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Wyvern (subspecies)
Natural Habitat: Pentland
Classification: Reptile
Average Size: 5.3'-6.5' at shoulder, 12'-20' long, 40-60' wingpspan
Average Weight: 600-1,000 lbs
Coloring: Virtually limitless
Distinguishing Features: Smaller than dragons, can pair with humans

If Malkraan Lizardfolk are the midpoint between dragons and humans, drakes are the midpoint between dragons and animals. Those found on Pentland's Imperial Isle come in two varieties: True Drakes and Wyverns. Both species are omnivores and come in a variety of colors.

True drakes are smarter than most beasts and are capable of surprising amounts of empathy. A mild form of telepathy binds drakes to their young and they can literally feel the hatchlings' pain or fear from many miles away and fly to their defense. Humans have hijacked this ability to bind captive drakes to human riders, whom the beasts adopt as their flightless "children." True drakes also possess magical breath weapons: usually fire, lightning or corrosive gas.

Wyverns are dumber than true drakes and lack their supernatural empathy. The smartest wyverns are only about as bright as the average horse. They also lack breath weapons. Instead, they evolved spikes on their tails and wings to defend themselves. Most wyvern tail-spikes have glands that produce neurotoxic venom. Wyverns will breed in captivity, making them the more versatile but less pleasant choice of mount.



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