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Vital Stats
Full Name: Essenthvorthanax
Age: Great Wyrm
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Birth: Elgar
Race: Dragon (Amber)
Eye Color: Red
Height: 120' (Length)
Weight: Unknown
Additional Information
Nickname: "Essen"
Aliases: The Vengeful, The Elder, Bane of Corruption
Religion: Unknown
Marital Status: Single
Player: Eric

Character Background

Essenthvorthanax was created in Elgar Forest, long before the corruption took hold. His was the only egg of the two in his clutch to hatch. And, as with most wyrmlings, he was left to fend for himself shortly after emerging. Essen quickly grew accustomed to his solitude and fostered strong relationships with the creatures of the forest. His diet consisted almost entirely of the sap of trees and fish from rivers and lakes. This kept the other, much smaller animals from fearing him.

As the amber dragon grew, so did his fierce love and loyalty for his forest home and its denizens. Though, at the time, it was extremely rare for humanoids or even goblinoids to venture into the Elgar, any that did so with the intention to harm the environment were met with varying degrees of punishment.

Years, decades and centuries passed, all of which were mostly filled with happiness and contentment, until the corruption began to seep into the Elgar. The darkness of the lagoon at the heart of the forest grew in strength at an unstoppable rate. Though Essen's presence alone was a boon to the wood, he was not yet powerful enough keep it at bay. And, as many of the creatures had been before him, he was forced to leave the place that had been his home for so long.

The young dragon's senses guided him to the dense Soranion, where the High Elves that called the place home welcomed him with open arms, many of which had never seen such a creature. He learned their language and how they worked to care for and protect the forest. He related the story of the Elgar and the corruption that had undoubtedly already consumed it. Yet, as time slipped slowly by again, the relations between dragon and elves diminished to the point the the existence of Essenthvorthanax was all but legend to most new generations.

Still, the amber dragon acts as guardian of the elven wood, the thought that the corruption of Elgar might someday spread to that place as well.

Physical Description

Essenthvorthanax is a colossal amber dragon, 120' from nose to tail-tip. Along the entire length of his body and the majority of his tail are bony, retractable spines that can be used defensively, but also for territorial display. He is semi-aquatic and these dorsal spines, as well as the webbing along his forelimbs are often employed to aid in control while swimming. His wingspan is massive, estimated somewhere around 150'-175'. Each wing can operate independently, much like another set of limbs, complete with a long, prehensile claw at their wrist joints.

A prominent, but narrow parietal bone is set back from his brow, with two long, ram-like horns on either side. Two smaller, horn-like protrusions extend out from the ridges that protect his deep-red eyes. Smaller still, two more protrusions connected to either side of his mandible frame his beak.

Essen's scales can vary greatly in color, depending on a number of factors. Most often, his wings and dorsal scales are of a deep, gold-brown and the ventral scales on the underside of his body and limbs are the much lighter amber that younger members of his species are known for.

Talents, Skills, Quirks

  • Essenthvorthanax has the ability to fly and is also a capable swimmer, though bodies of water large enough to allow him to submerge himself entirely can be difficult to come by. While swimming, a nictitating membrane covers his eyes so that they may remain open beneath the surface.
  • As an amber dragon, Essen's breath weapon is a cone of thick, sticky sap, the temperature of which can be controlled before it is expelled. This control allows for the sap to harden almost immediately, immobilizing almost anything unfortunate enough to be caught in its path or to be heated to a molten degree and remain in that state for varying lengths of time.
  • Like many dragons, Essen possesses the ability to hide himself from the sight of most creatures. This ability works best in densely forested areas, but can also camouflage him to a helpful degree in areas such as rocky outcrops or the more sparse vegetation of mountain peaks.
  • Essen is capable of communication with other dragons, using their native tongue, with most uncorrupted wilderness creatures and with a number of humanoid and goblinoid species he has come into contact with. Examples being humans, most types of elves, dwarves, orcs, goblins, trolls, ogres, giants, ents, nymphs and many others.
  • His attunement to nature allows him to sense acts of destruction, such as deforestation, no matter his physical location. He can also sense the harmful intentions of any creature that enters the forest he calls home or those he spends any length of time within.

Other Information

  • Essenthvorthanax's clutchmate, and only sibling, never hatched from its egg and disappeared at some point in the distant past. The egg was lost, likely by a would-be predator, in the depths of Elgar's Black Lagoon, where it was permeated by the corruption of the place. The dark forces therein revived what remained of the fetal dragon within, deemed too weak to survive on its own, and returned it to the material plane as the Dracolich known as Xyrinskeerax. A dark, mirror-image of its forgotten brother, the dracolich looms deep within the most corrupted area of the Elgar, emanating the same ugly power as the waters that produced it.