Drachean Wharf Roach

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Wharf roach

Natural Habitat: In your nightmares, Wharf District
Classification: Insect
Average Size: 1.5-2' long, .5-.75' high
Average Weight: 3lbs
Coloring: Dark brown with black markings
Distinguishing Features: Gargantuan size, armor plating, extremely long antennae

Either the product of a horrible magical accident or a truly demented mind, the Drachean Wharf Roach was first spotted only five years ago. In this short time, the species has already become a serious problem in the sewers and along the wharf district. The one boon they provide is controlling the rat, stray kitten, puppy, and orphan population.


The wharf roach has the same appearance as a normal one. They have the same dark brown coloration with black markings. Some more recent mutations have a stranger set of spots on their back that closely resemble a human skull. The primary thing that sets them apart from an ordinary roach is their sheer size and weight. Despite this supersizing they can still flatten their bodies enough to fit through narrow gaps. The increase in size makes it impossible for them to fly. This increase in size has some other changes to go along with it.

Other differences are the thicker carapace, sturdy enough to qualify as armoring, that is difficult to pierce or crush. Their antennae are curiously long, approximately 150% of their total body length, and are as sensitive as their smaller cousins'.


Thankfully they mostly inhabit the wharf district and the larger sewer tunnels underneath the city. They can also be found patrolling the riverbanks in the bends and shallower areas where dead fish, bodies, and whatever else tends to build up. Very rarely do they invade a home, through a window or open door, but it's likely they'll evict the tenant until chased out by a brave guardsman.

Breeding Habits

There is no breeding season and instead the females are nearly constantly pregnant. A male fertilizes her eggs, she develops a large egg case that she carries around until the eggs are fully developed and ready to hatch. At that point the case separates from her body, left wherever it falls, and babies spill out when it's time for them to hatch.

Nymphs eat anything, preferring to scavenge, but will hunt and kill if necessary. It takes only weeks for them to go from the 3" long they're born at to reaching a mature nymph state of 1' long. At this point they look like adults except that they lack wings. A few months later and they've reached full sexual maturity and sport a full pair of (flightless) wings.

Other Characteristics

Their diet is mostly rats and stray puppies, kittens, and even the occasional orphan. Adults do not eat solid food but drink fluids from prey. They have no natural predators as no creature exists that has the jaws to bite through their exoskeleton.

Torches are useful for scattering them should they decide to feast on a fresh person. It is rare that they hunt down humans but it has been known, or rumored, to occur.