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Found In: Arangoth, Elvendeep, Elgaria
Type: Migratory Tree
Distinguishing Features: Greyish bark with very large root system and deep green leaves
Average Size: Massive


Drumrodhel trees are named phonetically for the drumming sound they make when migrating.


Drumrodhel trees migrate twice yearly, in the Spring and Fall, unearthing their roots and using them to propel themselves along the ground. They make a low, rumbling, drumming sound as they move.

Unknowing peoples have tried building homes in these massive trees, only to become very startled when the tree gets up and starts walking away!

Growth Cycle

These trees grow rapidly, from seedling to mighty tree in a matter of 50 years or so. The leaves are dark green and shiny, shaped like spades, and turn a brilliant purple color in the fall before dropping in piles to the ground.

Regional Information

The tree is believed to have originated within Elgar Forest and made its way to Arangoth and Elvendeep. They typically migrate between these regions yearly.