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Natural Habitat: Sresar Vale
Classification: Reptile
Average Size: 12' to shoulder
Average Weight: 1,200-3,000 lbs, males considerably larger than females
Coloring: Range from dark green, brown, to grey or a mix
Distinguishing Features: Size, long curled horns, fire or acid breath weapons, 8 legs

"Twelve foot basilisks with horns" is how terrified travelers describe these grazing animals. The Drakontos have never turned anyone to stone and are actually peaceful creatures unless provoked.

The bulls are visibly bigger than the cows and often walk around the outside of the herd. Bulls also possess magical breath weapons: usually fire or corrosive gas. Their tough hides are scales in some places, bone plate in others, making them hard to injure and also a phenomenal source of durable hide and horn.

Not everyone has the skill it takes to maintain a herd. Wild herds can be found roaming all over the vale.



Breeding Habits

Other Characteristics