In other lands, they function more as a traditional mercenary company, renting out units of trained soldiers to nobles and royalty. Their long-standing reputation of dealing with threats to the security of their charges swiftly and mercilessly makes even orcish raiding bands think twice about attacking caravans flying the sign of the Hammer, a black warhammer on a crimson field. The Ebon Hammer's mercenaries are widely known for being professional, well trained, and well equipped (the better the soldiers, the higher the cost for their services, of course). The Ebon Hammer guarded the grain caravans brought into Drache during the famine of 469, and provide security for such notable businesses as the House of the Silver Swan in Drache. They can also furnish mercenaries for specialized work, such as cavalry units, archers, siege engineers, scouts, trackers, airborne cavalry, and mages, though such forces are usually employed beyond the borders of Arangoth. In addition to their normal protection and security services, the Hammer's spellcasters offer a warding service where buildings or ships can be warded against intruders, protected from many types of damage (fireproofing being the most common), and made invisible to scrying and other divinations. The exact numbers of the Hammer's full complement of mercenaries is a closely guarded secret, and a difficult figure to estimate since their forces are so widely dispersed.

Barlow, Schaffer, Et Cie.

The largest shipyard in Drache’s harbor, the firm of Barlow, Schaffer, et cie. have only been in operating in Drache for a little over four years. Before the ascendance of BlkDragon and AngelSin to the Arangothian throne, their operations were based in Selrose Bay in Aslar. While they have maintained their shipyard there, they have shifted their primary base of operations to Drache to better focus on the more lucrative business of the Arangothian capitol. Barlow, Schaffer, et cie. have distinguished themselves from their competitors by their relentless drive to improve upon their ship designs. A series of innovations in hull, mast, and sail designs over the last thirty years have made their vessels some of the fastest on the seas. Their speed has made them particularly attractive to pirates and smugglers, whose livelihoods (if not their lives) depend on swiftness. This has led many of Barlow’s customers to request armaments for their vessels to discourage others from attempting to seize the ships. Even unarmed, however, their ships are fairly safe from raiders, since they are able to outrun most other pursuers. In addition to the construction of new vessels, their shipyards perform repairs as well. Ships entering Drache’s harbor are frequently in need of repair after navigating the oft-treacherous passage around the Reef of Tears and the Hell’s-Eye, and Barlow, Schaffer, et cie. are only too glad to help make said vessels seaworthy again.

The Alesian Baths

Built in a strict imitation of the public bathhouses of the Alesian Imperium, this establishment is not only a bathhouse, but also a sauna and gymnasium. It should be noted that this is currently the only bathhouse in Drache not part of a brothel, so it is a popular destination for those in Drache wishing to get clean without entering a house of ill repute. Although an odd idea to many Arangothians, the idea is slowly catching on. The Baths has two large, heated common pools, one for men and the other for women. There are also a number of private apartments available for those that wish a bit more privacy, as well as masseuses and other luxuries for those who can afford it. They also offer a laundry service, where they will wash and mend their customers’ clothes while they bathe (for a modest fee, of course). In the gymnasium, patrons can engage in boxing, wrestling, swordplay with wooden weapons, or several other sports. Memberships to the Alesian Baths are available on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. The establishment is owned by an Alesian immigrant by the name of Grado Hargvorlen, and the place is a regular haunt for Alesian Varniok on vacation in Drache.

The Mankrastro Courier Service

Taking their name for the Arangothek words for 'swift wind,' this service of fast and efficient message and package delivery charge exorbitant prices, but they insure all goods and are utterly loyal to their customers. Couriers are instructed to destroy letters if captured, using a special acid capsule process. If the goods do not make it to the destination desired, a refund is returned to the customer. Several services are offered, from conventional horse couriers to wizard teleportation services. The teleporting wizard courier services do not require that the wizard deliver to the doorstep of the customer, but to the regional waystation. The message is then given to a conventional horse courier. However, the teleportation covers a large range and accounts for a significant reduction in time. As a new service, it is not entirely trusted but it is expected to become a very popular service as it manages to establish a reliable reputation. Their motto is, "The slightly impossible as fast as possible."

Sky Creep Couriers

Salkappia Orgodair in Arangothek (or "Sky Creep Couriers" in Common tongue) is a privately backed merchantile house that specializes in airship operations headquartered out of Drache. Their mission statement is the swift, secure transport of high-quality low-volume precious commodities, such as high status passengers, fine textiles, magical reagents, missives, documents and other such suitable time sensitive cargo for transportation across Siveth. The company was non-too-secretly established by Margrave Salksilek, the name being a play on the surname Salksilek, which translates to Common tongue as "Ocean Creep", after one of his military Research & Development labs managed to create faux Xiunhai-La liftstones through a now closely guarded magical process. It has several private investors amongst deep pocketed nobles of the region and enterprising merchants alike, which has allowed for the expansion of its fleet of airships and allows for transportation to nearly any place on the face of Siveth one may wish to fly.